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Atomic Warfare In Ancient India

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Prabhupad was hopelessly misinformed about scientific subjects; in the above quote, for example, he says "The atomic energy works wholly on total combustibility," which I'm afraid is meaningless; combustion is a chemical reaction, not nuclear, and the nuclear reaction is far from "total" in any sense of the word. He said many things that are beyond his training or exposure. Best to realize his limitations and find out for yourself from people and sources that are expert and accurate about scientific matters.


You seem to miss the idea he was conveying, let me rephrase it so you can better understand it.


"The atomic bomb is very explosive and creates lots of fire and light, just like the brahmastra."

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Very interesting stanzas from epic "Mahabharata". I am not sure whether to believe or not that this explains an Atomic warfare. Many things given in our Puranas especially Ramayana and Mahabharata lead us to compare and believe with many other modern contraptions. But they have no scientific backing. Only the modern scientists can confirm or reject the theories.



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By d way which sect of scientist should confirm these?


Scientist who read all physics and worshippers of einstein whi himself said to refer hinudism?


Or Scientist who can study the the life of this planet few 100's of years ago using astronomy -who for centuries mistook Helio centric theory to Geo centric theory -which made even galileo surprised afetr knowing that his discovery was indeed done ******* years ago.




World/Science in this phase has not gone soo far-once that is done , scientist might get their answers, Indeed many such facts in religion are criticised by scientist bcoz THEY HAVE KNOWLEDGE UP ON,They cant prove that things are false bcoz to prove it false they need explanation to say why that cant happen!!!!-So they are proving that such things are impossible-to say this u dont need explnation.

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Here is the source for the complete evidence with sources in Archaeology i found it thru GOOGLE.com goto philipcoppens.com and type in search Archeologist Francis Taylor at his site or google com


I did that and here is what it says. Excerpt:



So, let us examine what might be the best evidence. The first question is whether the named archaeologist Francis Taylor existed. Alas, no-one has ever been able to identify him. There is a Francis Taylor, an American museum director, who died in 1957. He was, however, not an archaeologist. There is a “Franciscio Taylor”, but he is not the above quoted Francis Taylor.

Hence, not a good start. Sceptics have also wondered whether the ancient atomic warfare is not a modern invention, to deflect attention away from a serious – modern – atomic contamination. In 1998, it was reported that some Indian power stations had major problems. One had an incident in which 2000 workers became exposed to excess radiation, 300 of which had to be hospitalised.

Surendra Gadekar investigated the conditions of villagers at Rawatbhatta in Rajasthan and confirmed there were indeed gross radiation-related deformities. We note that Rawatbhatta is in the same region as the discovery of the “ancient warfare” site. But Gadekar did not find evidence of ancient warfare, but did find evidence of modern negligence: wood that had been used in the power plant, had then “somehow” made its way into the local community, where it was subsequently used as wood for a fire. This in itself was a minor incident, but could there have been more serious incidents, whereby a decision was made to create an “ancient enigma”? Though a possibility, there is no evidence to back up this conclusion at present.

Regrettably, we also find that there are no newspapers that carried the story of the discovery. The Indian archaeological authorities are not aware of the story. And as there is a government laboratory in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, the question is whether something might have gone wrong there.

With the above objections, the case for the best evidence has become more controversial than a straightforward case. Still, it is clear that the counterarguments have not demolished the potential of this evidence.

Alas, in this case, neither side of the debate has truly embraced trying to prove or disprove the allegations. Indeed, it is remarkable that this has not happened, noting the potential that resides within it, as well as the multi-disciplinary approach that this cause allows.

Are the proponents of the case unwilling to stake their “reputation” on it? Perhaps. But even if they were to fail, Rome was not built in one day, and arguing for or against the case of an ancient highly advanced civilisation will not take any less time.



Best Evidence?


I found the story posted today at a site with no source links and so I put some of the text into search and have been checking various sites and information posted about it. It's an interesting story. I have to agree that it lacks verifiable sources and therefore is dubious.

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