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All 18 Maha Puranas in English (PDF)

About This File

Translations (in summarized form) of all 18 Maha Puranas of Sri Vyasadeva in English in PDF format. Contains the following Puranas:

Vishnu Purana
Naradiya Purana
Padma Purana
Garuda Purana
Varaha Purana
Bhagavata Purana
Matsya Purana
Kurma Purana
Linga Purana
Shiva Purana
Skanda Purana
Agni Purana
Brahmanda Purana
Brahmavaivarta Purana
Markandeya Purana
Bhavishya Purana
Vamana Purana
Brahma Purana

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Namaskaram Sir,

Are you have any plan to publish Audio book for '18 Maha puranas'.

Thanks and Regards


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Thanks a lot for this maha big book , may the lord, the almighty krishna bless all the members of your team.

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Very very great work and my wishes for your future. If you need any help please cotect to me I am Dr.Dilip Kumar Nathani sanskrit scholar and able to translate sanskrit to hindi. My Phone no, is 07737050671 and e-mail is dilipkumar.nathani@gmail.com

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namaste guru. would there be a possibility to publish the remaining 18 puranas that has been published initially. 



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