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Palindromes + Peculiarities

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gHariji: 12-12-1212 - that's a good one.

Your laptop connects to your car's cig lighter?

Did u type E_______A while u were driving? Rearview Mirrorji?

Next year we have 20-03-2003.

How 'bout a few peculiar stories => Mis-DUH-meanors.

* * * * *

Pigheadedness lands man in pigpen

PAINSESVILLE, Ohio — Steven Thompson's disorderly conduct landed him in public sty.


Thompson, 44, had two options when he appeared in court last week to plead guilty to charge of disorderly conduct. He could serve three days in jail or stand in pen for two hours on city sidewalk next to a 350-pound pig with sign reading, "This is not a police officer." Thompson picked latter and served his sentence on Feb. 8 in front of jovial lunchtime crowd that included his teenage daughter and several friends, according to Painesville police department spokesman.


Disorderly conduct charge stemmed from Jan. 28 confrontation with city police officer during which Thompson used word "pig" amid an array of obscenities. Altercation took place when officer was completing disturbance report in his patrol car.


Some criticized Judge Michael Cicconetti, saying unconventional sentence was publicity stunt, and even arguing Thompson's First Amendment rights were violated. But judge, known for his creative sentencing for misdemeanors, said Thompson was charged for being disorderly, not for his speech.


Law catches up with talkative fugitive

TICONDEROGA, N.Y. — Man who called police to brag that he couldn't be caught was arrested while still on phone.


Michael LaRock, 22, was recently arrested in Georgia after year on lam on burglary charges. LaRock had been indicted for stealing from motel room in Essex County, N.Y., in January 2001, but shortly after fled area, according to Ticonderoga police officer Daniel Charlton.


On Jan. 22, authorities say LaRock called Ticonderoga police boasting he would never be caught. LaRock told police to give up looking for him and to stop bothering his family near Massena, a town near Canadian border. LaRock would call and then hang up within three minutes, saying he knew how system worked and how numbers can be traced, according to Charlton.


But LaRock miscalculated.


Police were almost immediately able to track LaRock to Auburn, Ga., address through caller identification system. Charlton contacted Auburn police department and notified them of suspect. LaRock then called police back.


"I was on phone with him when I heard doorbell ring," Charlton told Court TV. "He got up to answer it and then I heard scuffle. It was police. He was arrested right there after short chase." Charlton and another officer drove down to Georgia on Jan. 31 to bring LaRock back to Essex County.


Naked woman takes off in police cruiser

BURLINGTON, N.C. — Bare she goes!==>


Florida woman is in custody after she allegedly paraded naked in downtown Burlington and then stole cruiser of responding police officer.


Sequence of events began about 11 p.m. on Feb. 5 when Cpl. J.W. Snow responded to call about suspicious woman attempting to get into cars outside local convenience store. When he arrived, Cpl. Snow found Joy Lynn Tedesco, totally nude in 22-degree weather, trying to flag down motorists. Officer immediately directed Tedesco into backseat of cruiser to get her out of cold and proceeded to get blanket from trunk, according to Maj. Randy Jones of Burlington police department.


But as Cpl. Snow walked toward back of his cruiser, Tedesco managed to squeeze through plastic shield separating front and back seats and drove off. Cpl. Snow had opened shield to allow heat to get through.


After four-minute chase reaching speeds of 60 mph, authorities were able to corner Tedesco in parking lot and apprehend her. During pursuit, Tedesco rammed a cruiser, causing $400 in damage, Jones told Court TV.


Tedesco, 33, faces numerous charges, including car theft, speeding to elude arrest, driving while impaired, driving with revoked license and assaulting police officer. At station, police found Tedesco clutching onto a crack pipe. Her clothes were later recovered on steps of boarding house near where she was originally picked up.


Stupid Crimes & Misdemeanors, weekly feature of CourtTV.com, reported by Hozaifa Cassubhai

More Stupid Crimes & Misdemeanors

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Received from: FactMaster

Readers' Rating: 0.20%

Total votes: 244

*** Today's Useless Fact ***

~ Knock on Wood ~

In Britain, the phrase is "touch wood," but the meaning is the same.

It's said (while performing the act, of

course) as a way of warding off evil influences.


There are several interesting theories about the origin of this ancient ritual. The most commonly accepted explanation goes back to pre-Christian times, when Pagans believed in the protective powers of spirits of certain trees, notably oak, ash, or holly.

By touching the tree, one was said to awaken the benevolent spirit within.


Another theory that may ultimately come from the same source involves the extremely ancient children's game of tag, where one who is touching a tree is safe from capture.


It is likely that another explanation, in which the wood is the cross of Jesus, is a Christian reinterpretation of a much older source.

Another unlikely theory explains that during the Spanish Inquisition, Jews would use certain codes to knock on the wooden doors of synagogues for safe entry.

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Odd Hawaiian Education for Mike Myers

World Entertainment News Network


MIKE MYERS found his father's dislike of all things Hawaiian so hilarious as he was growing up, he decided to use it as a running gag in his new AUSTIN POWERS film.


Myers' British father always told his son that the Hawaiians could never be forgiven for killing explorer CAPTAIN JAMES COOK in 1779 and so the movie star incorporated that way of thinking in his new movie, in which MICHAEL CAINE plays his onscreen dad.


The funnyman explains, "Michael's character has this hatred of the Dutch, and in particular of the villainous Goldmember.


"I grew up with this thing about Hawaiians. My dad would be like, `They murdered Captain Cook in his sleep - never gave him a chance, mate.'"


How many Hawaaians did Cook kill before he himself was offed a la AzvatthAmA?

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Harrison Ford Made to Feel Old

World Entertainment News Network


Movie star HARRISON FORD realized he has already started being treated like a pensioner when he found himself shopping for incontinence pants.


The actor, who turned 60 on Saturday, was trying to help girlfriend CALISTA FLOCKHART when she asked him to get diapers for her baby LIAM - but was left red faced when a pimplefaced store clerk directed him to incontinence pants.


Ford explains, "We were in Livingstone, Montana, and I went into a store and I asked the guy, `Where are the disposable diapers?' and this snaggle-toothed kid says, 'Aisle six, sir,' and I go over to aisle six and there's nothing but Depends.


"The baby diapers were on the other side of the store."

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So next time u r watching your favorite actor or athlete, remember:

They too grow old. Their bodies r just as temporary as ours.

janma mRtyu jarA vyAdhi duHkha doSAnu-darzanam (Gita 13.8-12)

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Guest guest

Please tell me the answer to the 3 palindromes times together to equal 20022002....this is an extra credit math problem, and I really really need the extra help, so i was wodnering if you could tell me the answer...i would do anything for you in return.....ewright72@hotmail.com

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Serious Question for this Annually Exploited

Some say February 14th was originally a Pagan Holiday.

In other words, I'm asking whether Saint Valentine himself was truly bonerfide?


With all due respect & full veneration for ZrI Ananta-zeSa, another thought:

How can u tell a snake is poor?

If he/she hasn't got a pot to hiss in.


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I was not following this thread. I saw your question just now. Do you still want the solution? I do not have the answer ready now. But if you are still interested in the knowing the answer, I will try to solve the problem.

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Guest guest

This was the recurring demon in a trivia forum I used to hang out in. No amount of posting could get rid of it although it seems to have moved here.


I believe the riddle goes something like this. Hungry and angry are two words ending in -gry. What is the third word in the English language?


The answer is below. But read the question carefully.










the answer is.....









language What is the 3rd word in the English language?


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