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Palindromes + Peculiarities

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Last week we experienced a numerical palindrome.

October 2, 2001 = 10022001.

Flip it 180 degrees what do you get? Same thing.

Yesterday, Thursday it happened again in another way.

October 11, 2001 = 10/11/01.

Flip it 180 degrees, same thing.

Who in 1964, designed/invented/introduced the Ford Mustang?

How did he, Lee Iacocca, become Head of Chrysler?

Was it destiny? In his cards? Could be. Must be.

I = I

A = am

C = Chairman

O = of

C = Chrysler

C = Corporation of

A = Amerika


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Recently we gave a vocabulary test to 7th graders.

We included a few 'hard ones' for extra credit.

We encouraged them to 'guess' if they weren't sure.

For 'pucilanimous' (based on sound) we received the following:

1) an extreme case of acne;

2) a smelly extinct dinosaur;

3) when we all agree to throw up.

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Why do we say "pretty ugly"?

To soften the 'ugly'? Or to dampen the 'pretty'?

Why was NYC WTC attacked on 9/11?

So phoning 911 would not be necessary? Already built in?

Sen. Leahy's office was targetted for Anthrax.

Sen. Leahy now has a bill in Congress challenging Bushel's & Ashcraft's phone-tapping + attorney/client right to privacy intrusion.

Any connection? Hello! Who is this? Anybody home?


These are the questions no one should be asking.

And rightly so. So what.

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December 12 = 12/12.

So in the year 2121 we'll have ourselves another palindrome.

December 13th's palindrome?

We can cheat, switch/use Eurasia's system instead.


So 13/12/2131 in only 30 yrs.

Where will you be in 30 yrs?


Peculiarities this week:

1) A Filipino man cut off his own #$%^.

Not in one slice. It took several slits.

His mother testified her son was obsessed with the Bible verse which states:

"If your eye (or any other body part) offends thee, pluck it out."

2) A dog bit off a man's ear. They tried to retrieve his ear.

Dog swallowed it. Dog owner agreed to allow dog to be operated on.

Ear was recovered from dog's stomach, but it was too damaged by dog's stomach acid to be reattached.

3) 14 yr old boy was arrested for breaking in houses to put on woman of the house's underwear.

4) A crotch fan has been designed to cool down human rajogun.

Available soon at a sahajiya store nearest you.

5) A woman at Stockholm airport was detained due to her fidgeting.

When frisked, she was found to be smuggling 75 snakes in her brassiere.

No, not 74, 75.

6) A man performs a transvestite act during which:

a) he stuffs 47 live rats in his stockings

b) he eats 36 cockroaches

7) A man performs an act with 75 birds, some of whom he sits on.

8) An anti-shyness drug will be marketted from Glasgow.

Dr Martin Turner developed it.

He says, "For some, attending a meeting is a horrifying ordeal."

Drug's content seratonin stimulates brain.

Drug's name sounds like 'escitol'?

9) Last but not least...

A Tampa man has been arrested for...

looking up women's skirts with...

a camera hidden in...

his shoe.

He was accused 3 times.

He was caught the last time in his probation officer's office.

The 12 women he filmed belonged to his church.

Police confiscated his 45 video tapes.

Judges are reviewing evidence over and over, again and again...

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Today is a mini 4 decimal partial palindrome worldwide.

Depending on where you live, 21Dec is either 12/21 or 21/12.

Next mini? 10Jan2002.

Next maxi? For most of this planet,

excluding Amerika:

20Feb2002 = 20/02/2002


Why do we park in driveways, yet drive on parkways?

What's the only even prime number?

Hints: What's a mata ji? Same as a mataji ji? Ji hai!

Don't b a frayed. Goa head; don't b chai; pudding your 2 sense.

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We chant at Timessquare with LochanAnanda Prabhu.

He can recall, while being ISKCON Amsterdam Temple President, signing a check dated 7/7/77.

At either 718-654-0181 or 456-0181 you can hear a detailed numerological explanation of 9/11 including:

New York City consists of 11 letters.

Mohammed Ata consists of 11 letters.

WTC Twin Towers themselves formed an eleven = 11.


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This entire Gregorian calendar year is a palindrome: 2002

20Feb2002 = 20/02/2002

Here's a challenge:

try to find 3 palindromes of at least 2 digits each which, when multiplied together, equal 20022002.

Pseudo-examples: 11x22x66 = ? or 101x33x44 = ?

Email your answer to puzzle@npr.org

Deadline Thursday 10Jan2002 3pm.

Don't forget you know Whom.

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1) Every year women compete in so many beauty contests.

This year French women are using a new technique to qualify:

"Spine Stretching"

2) One couple was keeping cats & dogs instead of kids.

All in one house. How many?

81 dogs, 14 cats.

Anyone else hear about this?

The dogs were flea-infested, bitten, infected, sickly...

Their house had not been cleaned since the Gulf War.

Police found... piled up on top of... stacked on top of...

Of course, a transcendentalist would not be disturbed.

One can chant the Holy Name in a humble state of mind...

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I only have one small cat, but with maybe 20 more and perhaps a few dogs I wouldn't have to bathe at all! Can't say this isn't a clean joke, though probably not a very good one...valaya a la maya


[This message has been edited by valaya (edited 01-14-2002).]

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Whatta country! Whatta country!

Mariah Carey was just offered $28 million to break her contract.

Just imagine.

Getting paid so much for NOT recording & NOT performing.

Truly amazing!

Hey, but wait! You think that's something! Get a load of this:

Enron just offered Arthur Anderson an even better deal:

A cool $30 million not to 'SING' either.


It's been further reported that Mariah Carey plans to invest her newly 'hard-earned' cash in US Farmland for which she'll be paid, that's right, handsomely rewarded for NOT growing any crops at all!

(just to keep her momentum & tradition going strong).

Sound familiar? Sound just? Like I said: Whatta Country!



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I've been known to collect a pocketful of change at parties by promising not to pass gas...come to think about it, for the right price I'll promise not to post! Now that should be worth a tidy sum, eh?


valaya a la maya


[This message has been edited by valaya (edited 01-25-2002).]

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Not to pass gas? Wat van party was dat?

Unleaded? Premium?

Who's testing? Who's chaperoning? Who can say for sure?

Is there an acid test too?

I never go to parties. Only HarinAm-sankIrtan parties.

After all, I AM party & parcel of KRSNa.

Or is it MahA-viSNu I'm party & parcel of?

My idea of a party is making a racket "On Broadway" & 45th.

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Originally posted by Tarun:

Not to pass gas? Wat van party was dat?

Unleaded? Premium?

More like natural gas...or, come to think of it (and I kinda wish I hadn't), un-natural. Phwooee! You bring out the worst in me!


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February 20, 2002 = 20Feb2002 = 20022002

How to find 3 palindromic factors for 20022002.

Haribol Prabhus,

Simply a matter of breaking down into prime factors and then recombining into palindromic form.

For example, by trial and error, you find factors as follows:

20022002 / 2 = 10011001.

10011001 / 11 = 910091.

910091 / 91 = 10001. 91 / 7 = 13.

10001 / 73 = 137

Since 73 and 137 are prime, we've got all prime factors: 2, 7, 11, 13, 73, 137.

Now, recombining, 2 * 11 = 22, 13 * 73 = 949, and 7 * 137 = 959.

Thus, we obtain required palindromes 22, 949, 959.


Dear Tarun Prabhu,

Thank you very much for your continued defense of Gaudiya Math acaryas and our guru parampara in general.

It seems fanaticism drives fanatics lower than ordinary folks who don't have any "cause" they take in an extreme way, be it religious, spiritual, political, etc.

It even propels them lower than animals - who simply follow ways of nature.

In this case, moderation is best. (Actually, anything, be it moderation or extremism, is good if it is for Krsna, as long as it really is for Him.

If something is not for Krsna, then whether it is moderate or extreme, it

is still useless, ultimately.)

The average individual without extremist leanings would deal respectfully with all, addressing everyone with common courtesy. He would not use words like "sicksha gurus", demons, deviants, etc, in labeling

Gaudiya Math acaryas.

He would know the folly of stereotyping or

judging a group of people based on the actions of a few.

Even there are karmi laws prohibiting prejudice and discrimination.

Devotees are supposed to be higher, filled with love for God, all humankind, and all living entities, in general.

But, the fact that we've sunk below karmi level in our dealings with each other or even toward so-called nondevotees, is an indication something is amiss with our extremist views and that we're going

backwards instead of forwards.

We ought to reexamine ourselves with an eye toward self-improvement, humility, love, and respect for all, not just on a

superficial level, but deep down, until we eventually arrive at prema, our hearts bursting with too much love for all. Anyway, this is easier said than

done, and I'm the first who should take my own advice, as it's said

"Physician, heal thyself!".

-A very fallen soul, lower than the "karmis", "nondevotees", or


P.S. You can share these thoughts with others, but try to let me remain anonymous, in background.

You have my permission to use any good idea I may accidentally or providentially come up with.

Of course, the bad ideas I disown as symptoms of my fallenness, and advise others to summarily reject, which goes without saying.

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Police were left shaking their heads after they picked up two teenage boys in a stolen car.

Mere minutes earlier, these very same 2

lads had appeared in court accused of 25 vehicle thefts.

When arrested for the 26th, they said they didn't have bus fair to get home from court.

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Do you know why February 20 this year will be a historic moment in time?!?

It's pretty amazing, and it's something that has not occurred for 1,001 years, and will NEVER happen again.

Click Here to Find Out what it is!

T here: I click but nothing happened.

My guess is it's another palindrome:

2002-2002 = 20Feb2002

1,001 yrs ago what happened?

1,001 yrs ago is RamanujAcarya's time.

1001-1001 is either 10Jan1001 or Oct 1, 1001

And why never again? Can u figure out why? Why not?

3003-3003 would be either 30Mar3003 or ? No other possible answer.

So my answer is wrong. Howsa 'bout u all?

Hope he's not predicting devastation in yet a new way.


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