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Dear Sirona ji,

I do not think that it will be possible for you to do meditation properly in that group if you do

not like people in the group. So, it is better to do it alone or join another group.



You are perfectly right. Those guys are not good for me but it is usually very difficult to admit that. I suppose I started the thread because I have been feeling the necessity to leave the group but I did not have the courage to admit it to myself. Thanks for your kind remarks which I really appreciated. Now I am going to take the chance to find some Krishna devotees in my area. Hope that I will be lucky. Hare Krishna.

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Originally posted by Rati:

OK, we can't stand the suspense any longer. Please, please reveal what the first prize is.

It is being a big box of CUCUMBERS.

But oh my goodness gracious me they are being all gone bad by now. I will be throwing them out but first I am saving the cardboard box they were rotting in.



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Originally posted by Shashi:

It is being a big box of CUCUMBERS.

But oh my goodness gracious me they are being all gone bad by now. I will be throwing them out but first I am saving the cardboard box they were rotting in.



Cucumbers as a prize?Better idea.Send cash $US.Big bills.



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Originally posted by Rati:

A website about yoga:



[This message has been edited by Rati (edited 04-19-2002).]


Rati...I saw this article (below) on this website you are promoting.


What exactly are you advocating here?


Have you have gone 'Sahajiya' Ol Bean?







P A R T 1


In 1970, Masters and Johnson made popular a new technique that they called "sexual focusing". This technique simply consists in focusing one's attention on the sensations that occurr during lovemaking, without letting one's mind to loaf.


Applying this technique during foreplay or during massage exercises was the first step in curing sexual dysfunctions for both men and women.


Similar to the Concentration (Dharana) phase in Yoga, the sexual concentration is an absolutely necessary phase for reaching the perfect harmony in couple, by favouring the focusing of the very powerful energies that take place during lovemaking and guiding them to the high levels of the human being.


We don't have to see the method of achieving a meditative attitude during lovemaking as an exercise, as an instrument or as a technique performed in order to obtain a purpose in the future - the sexual performance, the mystique experience or anything else.


It is better to see it only as a way to go deep inside of us, in the present moment, in what we are doing and in what we are experiencing, therefore a way to stop our thoughts.


There are more aspects of eros we can firmly focus our attention on, in order to eliminate any other thought, in this way driving ourselves close to the subtle plans of the mystique conscience. These aspects of the lovemaking can be active or passive.


Let's take as an example, the touch: we can either concentrate our attention on given touches that represent the active aspect of touch, or on received touches that represent the passive aspect of touch. Also, the aspects of erotism can be general or specified, depending on how many sensations are perceived in the same time.


Yet, the most beautiful feeling is the feeling of merging with the lover and with the entire Universe. This phenomenon appears step by step through continuously refining of the transfiguring act.




The stopping of the thought has become a popular technique. In the arsenal of occidental therapeutics, this technique has entered powerfully after the 70s, being used as an active and direct treatment in the fixed idea (monomania). It came in contrast with the psychoanalytic method which was slower, more indirect, though in a certain direction - more comprehensive.


The idea that a person can direct her perception and attention, performing in this way a certain control over his/her own cognitive functions, is applied in order to modify the sexual behaviour. It proves to be very useful especially when the sexual dysfunctions are generated by a disturbing mental pattern that occurs during the lovemaking.


As much as we start to focus ourselves on the sensorial, direct perceptions of the erotic act, it becomes obvious the idea that "these thoughts occur to me" and that "I am not these thoughts". Therefore, we will let those thoughts pass over us and go out of our conscience without giving them any value or becoming attached to them.


As soon as we will become aware of the fact that the thoughts are external to our being and that just by feeding them and by accepting them we make them alive and sustain them, we will easily realize that it is easy to stop their activity.


An efficient way to begin is to ignore them and not pay any attention to them, by making efforts to concentrate over the sensations we feel while making love.


With the time passing, the stopping of these thoughts will occur spontaneously, while the person is paying attention only to the orgasmic and sensual experiences.




1. In case that certain inhibitory thoughts or certain thoughts, which are disturbing the harmonious lovemaking occur, because of some psychic traumas in connection with the sexual activity, you must have in mind to concentrate yourselves over the most intense sensation (tactile, visual, tasting, smelling) you feel.


Let yourself be absorbed by this sensation, let yourself become one with it. As much as you melt in this sensation, experiencing it at maximum intensity, you realize that any disturbing thought will disappear, letting the place free for the pleasure and for the happiness.


Doing the same with the other sensations, you will realize that the intense experience will free hidden forces in your own human being. As soon as you achieve this experience, you will realize that the thoughts easily disappear and they will be kept ever under the control.



2. You are ready go to bed (after they have undressed and had a shower). She is lying down while you softly caress her back sensually.


You have to concentrate yourself only on the sensation you receives from touching her skin and the harmonious forms of her body. In the same time, the woman has to focus her attention on your caresses.


She mustn't let her mind be disturbed by other thoughts. She shouldn't think of anything else. In this way you won't let your minds wander. By concentrating on your sensations you can be more aware and fully experience all the sensations.








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Tarun ji: My area - Thuringia, right in the middle of Germany, in the middle of nowhere. I know that there is an ISKCON temple in Weimar, Germany but I am not sure whether I really want to go there. I really hope it will not be out of the frying pan and into the fire. And furthermore I am not sure whether the temple still exists.


It's a pity for the cucumber, anyway.

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What's your advice, Mr. gHri, then?


It's no problem that I have already doubt your, Mr. gUru's identity. You remain insatiable although I always treat you with equity & shanti. To show my favour you can consult me by my email boxes about the Ch. traslations of names & terms in the format of --

Romanized skt. word with stress symbol;

Your tran.s in Simp. Ch. (GB2312);

Word's description.


[This message has been edited by xxvvii (edited 05-02-2002).]

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