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  1. Why is there no recent photographs of the Jagat Guru? It wd add more grace to the front page of the site. abhi
  2. Karthik mullah, ooops prabhu, Asalam Valaikkum!!!
  3. ram(a) raga(va) ram(a) raga(va) ram(a) raga(va) rakshamam!!
  4. I think this argument and counter argument is between two people who agree on everything. So, does the soul become polluted or only the ego? And is this ego totally dependent on the soul? If so, is the soul the reason for the polluted ego? So, ultimately is the soul polluted? I did not get any final answer from this long thread. I remain your humble confused servant. By this thread, I have become more confused than I previously was. Confusing questions confusing answers! Lets make a new book.
  5. yes, cow is called Gaai or gaia in hindi. Gaurachandra, I was also very surprised to see many small similarities in ancient Greek and Indian cultures. There is a nice book called "Ancient Philosophies" from Philosophic Classics. It lists many beliefs of different pre-socrates philosophers and thinkers. Pythagoras: 1. Worship and sacrificce without your shoes on 2.follow the god and restrain your tounge above all else 3. when you are out from home, look not back for the furies cine after you. 4. spit upon trimming your hairs and finger nails. 5. abstain from beans (maybe ekadasi ) 6. life, he said, is like a festival; just as some come to the festival to compete, some to ply their trade, but the bes people come as spectators, so in life the slavish men go hunting for fame or gain, the philosophers for the truth. 7.Pythagoras also believed in the dualism of body and soul.
  6. I heard about a treatise by Bhrigu Muni called Bhrigu Samhita. It has the names of all the people who were/are/to be born on the earth and the preditctions of their future and future births. It also tells us abt the past births. I don't know if it tells us how far away liberation is. I heard there are 3 people in India who have a copy of this Samhita. There is an astrologer near my home town, who is born in a family which by tradition predicts based on the Samhita. I went to him last time I was in India, but it was a day when the samhita was kept for a special worship and he told me to come again! He did give some predictions based on my horoscope and told abt the past, too. It was pretty much accurate. Next time want to find out more abt the Bhrigu Samhita, if I get some time. When will I meet Krishna??? How many more million births??? Hare Krishna Abhi
  7. Nothing came up on my Netscape, except the first chanting page.
  8. BVI, Control!! We cannot categorise all the people following the process of Sidha Pranali as cheaters. It was a part of tradition. Some are truly realised. Some are trying to be. Its a process and so be it. We are following the vaidhi marga, bcos our guru has given us this path. And we are chaste to our guru. HDG knows how to take care of us without siddha-pranali or full-fledged raganuga bhakti. Those following with faith and sincerity thru siddha-pranali, by the instruction of their gurus, who are also dear to Krishna - let them follow. As long as no one is trying to confuse SP followers by accusing of illegitimacy(without proper consideration and understanding) or incomplete knowledge and practice, there is no need to be inimical. This thread seems to have flamed into my guru vs your guru conflicts. And such discussions never end in a nice way.
  9. From www.raganuga.com. Who is disqualified from hearing discussions of pastimes which invoke greed for raganuga bhakti? In Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu, the five chief types of sacred feelings are described with their component ingredients in an detailed fashion. There, sacred erotic love (madhura rati) has been described as the most excellent; nevertheless, in spite of its excellence, it was described only briefly; the extensive description being reserved for Ujjvala Nilamani. Rupa himself explains why (BRS 3.5.2): "Those renunciates who are excessively inclined to asceticism, those who are unable to distinguish between the erotic affairs of the material world and spiritual eros, and those who, although devotees, are indifferent to the erotic mysticism of the Bhagavata-purana, are not qualified to hear about sacred erotic rapture, and since it is also esoteric and difficult to understand, it has been described here in only an abbreviated way although it is a huge topic." Visnu Dasa writes in his commentary on Ujjvala-nilamani (1.2): (1) This spiritual discussion is unedifying for those who, though they are devotees of Krishna, have no inclination toward erotic sacred rapture and for those who, considering the Lord's erotic dalliances to be the same as mundane sexuality, feel dispassion or lack any taste for them. (2) Although there are many devotees in erotic sacred rapture, still, not all of them, because they lack the proper aptitude, are proficient at tasting rapture. For them, this discussion is difficult to grasp. (3) It is improper to discuss this topic before those whose minds are deeply absorbed in the path of injunctions, who, because of having various tendencies, are by nature unaware of the path of passion. The superiority of the path of passion means, after all, that there are unlimited lesser natures unsuited for it. (MSN 1) Like mine Your site is exotic, prabhu raga. Wonderful effort. Koti Dandavats.
  10. BVI, I feel that the fact that you have decided to talk aloud your realisations is an inspiration for all devotees in the line of Srila Prabhupada. When a few devotees are questioning the legitimacy of Srila Bhakti Sidhanta, your posts, as I see it, are in defence of Srila Bhakti Sidhanta's sidhantha. In a nutshell, they are not just talking in the market place, but an inspiration to surrender to the most prominent, Simha Guru - dearest to Srimati Radharani. As long as the recent prominent acaryas did not go for Sidha-Pranali, its OK with their followers. As long as the other most respected Vaishnava Acaryas are following sidha-pranali, that is also perfect, and will benefit their followers. Why do we always come to the same old point again and again. As we know there is not going to be any end result with slinging mud at each other, I think we shd just stop it PUT. If we are trying to prove the illegitimacy of SBSST we are putting ourselves into a very dangerous sitution. What is the difficulty in accepting that he was a pioneering preacher, empowered by Krishna? He was dear to Krishna. On the other hand if the other Great Vaishnava Acaryas are continuing the traditional line which has passed down to them, performing sidha-pranali, I do not see any need to criticise them either. Its not right to say that, they shd stop everything they have been practicing for centuries and do as we do. One good thing on this board is that, we get to know of the different gaudiya Vaishnava followings. Its more a boon than a bane. Its a wonderful chance to have associated with all the wonderful Vaishnavas and understood their culture and practices. It has been extremely nice to have known Raga, Jagat, Rati, AudaryaLila, leyh, JNdas, BVI, krathik, ram, shiva, shashi, bhaktajoy, shvu, jijaji, bhaktavasya and all so many devotees. This nice envoronment in itself is what makes me keep returning here again and again. Its Ok, we can accept that we differ in the details. We are different in some ways - just we accept it. But the goal is same - Goloka Vrindavan, pleasing Sri Sri RadhaKrishna and Gaura-Nitai. ys abhi
  11. When my daughter was born recently (on Sept 12th, 2001 - good date that), the astrologer told me that her birth is auspiscious for the father. Lets wait and see how much wealth comes.
  12. I too have a question to ask, dear BVI. I wd like your answer to be completely genuine and straight forward and free from pretense or false humility. My purpose is not to argue and challenge, but to understand the basics of bhakti and how it developes and in whom it developes? Forgive any offences, but as you said, we do not get to the point if we are beating around the bush. From the point in time when you have experienced the Lord directly till today, have you felt any sort of sexual urge. Are you completely free from material lust? Do you think it is a defenite pre-condition to obtain the mercy of the Lord, that one be completely free from sex desire? Pls forgive me for my openness, but this openness is possible more easily when we are anonymous and on the internet. Otherwise, ones ego does not permit asking such questions. servant Abhi
  13. BVJ, As far as the philosophy you espouse, everything is in line and appealing. Thankyou for sharing your understandings and experiences. Your anonimity is just fine, if you feel so. Cheers Abhi
  14. I thought Haridas thakur was Lord Brahma.
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