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  1. Do you know Maharaja? Or do you come to that conclusion simply from my statement about a class he gave? ------------------ shab.
  2. I was trying to put myself in the position of an inquisitive viewer watching the show with no prior knowledge of Krsna consciousness. I think I would be very interested to hear more. So my respects go to Srila Siddhasvarupananda. One question I have though is why did he just quote from the bible? Is he trying to convert Christians? Or is he accepting the bible as [sanskrit word unknown] a primary scripture of reference? There are better quotes from the Bhagavata describing the glories of the holy name, why not quote those? ------------------ shab.
  3. For example, were Vaisnavas to produce more Krishna conscious multimedia in the forms of television and film would that be part of daiva-varnasrama culture or an overlay on our existing culture? Maybe I'm missing the point here but I know that Srila Prabhupada said utility is the principle - and so this technological age that we are heading into will have many interesting possibilities for preaching Krishna consciousness. To my knowledge daiva-varnasrama is an agrarian culture - but perhaps that is also beside the point... I don't really know. So what are the essentials of daiva-varnasrama? What should be implemented and practiced? What is allowed and not allowed? ------------------ shab.
  4. Haribol, Recently I heard a lecture by H.H.Bhakti Vidya Purna Maharaja and he said that a Grihastha should only dedicate eight hours of his day collecting funds to maintain his family. He mentioned that people that work longer shifts are simply borrowing from their future earnings, money that they would have received regardless of their extra effort. He said that we are alloted a certain amount of wealth due to our karma and that we only get that much regardless of how much we over-endeavour. What I forgot to ask was does that mean we should only work eight hours a day seven days a week? Six days a week? Or five days a week? Any ideas?
  5. I don't know that I agree with that. But my point was that they didn't like the idea of service to God, not as a means for enlightenment nor as the ultimate goal of enlightenment. The wiccans idea of enjoying like God is not what we mean by vraja lila. Their idea is material, with material enjoyment as the object and goal - this is simply ignorance. As far as I know they have no knowledge of the ultimate realm so I can't see how they could be in anyway 'right' about its nature. When you say that the wiccans are right about the fact that vrajavasis enjoy with Krishna and enjoy like Krishna I would say that they really don't know what they are talking about and it is simply a coincidence that what they are saying resembles a very deep esoteric truth about which they have no knowledge. I have heard that spiritual truths have reflections in the mode of passion, would anyone like to comment on that? ------------------ shab.
  6. By the way, does anyone know anything about the origins of Mithrism and its influence in pre-christian Europe? Is this the source of Paganism?
  7. I was speaking to some wiccans a while back and asking them about their Supreme God and Goddess. From what I could make out they are talking about Siva and Parvati. When I mentioned unalloyed devotion in complete surrender unto that divine couple they baulked at the idea saying that the Supreme God and Goddess don't want us to serve them. They summized that we are just like they are and that they want us to be happy in a similar way that they are happy themselves. I think again that impersonalism is the great contaminator of all religion. No other tradition reveals the Personalities of the divine couple as Vaisnavism does. ------------------ shab.
  8. Ok, Maybe Jahnava Nitai dasa can field this question in Tattva Prakasha? Any possibility of this? ------------------ shab.
  9. Thanks Prabhu, I think that is a valid inference. The other thing I was wondering is that Yamaraja's abode is described as very opulent in the Mahabharata. Are there more classifications of Yamadutas? I can't imagine Yamaraja surrounds himself with hideous ghosts. Is there any shastric evidence that clearly identifies the condition of Yamadutas? ------------------ shab.
  10. I think this has to be the most bewildering aspect of Gaudiya Vaisnava philosophy. My head is spinning just thinking about it. ------------------ shab.
  11. Haribol, I was just wondering if there are any statements in sastra to say what sort of conditioned souls become Yamadutas. Any information on them would be appreciated. Thankyou. ------------------ shab.
  12. Isn't Haridas Thakura an incarnation of Prahlada Maharaja? If so that means you are saying Prahlada Maharaja is Jesus.
  13. Maybe Jesus will be our next Vaisnava Acarya.
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