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Nadi astrology !!

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Will you be able to give me a brief reading?




I do know astrology quite well in predicting certain aspects of material life, and so I can help you if you wish to provide your birth details.


Howmuch ever I know astrology and my friends say what I say happens, I belive more strongly in Shri Hari and so I never look for myself. Whatever is going to happen is all destined and this is true as how Shri Krishna says to Arjuna about the war. These calculations can only guide someone as to the good and bad time, but can never win over the destiny destined by The Supreme according to each souls.

So the best way, would be to take things as it comes and progress towards self renunication..

Surely astrology if properly calculated is nothing but the fate map of the soul, but its only a precaution. The reason why some real learned astrologers suggests prayers is to gain material aspects, but as and when we keep asking material benefits, it only increases our desires and ultimately when there is no end for the desires, the soul keep taking birth after birth.

So if you want, I can look into ur chart and let you know, but at the same time,I also tell others to surrender themselves to The Supreme to find peacefullness in reality.


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I am unable to understand how those rishis were knowing all these things, I knew about nadi astrology 5 yrs back & planned also to meet them during that time but due to some reasons I canceled it, It is said only when the right time comes the person visits them, like at this time when my brother is studing in class 12th I was destined to meet them. I am still confused ???

In that, it is also mentioned regarding the mokha "salvation".

when that person will get salvation ?

whether in this birth or in the next ??

Regarding the moksha I consultated my guru maharaj & asked him, whether moksha can also be predicted by any one ??

He said materialistic things can be predicted, but spiritual life & moksha are the things which cannot be pridicted by any one.


Dear Sunil Kanoria,


The Rishis know it by the science of astrology which is based on karma theory. The karmic chain determines everything un-failingly. Your puzzle and confusion arises out of the notion that you have freewill. But this is not so. Our life is strictly governed by the law of determinism. In another forum ( in astrology forum) I have discused the concept of determinism. Let me repeat it here.


Take for example the paper that is lying on your table. (With a open window and no fan) . You notice that now that paper moves. Why did the paper moved? The paper does not have freewill – it did not decide to move and executed that decision. – It moved because the wind flowing through the open window moved it. But why did the wind flow at that time? The wind had no free will either. The pressure difference in the atmosphere some where caused the wind to flow. Why did the pressure change? No freewill, the temperature difference at that place caused the pressure difference. But why the temperature changed? ….We shall stop here as there is no end to this. The idea is that everything in the universe has a cause, and events are in a cause effect chain. This is called technically determinism.

World obeys deterministic laws, and it is this determinism that allows scientists to predict the events of the world. For example assume that you have information on the temperature change a few miles away from your room, accurately measured by your friend in a lab. And you have accurate information of all the objects in between that place and your room - the trees buildings etc – in minutest details. Now you can calculate with a super computer , inputting these details, what effect this temperature difference will have on the pressure and what speed and volume the wind will flow in which direction and how much of its energy will be lost in colliding with the hurdles before it reaches your room. You can calculate when that wind will arrive and strike your paper with what force. Hence you can determine accurately how much and in which manner that paper would move and at what time. All this you can do much in advance. When the temperature difference is noticed a few hours before your paper moved, you could calculate and predict the paper’s movement that is going to happen a few hours latter, much advance in time. This is the same with any event in universe as the universe obeys laws deterministically. Events in the universe do not behave whimsically as there is no freewill.

This is the same with human behavior. Though we assume free will ordinarily events in our life are strictly governed by the deterministic laws of karma. Free will is an illusion. Hence given certain initial details one can predict accurately what is the entire chain of events going to be. This is the principle of astrology a science of rishis. This is how two thousand years back they could predict accurately that after two thousand years a person named Sunil will be born and would live in these these manor. It is a thorough going science and a proof for karma theory.

As to your confusion about spiritual events being predictable, Vedic astrology is a branch of Veda and hence is by very essence spiritual. Vedic astrological treaties do maintain the combination for devada bhakti, upasana and moksha. In fact Vedic astrologi’s original purpose is not material divining but spiritual, being a part of veda.

There is nothing against the nature of astrology in predicting one’s spiritual inclination, ista devada, path of sadana and result ( sidhi and mukti) . These are the subject matter of Vedic astrology. People who follow astrology in spiritual matters are tremendously benefited.



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... World obeys deterministic laws, and it is this determinism that allows scientists to predict the events of the world. ...


Possibly.. If only determinism could be proved by astrological science..

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Mr. Sunds,


Conviction comes from experiencing a genuine stuff. I did some systemetic research on nadi.

There are quite a number of fack nadi readers. They do not possess any genune Nadi texys written by rishis. They fool claionts with some old fack book , and collect most of the information fronm the claints mouth about past and using their astrological knowledge predict the future.

It seems youi have met one of them.


There are genune nady texts possessed by a few. If you meet them you will be stunned. It is ammazingly accurate and truely unbelivable but yet true. I as well as a few other whome I personally know, have met them. I did very systematic research on it to my full conviction. Nadi is true.



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