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  1. They are not all that bad . They know Krishna is Brahman . They also know that Allah and Jesus (or the Father of Jesus) are Krishna, and there fore Brahman. That much Brahma jnana we should credit to them . But this Brahnma jnana goes with the wind when it comes to other Hindu names of God like Ganesh or Siva or Skanda (and all other hindu name of God). Accorrding to them these are not Brahman. Partial Brahmajanis they are. A litle of Vedic logic they got .Only that they are not consistent with the Vedic logic. Trivedi
  2. The problem is that these Christina Conscious guys have no Vedic Wisdom . Trivedi
  3. Converts from Christ to Krishna? What is gained by such substitution of Christ by Krishna, withot the change of Christian mind set to broad minded Hindu spiritualism ? Convertion to Hinduism is not just the change of name of a god with rest of christian attitude remaining cork tight. There is no merit in it. They could as well remain Christian in that case. True convertion to Hinduism comes with the adoption of the true Hindu Spiritual attitude which is truely broad minded Spirituality. If that is not achieved nothing is achieved and there is no need of convertion - of course unless for other material purposes. Trivedi
  4. Hey maha prabhu , all depends on which "family tree book" you refer to. In Godess mythology (Pradamika Rakashya of Devi bhagavatam) the tree is very different for example. Godess is the head and in charge. From goddess emerged three pairs . From satva guna of goddess manifested the satva pair Siva and Saraswati both White in colour as brother and sister. From the rajas guna of the suprime goidess came the rajas pair Bhrama and Lakshmi Yellow in colour. From Thamas guna of the goddess emerged the thamasic pair Vishnu amd Kali both dark in colour . Then Siva married to Kali Brahma to Saraswati and Vishnu to Lakshmi . Amd from these three pairs of husband and wife all other beings came. There are other family trees as well in other purana texts. It seems there is no one single family tyree. Truth is no one knows who came from whome Mahaprabhu. Trivedi
  5. Obviously You could not have heard this idea before - no one heard it before - Trivedi
  6. Is int it obvious from many posts in this forum itself? Are not Vaishnavas Fanatically fighting against Saivites and other religious segments? One of the prediction about our present age Kali is as follows: In the fourth age spiritrual ignorance will reach maximum and fanaticism will arise and continue to exist till the end of Kali. People of Kali will not know that truth is one, inspite it is stated in Vedas clearly. People in Kali age fight on the name of god. Kalki will masacre such foolish sectarian fenetics who all claim that their's is the only truth or superior truth , including Fenetic Vaishnavas, at the end of Kali and establish Satya yuga. Only then in the age of truth (Saytya yuga) people will know The One Vedic Truth and be united in One Dhrama, as one family.
  7. Yes I am a fan of Sambya. ( I approve Sambya's view) Vaishnava Fanaticism is to be accounted for such views as Lord Siva is a demigod, and he in the form of Sankara preached false views to misguide beings and those who believe Advaida philosophy are Demons etc. Puranas themselves are not accounts of truth but bogus stuff created by the baktas of respective gods as political texts full of lies and correptions and prejudices. We are told puranas are all written By Vyasa . How come Vyasa who existed long long ago has written about Buddhists and Sankara in Padmapurana? There is another purana ( I think it is Vishnu purana of my memory is right ) that says that Buddha is the avadar of Vishnu to misguide beings and teach false principles and make sure their down fall and both Buddha and Jaina religion will continue till the end of Kali to misguide being and then Buddhists and Jains will be masacred by Kalki. . All these are cooked up later by some other people as a religious ideological warfare. All this shows only the Fenaticism of Vaishnavas , their intollerance and heatered of other religions. Not only they are iontolerant of other religions they atre intolerant of other gods of hinduism itself. They are a shame to Hinduism which is truely broad minded spirituality. Trivedi
  8. Mr Sar, I was of course joking. I intended to show what a joker you have become in your post. You have taken ailens fictions seriously. To believe all that you must be childish and superstitious. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p> </o:p> Even if UFO exists and aliens are abducting human kids for scientific experimentation, we don’t have to bother much as we terrestrials do much more damage than those aliens who once in a while come from elsewhere and use a few people for their experiments once a while. We terrestrials kill our own kind in masses in war, Create poverty by our greed and murder of children by malnutrition and disease, not to mention the religious wars of Fanaticism. I am more concerned of these terrestrial Boodas then those who come from else where in small number once a while - if they do come. <o:p> </o:p> If mine is an attempt to confuse and manipulate what is your strategy? Are you not doing the same by your alien propaganda, in the name of truth and calling yourself a researcher? . I am sure you are promoting an idea that your own religious faith is truth and other’s faiths are evil. Are you not doing that? And if you are not doing that consciously, then, - no offence meant - grow up if you are childish and under the grip of superstition or examine your head if you are deluded. I am now serious.
  9. All beware! <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> Beware Demons of kaliyuga are active .They are many forms and types. Grey aliens are just one of them. Blue terrestrials are another more dangerous type. Aileien come from space (Called Kecheris – sky travelrs in tantric science) Terrestrial demens reside in the in earth ( Bhucharis) . Kecharis and bhucharis are rivels. Bhucharis do not like Kecharis and try to claim human being and keep under their own control. Bhucharies attempt their conversion of human being in many ways. <o:p> </o:p> How to identify a Blue terrestrial: <o:p> </o:p> They use a symbol of clove that is U with a horizontal line in the middle. They crib and complain and warn about other Kecharies. They appear like religious being but not really truly religious. Tthis can be seen by their intolerance and dismissal of other true religions of the world and describe them as demon’s or alien’s people. They spread suspicion and divide people on earth. Their religious practices too are not really effective. They are some useless mechanical rituals. Describing yogic and kundalini experiences and siddhis as evil manifestation and as the effect of alien’s action. Their main aim of misguiding thus is to turn away people from yoga and spirituality so that they can easily possess control people. (As they are powerless against real yogis and truly spiritually developed people) They are subtle and do not demonstrate any power or strange experiences. They look very ordinary and normal. But beware this is deception; by appearing one among us they try to gain our faith and misguide us totally from true spiritual path. Their religion is no religion but some useless mechanical ritual. Tantric scriptures have described them long ago. Truly religious and spiritual people should recognize them and keep away from them. Bhucharis are more dangerous than Kecharis. They live amoung us and corrept our mind. They should be feared like plague.
  10. Mr. Sunds, Conviction comes from experiencing a genuine stuff. I did some systemetic research on nadi. There are quite a number of fack nadi readers. They do not possess any genune Nadi texys written by rishis. They fool claionts with some old fack book , and collect most of the information fronm the claints mouth about past and using their astrological knowledge predict the future. It seems youi have met one of them. There are genune nady texts possessed by a few. If you meet them you will be stunned. It is ammazingly accurate and truely unbelivable but yet true. I as well as a few other whome I personally know, have met them. I did very systematic research on it to my full conviction. Nadi is true. Trivedi
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