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Medicinal Properties of Tulasi

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Originally posted by JRdd:

Now here is my similar dilemma though. A couple of days ago I bought these great-looking organic cranberries. I really wanted some for a health reason and was so surprised to see some actually in the store, not in some bottle with sugar added. So at home my daughter was getting ready to make us a spirulina cranberry blender drink and I asked her to use honey, anticipating sourness from the berries. Now it turned out that the only honey we had was maha from when Lord Jagannath was "ill" at the Berkeley Temple before Rathayatra. She got the jar out and noticed manjari bits in it, which I had forgotten about. So what should we have done? What we did do was put it in the blender.


Did you ask the "manjaris" about this ?



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Originally posted by jndas:

Tulasi does not serve the conditioned souls, she serves Sri Hari, as we are all meant to. By serving Sri Hari, she automatically benefits the entire universe.

Tulasi serves Sri Hari in curing the ailments of the suffering conditioned souls. She served the devotees of Hari by reminding them always of Radha Krishna Sita Rama.



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<u>Topic: Medicinal Properties of Tulasi</u>


Originally posted by JRdd:

Mr Das [dasanudas]refers to homoeopathy not in a literal sense but in a poetic and spiritual sense. Homoeopathy is so vibrational anyway, each hundred thousandth dilution taking you deeper, that I think it is a great analogy.


The truly spiritual or poetic sense is not a flight

from the heart of a matter but, rather, the reflection

of its very essence.


The essence of homeopathy is the principle that "like cures like"

and the truly poetic sensibility will explore that essence

rather than <u>escape</u> it.


Similarly, the essence of spiritual life is reciprocity in relationships

between the Divine and the devotees and amongst the devotees

and the truly spiritual sensibility revels in this reciprocity

rather than eclipsing it with some "one way" heirarchical dogma.







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talasiga: The essence of homeopathy is the principle

that "like cures like"

and the truly poetic sensibility will explore that essence

rather than escape it.


Originally posted by darwin:

Homeopathy doesn't follow this instruction.

Homeopathy uses fake medicine that is so diluted that

there is probably not even one molecule of the "ingredient"

in it.


The "principle" is not an "instruction" and "essence" is not an "ingredient".

Try a good dictionary next time.

Or, better still, start at square one and find a different monkey .....


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