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  1. PRAYER 10 Hail Opal of Opposites ! You have nothing you must do Yet you choose action night and day There is so much for us to do Please take our laziness away ! ------------------ talasiga@hotmail.com
  2. Melting Heart Even the hardest coldest heart may be the seat of Grace Just see how Radha does satiate as She breaks our ice apart ! ------------------ talasiga@hotmail.com
  3. Hey Avinash ! See I'm back ..... (for the time being ?) Well now Your question at hand Let me see. Hmmm - You know, I think, <u><font color=blue>CR</font><font color=green>EDIBLE</font></u> is something a CRocodile can eat. Now if the crocodile eats it all, what will be left as evidence ? Such is credible evidence [This message has been edited by talasiga (edited 01-07-2002).]
  4. <font color=red>MESSAGE 7:-</font> Please send me Messages fresh with your pain ! If you send me lustre If you send me gold I must share them out to all told. Please send me that message I may keep only for me - The more I hoard it, the greater your gain. [This message has been edited by talasiga (edited 01-06-2002).]
  5. Frozen Heart I see a moonlit Radha Under a lonely maple tree The snow that came to imprison her Is captured in her jewellery I see a moonlit Radha Standing on an icy throne Her warm feet make holy water For the thirsty and forlorn Some say she is only found in India Others say she has no home Some do only find her When they begin to roam Some say she is the closest Goddess Others say she can never be met But those who sing, "Radhe" Will come to know her secret I see a moonlit Radha Under a lonely maple tree Her warm feet make holy water As she stands on an icy throne. ------------------ talasiga@hotmail.com
  6. Dear Suryaz, Nice of you to think of me but I won't be there, however, if you do see me there please let me know. I won't be here much either as for some inexplicable reason I have not been able to access these forums for some weeks now. I've had to go to an internet cafe to post this. As you don't know who I am I'm sure you won't miss me. Nevertheless, I'm tempted to re-iterate my address . . . . . ------------------ talasiga@hotmail.com [This message has been edited by talasiga (edited 12-30-2001).]
  7. [This message has been edited by talasiga (edited 01-06-2002).]
  8. <font color=red>Nope</font> You're not in mine ! My noisiest pocket has some honest change left from a <font color=green>taxi fare</font>.....
  9. looks like someone ate too much tofu revamp: looks like some<u>thing</u> ate too much tofu
  10. This Christmas I will surely pray for naughty little Krishna: That He finds His lonely friends and embraces the greatest Nurture . Talasiga asks, Is not loneliness that very emptiness which invites the Divine ? . . . ------------------ talasiga@hotmail.com
  11. Dear JRdd I have responded on this Prayer thread: http://www.indiadivine.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/000633.html Kind Regards
  12. Yes ! But Talasiga says: Krishna is the worst Flautist ! When He plays the happiest raga Everybody cries ..... And his saddest raga even Radha will not hear. All glories to the joyous Jamuna ! All glories to the Silent Sadness at Her shore ! [This message has been edited by talasiga (edited 12-13-2001).]
  13. Krishna rarely presents Himself fully to His friends He likes to leave some room to dance with them. That vacant space some call loneliness And aloneness is the dizziness of the spinning dancer seeing no-one. . . . ------------------ talasiga@hotmail.com
  14. Readers may note may note that this is Karthik's commentary on the following link: http://indiansaga.com/languages/early_dravidian_lang.html which I posted earlier as I thought it and related links contained independent information that readers may have found useful for the purposes of these "discussions"..... As a matter of record, readers should note that the link is not my site as Karthik contends when he says "your site" . Thank You very much
  15. http://indiansaga.com/languages/early_dravidian_lang.html readers may find this and related links helpful for the purposes of making their own conclusions about these "discussions"..... Readers will note that there is no reference to any <u>explicit</u> religious work from the early Tamil "Sangam" era. The only early reference to an explicitly religious one is to a work as late as 200AD which is a reference to a Buddhist one in Tamil. [This message has been edited by talasiga (edited 12-13-2001).]
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