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How do I know when I have found my guru ?

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How do I know when I have found my guru ? I have been looking for a teacher for a long time. I have been to different ashrams in India. The saints I have met usually ignore me and do not speak to me. Please tell me how I should know when I have found someone who is willing to be my guru ?

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Well, its different for different individuals, the signs. It cannot be generalized, as such. And if i tell you how did I know, you might look for that sign and might ignore and miss the sign your being sends.


Its great though, that you have the thirst for an Guru. Be open, be receptive, pray for an Guru and if Grace is at play, it will happen sooner than you ever thought.


you would just know it, there won't be any dilly dallying, when the Guru is there or perhaps a sign of a One.

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Dear Saran,


What do you ask the saints when you meet them? (I want to know why are they ignoring you) Are you asking the right question, Are you putting the right request? What exactly do you want from in your life, for which you are seeking the guru?


There are many paths and many knowledge forms, and each has a specific guru. If you go to a mutt of Vedanta or vaishnava and ask for a tantric initiation they will ignore you or discourage you. On the other hand if you go to a tantrac teacher and seek pure vedantic knowledge they will ignore you or even ridicule you. And if you go to a dualist vaishnava bhakti cult and seek advaida knowledge they might even abuse you. If you meet a yoga guru and want a bhakti path or a mantra initiation they will not entertain you.


If you are little more explicit about your search, I might help you in finding the right guru or finding the right path. What exactly you are seeking in your life?


Magic Flute

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It's just a knowing. An experience within that for each individual is as unique as one's own DNA. Think in terms of tears streaming, a great longing to near their presence, it's just as easy as something feeling in harmony. No matter how many doubts present themselves, they're easily resolved with a thought, an occurrence or a series of events that will put all your doubts to rest.


I've had great difficulty with accepting the fact that we all need our own personal connection to that which is best for our unique paths. Allowing Love & Light for other people's connections to their respective Gurus is difficult when one thinks of one's own Guru as a Satguru (Perfect Master). Nevertheless, more connections with other devotees of other paths has opened me up to that reality.


I wish you well. Just keep your heart open & your desire, longing strong. It will happen & you will know. In your heart!

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Guest amarjit singh bamrah

You should consider raising your own vibrations so that

you divine inner being can point you to a Pure Guru


There are many Guru's around who place an attachment to their Disciples to steal their


You must learn to be discriminate and not trust every one you meet

Maybe you should consider learning Kriya Yoga

The ancient science of Deep Breathing.

This will truly awaken your inner Guru


Kriya Yoga teaches you how to breathe into your Chakras to

awaken and increase your spiritual divine being


The teachers here are pure and well connected to the divine


amarjit singh

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Its pretty much like falling in love, minus the physical attraction. You just know! An effulgence of Love, not just of the romantic kind. Like the innate love of a mother for her new born - it cannot be analysed, dissected, planned or strategized. A peace and excitement - like you have finally come home after a long, long journey.

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