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  1. Hinduism is as such not an religion. Its in a general sense, a path to the self with the guidance of an Living Guru. Many do it with rites and rituals to elements & / or powerful Gurus & Beings that have left their bodies. Its also said that everyone is a born Hindu, doesn't matter in which part of of the world. So you can practice Hinduism, I guess there is no need to officially convert too. Its as free a religion that you can come across, almost bordering, the jump into true spirituality,
  2. May GRACE be with you and everything be set right.......
  3. Well, one can never be completely protected from black magic, unless one is really strong from inside and has some idea of the self/ god within. In my opinion rudraksh and mantras are not 100 % fool proof. I know of someone, whose mere PRESENCE wards off any kind of black magic, Though i cannot mention the name in an public forum, and guess there is no private message facility here.
  4. No because it has substances like Sindoor and Camphor that can harm you. Yes agreed that you are a roop of Ma Durga, but you have a a human body to take care of.
  5. In the first place, why do you want to do Kali Sadhana? Success is a pretty corporate term for an Sadhana.... What do you want to succeed in?
  6. So did they come before you into the house or after you? Perhaps they also are wondering about how to get rid of you. And i don't think they need to ask this in a forum...... on a serious note, don't think of getting rid of them, request them to leave you in peace.
  7. Never heard of this one. So yeah better not to get it tattoed. Infact why tatto anything on the body? anyways one regret it at some point in life.
  8. So are you looking for a quick instant Siddhi? Guess its a but risky, isn't it, what if you offer a part of your body and you don't get what you want? one can never be sure. Why risk? I know a school though, where the Big Fat Ego, if put in the fire, gets amazing results and siddhis, that one has never imagined.......
  9. One can never say and its always better to do this under a guidance of an genuine Guru. Why would you want to chant it though?
  10. Generally, when someone is possessed, they lose consciousness of themselves / of the I and the possessor expresses herself / himself. If you were conscious throughout, I guess it wasn't the case, though I ain't an expert on this subject. I guess its the time for you to gaze inwards and find the God within........
  11. Well, you are in a soup and I don't know how did you land there, despite not dabbling too much with Yoga, and spirituality. And there are very few people on this planet that can reverse this kundalini rising effect and calm the movements in your body. I would need to know more before I can recommend anything. I hope you are reading this message.
  12. herenow


    You don't need a mantra for that, everyone gets attracted to one who is calm, centered, relaxed. A strong desire to impress boss and others is a sure shot way to retract.
  13. Well, if you just sent positive healing vibrations to your friend it would do him good. Normally, its take a life time to learn to heal other s and also you don't want to interfere too much in what Life has in mind for your friend. Sometime problems / illnesses can be an processes that a person must undergo. The Big Picture, no one knows.
  14. I guess, you are cut out for an precise task , a mission, which might not be easy, like serving the Truth. Normally if you are relaxed and don't think much, it should start to reveal itself. Soon.
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