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How to do meditation (tapasya/tapa) of Lord Brahma?

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How to meditate on Lord Brahma?

How yogis/sadhus used to do it in ancient times?

Is there only one way of doing this or many different ways?

Can Lord Brahma come on his own to give 'darshan' as it happened in ancient times? It happened even for 'asurs' and 'rakhas' so my chances are bright,no? ;)

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You need to understand Brahma first.

Brahma is the creative force. Vishnu is sustainer and Mahesh is destroyer.

People, because of fear of death, propitiate Mahesh.

Vishnu who is in-charge of the world and its maintenance and likes people to propitiate him. People are smart and praise Vishnu to get worldly rewards.


However, with Brahmaji, the case is different. He is an artist, a creator and a self-actualized entity who creates the world for his own joy.. He doesn't long for appreciation or acknowledgements for his creation. So, there is no point in meditating upon Brahmaji in Kaliyuga. Even if you do it, I think Brahmaji would be least botherd to pay attention to you. This is the reason, you rarely find temples of Brahmaji.


Hope, you are convinced.

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