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Shivling pooja after 12 in the afternoon?

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I work really late everyday and lately I started waking up after 12 in the afternoon. I have a shivling at home which I brought from my Guruji from India. When he gave it to me, he told me to do pooja everyday.


Now I know my parents have told me in the past that you should not do any pooja after 12 but I was wondering if I can do the pooja of Shiva after 12 or not?



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any worship done with empty stomach in the after noon is acceptable. i do sleep late everyday due to insomnia and study load in our university.some of the lord shiva devotees also perform trikala sandhya vandanam in which the first one is done early in the morning at the time of sunrise, second one is around your time of 12 to 1 in the afternoon and the third one at the time of sun set in the evening.

please do no be worried about the time. owing to your nature of work(which is got by the grace of lord shiva) you do this and not because of your lazyness.

Never skip the worship.

God will certainly help you and give good job which corrects your life cycle soon


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As per my Guru ji, you should not keep the Shivling in your home. Shivling must be in the temple. If you keep it at home, then you will face some kind of problems in near future.


Regarding the pooja, I would suggest you to do it after 5pm. Please don't do it after 12 as the time of bhoot and pret starts after 12.You can do worship after 5 pm.




Jai Babe Di

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