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  1. constant dreams in the night or day can be due to weak nervous system also. plz consult a good ayurvedic doctor to check up ur nerves. make habbit of reading good books before going to sleep. sleep only when it is driving u.
  2. shiv ling is more powerful than any yantra and tantra. worship shiva in various ways such as abhishekam, rudrabhishekam, rudra yagam, chandi yagam etc. and you will certainly get what you want . these yantra-tantras distract the devotees from main line. if you ask the shiva directly, what you want, he will give you directly. if you ask him through yantra-tantra he gives you through yantra-tantra which is less effective. about direction of shiv ling, plz see that you face towards east and shiv-ling is facing you and its extension(panapattam/base ) is looking towards north. always have shiva in your "chit" and try avoiding other ways.
  3. mata manikeswary in pilgrim place called "yana gondhi" in the border of andhra pradesh and karnataka in south India. she is almost 90 year old, lives without food gives darshan only on full-moon days. her preaching are excellent and non-materialistic. she has huge followers such as sai baba. u reach the place from hyderabad/secunderabad in 3 hours.
  4. regular reading of vishnu sahasra namam also relive from ill effects of sade sati.
  5. dear mohanan, pls continue your worships. dont stop them. i feel you have a little bit depression problems due to long spell of bad time. belive me time will change. when u want some material benefit do pursue them for quite long time until u get them.instead of quitting it for this-and-that reason. show u r sincerity.
  6. any worship done with empty stomach in the after noon is acceptable. i do sleep late everyday due to insomnia and study load in our university.some of the lord shiva devotees also perform trikala sandhya vandanam in which the first one is done early in the morning at the time of sunrise, second one is around your time of 12 to 1 in the afternoon and the third one at the time of sun set in the evening. please do no be worried about the time. owing to your nature of work(which is got by the grace of lord shiva) you do this and not because of your lazyness. Never skip the worship. God will certainly help you and give good job which corrects your life cycle soon bye
  7. pls do not use such methods. some people in tantric line tell then can make him to turn in to your side. they give some secrete medicinal herbs and tell you to give it your lover . when he eats he becomes your slave. but there are 90% dangerous ,in the sense, they make him useless after eating them. he will lose his wisdom and become semi-crack. he will be a normal person from outside but in other aspects of life be behave like mad. it may cause mental imbalance too and some time death which may cause enquiry and subsequent legal problems.
  8. meeru marichi pogalaru. first tell me why it so happened. did he ever give scope of marriage with you? if yes then he is treacherous. i knew the mental agony that we get once ditched by somebody in love. time is best solution for this problem. plz focus your attention on your studies or work related studies. socialize with your girl friends and never talk about him with any body. plz prepare answers to some commonly asked questions about him -regarding love- from people who knew about your love. i wish a speedy recovery. all the best
  9. The material, food, money or fruits etc, that are offered to god becomes prasada. we can eat prasada without ny doubt in mind. but anything that is not offered to god should never be taken in.
  10. he is a kid and cannot express his problems. make him to worship lord hanuman in a temple on every saturday morning before taking breakfast. he should take bath and please tell him to go for pradakshina 5 times, offer some sweets/fruits and incense sticks and come back to home without looking back. do this for 5 weeks . meanwhile you please pursue him to study well in the subjects of his own choice at fixed place and fixed duration every day. help him in preparing time table for daily routine. methods of concentrations etc do not work so effectively on a boy of his age. may lord hanuman who kills the evil and gives knowledge and wisdom bless your kid.
  11. Hello Sopaan. Tatwa gyaan is not in single book or single set of books. You keep on reading sprittual articles particularly Bhagavat geeta, bhagvata stories by Vyasa maharshi, Devi bhagavatam etc. them you come to know the nature of paramatma(AUM). Which is what needed.
  12. please somebody answer my following questions, 1.What are the avantages of copper ring/bracelet that is worn around right hand wrist. 2. What is advntage of wearing oval shaped crystal over which 'aum' symbol in conscripted. mahesh
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