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I am looking for a living master to initiate me

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Namaste everybody,


I am from the UK and I am in search of a living master to initiate me. I want to spend at least 1-2 years in India on a spiritual journey. I have considered various ashrams, but what seems to be missing is the presence of a living master.


Please advise me on any living masters, or where I am most likely to find one.


Also, have any of you heard of Yogiraj Siddanath, is he a master?





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Haribol, glad to be back. Lord Vyasadeva is living, so is Narada Muni, so there is no question concerning life of the Acarya. What one needs is to approach someone who represents the entire chain of authentic spiritual masters. I recommend that one reads the second chapter of Srila AC Bhaktivedanta swami's Science of Self Realization, which can be read thru the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) site under Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami's books. Then the search begins.


However, our so-called search is flawed. How can we know authenticity in our condition of always being prone to serious mistakes. Therefore, we must understand that Guru comes thru Krsna Himself, who guides us from within to his very self, represented by the Guru.


good luck, hare krsna, ys, mahaksadasa

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Maybe, look into your heart and mind, and see what you desire. What feels natural.


In that way faith may be easier to cultivate (by enthusiasm).


Sri Upadesamrta verse 3 by Srila Rupa Goswami:

The Nectar of Instruction Verse 3


utsahan niscayad dhairyat


sanga-tyagat sato vritteh

shadbhir bhaktih prasidhyati


utsahat -- by enthusiasm; niscayat -- by confidence; dhairyat -- by patience; tat-tat-karma -- various activities favorable for devotional service; pravartanat -- by performing; sanga-tyagat -- by giving up the association of nondevotees; satah -- of the great previous acaryas; vritteh -- by following in the footsteps; shadbhih -- by these six; bhaktih -- devotional service; prasidhyati -- advances or becomes successful.





...good travels, and when you get home, good service.

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I am in search of a living master to initiate me.

I want to spend at least 1-2 years in India on a spiritual journey.

I have considered various ashrams, but what seems to be missing is the presence of a living master.


This is so noble. Don't invest all your worth in this goal. Yet, invest all your worth in this goal.


Be balanced and somber and methodical.


There will be two schools of Hindu paths ---Personal & Impersonal.

Theoritically, you have traveled the paths of Impersonal teachings in past lives of yoga training.

That is why you seek to 're-link' to yoga again.


All asram denizens are bound to relie on each other. A living Guru is usually a Guru-kula teacher or a temple priest or an ashram president who invites all to stay temporarily to 'be trained-up' in brahminical disciplines.


Weather one stays brahmacarya or leaves to be among the greater world of frutive workers ---one must be fixed up in Yoga, whilst traveling anywhere, and this is best accomplished by proper education by those that represent bonefide paramparas.


Lastly, DO NOT TELL ANYONE THAT YOU ARE RETIRING [especially if only temporarily] TO AN ASHRAM.

Leave first then notify your kin afterward. [This is per Canakya pundita & Bhaktivinod's advise].

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Interesting query from the person who started this thread. The answer is not easy, except to say that you cannot go finding a guru. The guru will find you if you have reached a certain level in your spiritual practice that the universe will find one for you if required. In my case I dont need a human guru, because for me Goddess Kali is my guru. You can actually feel her presence towards the end of Devi Mahatmye recitation, done with devotion. The other way is to take up Kriya Yoga and then go deep into it which would take a few years, and hope you meet Babaji in one of the Himalayan trips to his cave.

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I am no expert on this subject although I have seen this question debated from virtually every perspective on Krsna Conscious forums throughout the years. My view is that the universe is a miraculous and magical place but we are born into a matrix of fear, obligations etc. that makes us forget this but when you have that childlike wonder in you and you try to abandon fear the universe starts to work its magic in your favor. So just try to break beyond the matrix of fear and let the magic of the universe work for you and you will find all the right people you are supposed to meet. You will find the right books you are supposed to read and so and so forth. The adventure begins...

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Well ,whats important is to take initiation from that Guru/Master who has come from a perfect ,trusted and authentic guru-sishya::master-disciple-initiation lineage .If you are in south India you can approach any SriVaishnavaite/Jeeyar Monastry(Sri Vaishnavaite tradition) or any Madhva Vaishnavaite Monastry (Madhva Vaishnavaite Monastry).

Or else you can approach ISKCON/Chaitanya Math/Mission any where in India and also in other countries.

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There seem to be no Self realised masters in India in the present. It is said in the Indian literatures that the Guru finds the Disciple when the disciple is ready to receive him. If your intentions are sincere to find the truth, events will guide you to your Guru and then to the destination.

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