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  1. Well ,whats important is to take initiation from that Guru/Master who has come from a perfect ,trusted and authentic guru-sishya::master-disciple-initiation lineage .If you are in south India you can approach any SriVaishnavaite/Jeeyar Monastry(Sri Vaishnavaite tradition) or any Madhva Vaishnavaite Monastry (Madhva Vaishnavaite Monastry). Or else you can approach ISKCON/Chaitanya Math/Mission any where in India and also in other countries.
  2. So you are supporting and suggesting every male to undress ,make nude and rape every girl in this India and world if any one feels that the woman is insulting you or your family members or your friends.....huh???What a Barbarian thinking--infact ugliest thinking ..Yakkkkk!!!!You are suggesting an idea which is actually against the very concept of Hinduism.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. It was clearly mentioned in the original Mahabharata written by VedaVyasa that she did not insulted any one.It just a false propaganda against the Droupadi-the Agni Putrika.Even Shakuni who was actually accompanied along with the Duryodhana aclearly states that he didnt not listen or hear any insulting statements or words from Drowpadi.It itself clearly states that Duryodhana was actually was trying to propagate a false propaganda against the Mighhty Pandavas who performed RajasSuya Yagnya and was trying to gain some sympathy for himself against the Pandavas to fuel the quarrel.
  4. Duryodhana was actaually a face of evil. 1.Jealous of brothers 2.Wnated to enjoy the all properties and riches which do not belong to him at all.He is not at all a legitimate heir to the throne.It is something like I want to enjoy your property..but hom am I to enjoy your property 3.He patronaged Karna only because he can help him winning over Pandavas but not out of Compassion. 4.Even though he is not even a crowned Prince (Yudhister was the only legitimate Heir to the Throne) ,even though he has no power , he gave some provinces to Karn.It is like me distributing your properties among your enemies inorder to make them my friends to fight against you and ultimately to rule everyone.Rediculous. 4.He attempted to make a queen nude and rape who was actually considered a pride of their own race -"Bharata Kula"-and Wife of his brother- a King who was regarded a Lady even by the VedaVyasaDeva ,Dritarashtra,Gandhari,Bhisma,Grupa Kripacharya,Drona.That means no security to anyl woman in the kingdom.Any one can kidnap any woman of any age even though she might be already a married to some person irrespective of cast creed relationship etc any time and rape her with full freedom and no punishment, at all. 5.Nothing but absolute slavery
  5. God never gets angry on anyone.He was even ready to give pardon to Ravan when he kidnapped Sita.But we suffer because of past deeds.Only thing we have to do is to surrender on to His lotus feet as he alone can help us ,save us through an authentic Acharya.......consult any SriTridandi Sanyasi Acharya or Acharyas at ISKCON or any traditional mutts.
  6. Some Authentic Vaishnava Traditions: 1.SriVaishnavism 2..ISCKON(Gowdiya Vaishnavism)
  7. well it is also stated that Kalki would kill all mletchas and Yavanas......So ready to get massacred bcos only the followers of Abrahmic religions are called mletchas and Yavanas
  8. Lord Vishnu came as Buddha to protect the world keeping the Brahmashtra like Supreme Religion -vedic/Hinduism from the people with "Aasuri gunas" who were using/following Hinduism against the principles of Hinduism. But once Buddhism transformed into a religion which opposes the basic ideologies of Buddha himself the God ordered Kumarila Bhattu to agitate against Buddhism.Then by the ordered of the Lord Rudra came on to earth as Sadguru AdiShankaraacharya to fight against the menace of Buddhism and Jainism and disintegration among Hindus.He then , to fight against the Buddhists/Jains who do not agree the very existence of Parabrahman/Brahman philosophy formulated Pratchanna Buddhism -the Mayavaada Monoism based on Vedas only.But for time being he did leave some portions of the Vedas to achieve the purpose of his Incarnation.Then ,when His purpose is fufilled The Lord came on to earth as Ramanujacharya to also include the left out portions of the complete Vedic philosophy.Hence His teachings/tradition is referred to as "ParamaVaidikaMatam":Complete-Vedic-Religion.
  9. 1.The very word Abraham itself clearly tells that it is against Brahma/Brahic/Brahminism whic is otherwise called the Vediv/Hindu religion. 2.Even if they want to worship only Krishna exclusively there is na need to discard the Vedic religion the religion which was actually practised and preached by the Krishna Himself.Even the SriVaishnavaites do not worship any other diety ecxept Krishna...they dont worship Brahma/rudra/Shiva/Shakti/Kumara/Ganesha but they follow puerest form of Vedic religion . 3.Further Krishna himself fought against such people eg KaalYavan,etc.Very often they are regarded as 'mletchas',"yavanas". Finally What do want ...Hindus to follow those Abrahmic religions -the religions which are/were against the prectice/preachings/teachings of Krishna himself ( the Vedic/Hindu religion ) or them to follow Hinduism,huh ?
  10. Guys remember the following things: 1.This is a thread to discuss the SriVaishnavaite philosophy exclusively.But u people began to argue to question the very philosophy of SriVaishnavaite religion.This itself is nonsense. Sri ChinnaJeeyar is a great authority of this tradition.But u are not listening to him. 2. Right from Adi Shankaracharya in his Prasthana Traya ,Sri Ramanuja ,Madhvacharya,Chaitanya,Vedavyasa in his Brahma Sutras,Valmiki in his Ramayana,Parasara in his Vishnu Purana ,sri Vallabha, Sri Nimbarka,Sri Samartha Ram Dasa, sri Vivekanada declare that SriManNaraya/ParaVasudeva is the Supreme Personality Of God Head. 3.Further VedaVyasa himself declared that except Vishnu Purana ,Bhagavata Purana,Padma Purana,Varaha Purana,Narada Purana,Garuda Purana remaining are all Tamsic or Rajsic and hence not completely pure and hence do not completely support the Vedas.Hence we are not supposed to accept all those puranas completely which are against the Supremacy of SriManNaraya/ParaVasudeva
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