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Jagadguru Sri Kripaluji Maharaj in Navadvip

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the video has been removed.


People should first try to understand that Mahatmas are not like

ordinary people bound to maya.you don't *GET AWAY* with bad mouthing a Harijan.

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I have seen so many like you(devgopaldas).Whenever a mahabhagavata appears,unscrupulous people are always there.


It doesn't matter if your from Sri Sampradaya or Madhva sampradaya,an offense to a mahabhagavata is irreparable..beyond any hope.


I won't say much to you but I will remove the link.


The fault is mine.Whenever someone posts a link or a vid of any great mahatma,people think it is advertising.


I presumed all the great vaishnavas which were there on this forum before,would still be here now...and that this might help THEM.


But i see lots has changed here.

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Don't worry changes are part of our life,previously there were lot of noises and now its reduced.



yes indeed !! i have been noticing it of late . people have stopped fighting for good !!


its been a long while that anyone posted another 'who is greater' or 'advaita vs dvaita' threads !!


let us all keep things like this -- increase our communication but keep our voices low ..


i think the words of jahnava prabhu have taken effect . all gories to him .


lets pray it continues....:)

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