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Extreme suffering, how can I make it stop?

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The astrologers look in awe at my astrological chart. I was told I should have died in 2004 yet my guru kept me alive. Only God knows why..I am pretty useless.


The physical pain sickness, and suffering I have been through in this lifetime is not what most people could handle.


I have consulted so many astrologers, and tried several things, but NOTHING has truly made my suffering less.


I chanted the Hanuman Chalisa everyday, I did the Visnu Sahsranama Everyday, I did the Lalita Sahasranamam every day...these went on years. I have performed several Durga homas, Lakshmi homas, Rahu pujas several times, Sani pujas several times...I have performed Maha Mritunjaya pujas several times, standard Shiva pujas and one HUGE Shiva homa with 11 priests, that I know saved my life since I was near death at that point. I even a few years ago chanted 18,000 mantras of Rahu OF MY OWN RESEARCH of what to do...I do seva, nothing changed.


What is missing? What is the remedy that is going to make this all stop? The energies split my mind...I feel like I am insane half the time. Black magic, evil possession, my own family stole huge sums of money from me, you would not believe it all if I told you...ALL my suffering is past life karma...so HOW DO I REMEDY THIS PAST LIFE KARMA?? Someone please tell me...I beg you...What can I do to alleviate this past life karma? There must be an answer.


The most recent astrologer has again prescribed Bija mantra chanting....18,000 Rahu and 23,000 of Sani. I am prepared to do it again, but not feeling so hopeful since I have tried so many things already and nothing has really helped.


The last two days I began searching again and read that for Rahu affliction, I should read the Durga Saptasati. So I began that...and so far that seems to do the most good out of everything that I have tried. And I found this remedy on my own. Why didn't an astrologer prescribe that? Is it because I am not Indian, and they thnk I could not recite it?


Please help me. Please tell me what to do to get RID OF TOTALLY this past life karma that is ruining my life.


Skokie Illinois, USA

23.22 11:22 PM Daylight Savings Time

May 1, 1975

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I also would like to add that I am on a 2 year search for the name of a particular ritual that an astrologer told me to get that is performed at Rameswaram he said that I need to get done or my life will not change...He told me that it is contained in a separatae part of the vedas..NOT where the regular Yagnas are taught....somewhere else.

He said it is a 3 part ritual...the first is an Exorcism, where they place cow dung and other things onto my physical body..the second part asks for forgiveness to all the souls whom I hurt and the third is the blessing.


Please please, if you or you know anyone who may know what this ritual is, I beg you to provide the name of it or to help me to find it. The man never gave me the name. Does it at all sound familiar?

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Hello friend,


You really have very interesting chart. Although I am not too expert to help you. But I will like to ask a few questions for sake of my own learning. You needn't to answer if you find any of them offending.


Your chart shows that you may have a seriuos chest infection/trouble. Did you really had? How is your digestive system?


Can you give some brief about your marriage/married life if it doesnot hurt you.


2004 year seems really tough for you. And you are extremely lucky to pass that stage successfully and with bravery. Not everyone can do this. If you feel comfortable I will like to know which ytype of health problems you faced at that time.


Respected friend, Please forgive me If I hurt you even for a littlebit. I am asking these just for my own learning purpose


Kind regards


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Thank you to all of you for your kind words.


Atul, you are so sweet...you will not hurt me in asking a question.


Yes, you are exactly right that I had chest problems. From childhood, early...I began having constant bronchitis and fever...terrible recurring problems. Every 3 weeks I would get a sore throat and cough and bronchitis. After I did the huge Shiva pujas in 2005 that part stopped...that I considered a miracle.


YES...MAJOR digestive problems. By the time I met my now husband at the end of 2005, I was only having a bowel movement about 1 time per day. It was terrible pain and a close friend thought I would die then as well.


As for the marriage? Well, it was arranged really by the Satguru Mata Amritanandamayi. He was really sent to take care of me the last few years, which he has done. She has blessed our marriage, as you can see per my chart, it has been very dissatisfying to me. However, he has managed to support me and help me to heal, so what more can I ask for. I am lucky to be alive at all!


I also am living in a foreign country, I am American living in Sweden, as also indicated per Rahu in 12th and I hope to before the year is over be living in an ashram.


As for the volunteering, I actually do some volunteering every day for people with spiritual problems...who have been through things I have gone through. My web site is at Black Magic Rescue

I know this karma I am facing is from evil magic I did in other lives, so I thought that helping those who are suffering from that problem would be good to remedy my karma. And I have seen that it has been.


As per the Mrityanjaya Mantra, I mostly listen to it play over and over on a CD...I have done this for about 9 years now. When I sleep, and sometimes in waking. But I chant it also sometimes...not as often as I should.

Anymore expert advice is surely welcome. Thanks.

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Any one who is into black magic rescuer work or victim of black magic or evil eye should go for Mahamrityunjaya Siddhi.

Any book on this subject or Your gurn can guide you in this direction . You have to shun laziness and any bad habit.

In your case Saturn mars conjuction(yuti) in D9 and trimshamsha may ignore this suggestion.

Rest it is up to your free will how your lead your life.

Rishi vatsyayan

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Thank you Rishi Vatsyayan for writing.

I am hoping that you can clarify for me something that you wrote.

You said in your case Saturn Mars conjunction may ignore this suggestion. Do you mean to attain the Maha Mrityunjaya Siddhi?

Or to avoid laziness and bad habit?


What exactly does this conjunction indicate? Why should I ignore it? Would it be harmful?


Also, under normal circumstances, attaining this Siddhi could be obtained through chanting it 125,000 times? I know you said to check with Guru, but is this correct?


Thank you again...

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Mars is enemy of Saturn. it promote laziness and bad habit in a person.To overcome it one has to shun laziness and any bad habit.This is the meaning of Saturn and mars yuti in a chart.In you chart your Guru is in its own house so you can easily overcome this effect.


You must go for this Sadhana .


This what i mean to say.

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Also, kind people, if you could tell me if there are any yogas that I need to be concerned about...

Are there indications of any mental problems/financial problems that are shown that indicate the destitute life I am living? Will I need to be reliant on others forever?

I feel that people avoid me all the time, and are not helpful when I ask for astrological help. (except for the recent posts from Rishi...thank you.) maybe you can help to answer this concern of mine.

I have asked many places, many times and only get small answers, like the ones here that do not address the questions I am asking. I mean, some have responded in kindness. In other places, my forum posts go unanswered. Why do astrologers ignore me when I am asking for help? I see such elaborate answers that other people get. Can someone please explain why do astrologers do that???


Please tell me if I can fix these problems and how, it would be appreciated. Am I really beyond help? Is it really that bad?


Any advice is so appreciated. Please...


Also, Dear Rishi,

you are so correct about me being in dilema. I am in dilema over EVERY decision I make...back and forth, round and round. My mind spins in circles.


I do not have a guru NEARBY that I can ask about this Siddhi. It is something I came across lately and was thinking of. Could you please tell me some more details?

I would be sooo greatful.

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No sir,

This is my first and only marriage so far.

And it was very much arranged by Mata Amritanandamayi. We met in her ashram in Kerala. He asked if we should marry one year after we met, and she said yes VERY enthusiastically 3 times...much more excitably an answer than when others ask her if they should be married. It has created horrible debt for him, who is in his Saade Sati that ends in September, and compelete isolation for me. I have spent most of the last 3 years spending about 10-15 hours a day in silence.

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Yes, it is very true. I can learn mantras VERY easily...people are shocked. I cannot understand why others cannot!

when you say saving me time to time, do you mean that every once in awhile I am getting benefit from these?

Clearly you are spot on...off to bed now..I will write tomorrow.

Please please, give me more of your time tomorrow, won't you?

Bless you....

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Hi again,

I have many questions, I hope you can answer each one.


That sounds great about 2011. Does it mean I will attain enightenment???


As for this mantra Siddhi, I am searching all over on the internet to find instructions of how to properly conduct it to obtain the desired results. I was already initiated a few years ago into the Mrityunajaya mantra, so now I only need to find the proper way to perform the recitations and to see if there is some proper worship that also must be done to properly obtain the siddhi.


Even a few days ago I pondered doing 125,000 recitations, and here you are suggesting that I do it. I feel that God wants me to complete it, though it will be mentally trying to complete in 41 days. What kind of siddhi powers does this actually provide?


It does need to be complete within 41 days does it not to obtain the full benefits?


Will this sadhana eliminate the negative effects of Rahu and Saturn??? Or do I also need to do the 18,000 and 23,000 recitations of those bija mantras as well?


Do you have some exact instructions that you can provide to me as to how to conduct it? What kinds of pujas need to be done with it? Does it have to be a new mala? Etc.

I am wondering since this is Monday, I could start today with it?


There is really nobody around that is able to guide me in person. If you could please give me the necessary information, I want to get started as soon as possible.


Although the spiritual aspects are good in my chart, what about material life? I have no desire to earn money in the world, and feel so torn between spiritual and material life. It is a deep battle within...and there have been so many failures that I feel I do not even want to try anymore because I never get anywhere.

I have to do the same thing over and over, many times, or it just flat out is unsuccessful, although others do the same thing and get results. Is this saturn? Is saturn actually in my lagna?

If you could shed light on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Smt skokie,

Hope i can add a little to the above valuable advices.

1. Present ashtama Shani dasa ends by 9-9-2009 ending two and half years of suffering.Things will be ok afterwards as far as Shani is concerned.

2. Present Rahu mahadasa antardasa of Sun ends by 2/2010. They are in 6-8 relation .Sun is exalted and Rahu is debilitated.Ketu debilitated in 6th with 7th and 10th lord Mercury and 6th lord venus in 6th may cause a bit frustration in the married life with your so called spirituality.To some extent it may disturb your health.

Pray Durga mata(Sri Durga Saptasathi),lord Ganesh and Sri Vishnu by simple prayers.Light a lamp,offer prasad etc.Don't waste time and money in reciting mantras,rituals etc. Help poor and old people whenever you feel like.

Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with your chart.

wish you good luck,


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Thank you so much to U. Sanjeeva Rao.

When you said....may cause a bit frustration in the married life with your so called spirituality.To some extent it may disturb your health.


Do you mean the marriage? Or the spirituality? Could you please elaborate?


Also, why do you suggest only simply pujas and not to pay money for pujas and mantras?


Also, you say there is nothing wrong with my chart, do you mean in the way of yogas?


Your advice is greatly appreciated.

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I thought my language is simple. You are able to put so many questions reading my reply.It is simple. Reciting 18,000 times etc of a mantra is not required. Sincere whole hearted prayers by you with devotion give better results.My observations are given taking into account the position of planets and more so of debilitated Rahu and Ketu.

I think remedial measures can neutralise the malefic effects.

For leading normal life too much stress on spirituality is not welcome.

This is what I mean.

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Forgive me...I ask many questions to be sure that I understand. I have so many misunderstandings with people, and it is so common on the internet that asking questions to clarify, reduces misinterpretations my mind makes.

Your advice is very interesting and noted.

One more question, sorry-.....what is your defiinition of "normal"?? :) Do you mean a worldy person who has jobs and house?

I am so deeply spiritual, how could it not be stressed? It is so ingrained in me. I do not believe I will ever be normal because of my deep rooted spirituality, nor am I sure that I am supposed to be a normal worldy type money earning person!

Are you saying that I have a choice? I can choose spirituality OR materialism?? Is that even a choice? Of course, I choose spirituality!

Thank you for your time so much...

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