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  1. Thank you very much Atul ji, I have Moon in a seperate Kendra and this makes me melancholic and alone, and I fit this very much. Regard Saturn, it looks like he always causes some discomfort to me, I do Saneeshwara Gayathri etc but still no big changes I could see. I also do Mrityunjay manthra, but fasting I dont do on purpose but most of time I do stay hungry, is there a difference ie should I have to stay on purpose of fasting and if I stay hungry to concentrate without actually in the mode of fasting esp on Mondays ? I wanted to know what the Mahadasha: Antaradasha stuff that I will be entering into might cause ? Any experience on reading chart with that same dasa period and its consequences ?
  2. No answers and too lengthy ?, or is my total horoscope a flop! just wondering as there was no answer.
  3. Did u try with the contact button in the side of the page. I had contacted them before using that and they were prompt in replying, although it was for the products I bought.
  4. Hi, Someone told me about the powers of Pratyangira Devi Sarathanugrah: Maa Pratyangira Devi and Pratyangira Tantra and Tantric Deities: Pratyangira But seems there is some strict protocols to be followed, may be some experts can shed more light. Dont try any antipsychotics on your own, if you are taking them only take them upon prescription by a doctor. A combination therapy of devotion, sadhana and psychiatry will definitely help. Thinking to end your life is like submitting yourself to these Daemons, imagine if they can put your body and mind to this stress, how much they can do to your soul if you submit to them. Fight it out! you will win.
  5. Sir, Read you post, and sorry about the misfortunes you face. I have had some financial problem before and had prayed on this mantra, and this gave me some relief. I dont know if it will be appropriate of useful for your case but still posting this in case if this might help. This is sung by Pandit Dakshinomoorty who is also a very senior astroger in this forums, may be you could ask him abt this directly as applied to you. Thanks, Regards.
  6. Sir, Thank you very much for the message. I am much oblidged. I started my PhD by 2004, and from 2004-5 had a fairly good time, 2005 data theft by colleagues, ill treatments, depressing time, worry, 2005 end I decided to change supervisor, from then lots of challenges, had to face a lot of test, face the highest authorities which took place till 2006 end, in this time had spritual experiences and bliss despite misery. 2007 beginning came out successful, old supervisor removed from office. 2007 mid started beginning new project with new supervisor 2007 full, work went okish but many experiments didnt work well ( which is ok during phd) so it was fine, but health problems started with digestion problem, problem in the family, parents health - had to visit them etc. 2008 fairly ok with me clearing all the qualifying exams etc, but still health deteriorated (actually i ignored my health as I was in a pressure to prove was bit unwise on my side but circumstances demanded that I proved) 2008 end doctor adviced for operation and 2009 had a minor operation and 6 months went in pain and stress, (but again good thing happened was had spritual experiences with this time I got answer for long sought questions in sprituality out of nowhere). I also get recognition for the work I did during 2004-2005 (very late but for good) 2009 now when I have recovered, I got financial problems. My new supervisors project also suffered financial set backs and she couldnt help either due to recession. Now I am fully stressed and worried, as my supervisor is also not fully happy with me for my absence, (because it affected publication cycles etc) and I am distressed if this will make me terminate my Phd for lack of money, actually this was all I put my entire stake sacrificing almost many things as I love research to the core. I am also in one way worried as many people whom I meet including strangers say that I will become a Monk. I am also puzzled about this. Though I like monastry life etc, I only want to become researcher at heart. Compounding all when I correlate this with my VMDasa, it somehow overlaps and most of all I will be entering this period from Sept 2009 Maha Dasa:Moon, Bhukti:Saturn, Pratyantar Dasa:Saturn I am just panicking because of this as it says in literature that It may be a cruel time. (although my knowledge is very limited with this as I read all this myself from the Internet) Also I have a Retrograde Saturn in my Birth chart. I would be much grateful if you could show some light on this and what kind of consequences the dasa will enforce on me, and if there is any future insight. Will I come out successful with it etc. I read argala's can cause bolts in a persons life, but dont know if and what kind of argala's I have etc. PS: I have put in as much of the event in detail, as I felt an astrologer is like a doctor and its best to open up the issues here so that he can give me the best advice. Thank you very much again for looking into my case.
  7. Hi, Can you do some volunteer job in some charity organisation for sometime, helping orphans or aged people, may be that could help balance it. I am not expert in this but just thinking if that might help ?.
  8. Namaste, I have been facing very strange problems in my career. I am doing a PhD course in Europe and have so far been very sincere in my pursuits but strange things are happening that are going beyond my control. I started to read on vedic astrology ever since and could understand few things, however the more I read from the Internet the more I feel mislead by various theories. I would thus like some expert understanding of the events. I will be very thankful if some experts can help me see through what is happening and provide me with some answers that will give me some directions forward. Story in short: I have been good in studies and by virtue of it got into a PhD programme, however the first year of my Phd programme had trouble with some of my colleagues stealing my data and publishing it and my supervisor was unhelpful about this fact. I decided to change my supervisor and then applied to the higher authorities, however in this circumstance I had to go through a battery of test as my supervisor challenged my abilities to the higher authorities. I faced innumerable questions and interviews and had to give talks on the subject before a panel of people to prove myself, I did this well and came out successful, my first supervisor was then asked to leave the university due to this fact and I got a supervisor of my choice to continue with my studies, It was a tough fight and between these time I had to undergo lot agony and mental tension of uncertainity with financial troubles. To cut the story short after I changed my supervisor, the initial few months were going fine but then I suddenly had an health problem (abdominal) and had to undergo a minor operation which knackered me for about six months. (so by now I had lost almost 4 years in total), when this period ended, my scholarship also ended and I had to live on my savings that I had. I get into a lot of stress because of this and this is now reflecting in my work patterns and I am concerned about this. Additionally there are other family problems too, because of these troubles I had to turn down lot of proposals for marriage from girls, though I am not much concerned about marrying or living with a partner, it created a lot of family pressures and problems affecting health of parents. The only good things that I could see happened in this period was my spritual growth. I am presently running Chandra Mahadasha with Guru Antaradasha and will be entering Chandra Mahadasha with Sani Antaradasha in September. Actually, asper astrology I should have gained a lot on my side during the Chandramahadash period, however in my case it seem to be otherwise. I am very worried too as I will be entering Maha Dasa:Moon Bhukti:Saturn, Pratyantar Dasa:Saturn by September 2009. I am worried if this will totally knock me down and distrupt my education and if I will be getting atleast enough money to survive the tide. Also it is to be noted that I have a Saturn in Retrograde, and I am unable to relate these to what might happen. Can some experts throw in some light on this. I will be much grateful. My details are DOB: 13-MAR-1977 TIMEOFBIRTH: 11:40 A.M PLACEOFBIRTH: CHENNAI (TRIPLICANE),INDIA Thank you very much.
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