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Problems since years - Expert's Advice Required

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NAME Tushar Malhotra

DOB 09-02-1980

POB Saharanpur (U.P.)

TOB 10:00 A.M.


I have been facing lot of problems since last years. Even after putting a lot, do not get satisfactory marks anywhere in school. Sitting in the competition, people who learned from me, taught by me excels in the competition while I stayed away from the marginal marks itself in competitions, never got through. After getting through, got a engineering college, didn’t stand anywhere and not even had construction completed but as hope nowhere else so got into it. Being so intelligent in every subject, giving my best too, put me on marginal marks.

In the course of doing engineering, father passed away and so things became crucial for all of us.

Anyways, after passing out, having knowledge in almost every domain and technology, struggled for job but didn’t find any. A one that got on reference of my maternal uncle that always resides in my mind that being capable, can’t fetch one for me but on the recommendation.

Since my first job, switched almost to 4 jobs but not satisfied yet with the job and money never stays with me and even struggling, having good knowledge but no good opportunity anywhere.


People have been trained by me have been placed at good companies, earning handsome and saving a lot while myself still struggling.Money get stuck anywhere for un-necessary cause just like PF from other two companies has been stopped for more than two years.

Every new thing bought for the first time always comes to be faulty.


Got married two years back in 2007 but as she was independent natured girl could not find compatibility with her and placed divorce petition this year but now she is not willing to give, so I just stand alone here with no support and career too at stake with recession running and money is also skipping in cases and on un-necessary things.


The very first thing I would like to ask is that when the case would likely to get close, what loss I would incur of it, that’s the doubt and what remedies, I could start to fasten the process as I am almost very tensed on this till it run.


Please provide the appropriate solutions / remedies so that all the success doors get open towards winning over case at the earliest, good job, good money, abroad visits and peace of mind arrives.




Best Regards


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1.come what may,You have to take special care of you health as you know health is wealth everything else is zero and one.

2.Exercise regularly and avoid non veg food .

3.don't contemplate on how you got a job ,after all we are a social animal. Some time we take favor and sometime we help other. so it is a minor thing.

4.From your query and after observing your chart , teaching may be best profession for you.Your lagnesh is also vargottuma.(No recommendation just suggestion)

5.If you want us to give you remedies for getting divorce when you wife is not ready .It is against the ethics of an astrologer. so let court decide.

6.After sep she may change her mind and you two go for mutual divorce


7.If you have not worn any gemstone,You can consider wearing Panna and pukraj.


8.do meditation or yoga and be relax in your approach.




God bless you


Rishi Vatsyayan

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Aum Gurubhy namah




dear shri tushar malhotra,


unless some one tells you point blank, you may not understand.

Sun is your atma karaka in your chart. Such people always

think that they are knowledgble and long for recognintion.

i doubt if you are really talented the way you sound. Otherwise,

how can you 'not' perform well in your college and thereafter in

profession. Why should you change job four times ? All these

are shown in your chart. your lagna lord jupiter, who is responsible

for your intellligence is spoiled by two kroora grahas, namely, rahu

and mars. To overcome this, continous shiva worship is called for.


Your venus is aspected by mars and saturn. This brings in kalatra

chaapa. Exactly during saturn/mars or saturn/rahu you have filed

a case against your wife.


Vimsottari Dasa:


Sat MD: 1990-09-02 - 2009-09-02

Jup AD: 2007-02-17 - 2009-09-02


Pratyantardasas in this AD:


Jup: 2007-02-17 - 2007-06-21

Sat: 2007-06-21 - 2007-11-17

Merc: 2007-11-17 - 2008-03-23

Ket: 2008-03-23 - 2008-05-17

Ven: 2008-05-17 - 2008-10-21 ...was the seed for divorce sown here?

Sun: 2008-10-21 - 2008-12-06

Moon: 2008-12-06 - 2009-02-19

Mars: 2009-02-19 - 2009-04-13... >>>

Rah: 2009-04-13 - 2009-09-02 ... >>>

next dasa is that of mercury. Mercury is in wrong direction

in dasamsa , a chart to be seen for profession. Hence it is better

you weigh things as they are and start building your profession

slowly and steadily. It is better you find one elderly and wise

person as your adivsor. Otherwise things may go astray.

since ashtama sani is on , i dont think that the case will be

over now. It all depends on what section you have filed the case

and how best it can stand in the court.

may mother bless all


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namaste ji,

Thank you very much guruji for showing the positive way and a moral support to stand against problematic things.

I always thought there should be some reasons behind everything which happens in anybody's life. People usually blame themselves or other's for the bad things happened to them. Elder's always used to teach that whatever is happening is due to your planets which are influenced with your past birth karams but these all things seems to be difficult to digest,but now you made me to digest these things as they stand reasons for their cause.

Because when you are in problem and if you would know why this problem happens to you and how this would be cured, it would be easy to fight with it. As you mentioned here that when the seed had been sown,why it had happened and when it would possibly get resolved,it has really given me an immense energy inside and I am really grateful to you as I was so tensed that I was just thinking why these all things were happening to me and could take any wrong step but since you have shown me the clear picture, I would definetely stand for anything to face.

Rest I would like to know, apart from the remedies suggested by you, Can astrology also reveals what critical problems are likely to come in near future. The purpose of asking this question is that If I knew that due to certain things divorce would likely to occur, I might took some precautionary measures for it. So, do you see any big problems I could face in near future due to anything and suggest any remedy for the same,just to avoid / less impact of the problems.

I would really appreciate if you also let me know for which planets I have to do remedies life long to lead a normal tensionfree life.

Is there a re-marriage in my chart exist ? if yes, when and what should I see in a girl's birth chart so that she would be compatible with me and my family as well as my wife was not willing to stay with my family at all since marriage. she wanted to live alone with me always and I cannot leave my mother and younger sister as my farther had expired long back and my elder brother (married) do not want to stay with us and left us on our destiny. So, now, I have to take their resposibility and live with them life long. Kindly suggest.

One more thing I have noticed in my life by now for which I require it’s reason and remedy is that whatever I do, I buy for the first time, it always got spoiled like if I buy a product, it’s defective but in second time much better than first one.

Hoping again to get a light of positiveness.

Thank you very much for you kind support.

Aum Gurubhy Namah

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My humble view:

Asc lord jupiter is in 6th retro and hemmed between mars and rahu (both retro) which is the general cause of problems. Significator of marriage venus and 7th lord merc are afflicted by saturn and ketu. Mer and Sat have adverse exchange of houses (7th and 12th) and the seprative influences of ketu are transferred from saturn (dispositor of ketu) onto Venus. Mars also aspects Merc and Venus and carries with it the malefic influence of Rahu. Matters are made worse due to the current transit of sat on natal mars, rahu and Jup.


Pacifying Sat, Mars and Rahu should help while strengthening lagna lord Jup should also help.




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Thanks sriram for your kind concern but since anxiety is always there to know for what things would happen to occur sometimes raise numerous questions in your mind for which if you know the answers and cure, could relax you to some extent, which already happened to me in my previous reply.


Still, I would request to come up with some more drilled views from my horoscope and suggest.


Thanks to everybody who spares their valuable time even an attempt to advise.

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Dear Veenuraj,


The key for stress-free life lies in yourself. All the available options to combat stress in this world is useless if you do not want to change. Why wait change happen, change now. Afterall, to an extent, stress is a state-of-mind.


You seem educated. That is good. One must remember even the stupidest person in the world can prosper if that is god's will and provided he or she works hard for it.


It is common people look down upon someone based on their charts.

This is a general view of mine. I think a good astrologer should try to help rather than blasting ruthlessly about a natives shortcomings.


May god bless you and all. Namaste.

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Dear Malhotraji,

For a person to achieve something he wish, has to spend his time wisely. If you divert it to influencing the opposite sex and romantic dreaming/experimenting,you loose valuable time and remain as a looser.Though I am not an expert astrologer,I feel it like that from your chart.Atleast now ,you think how you spend your time ,revise your priorities and work to acheive your goals.No lady leaves her husband if he is trustworthy and hardworking.

Jupitor in 6th is not bad but his association with Rahu is bad.Puja to Rahu or Sri Durga Mai controls this malefic effect.

Pray Sri Ganesh and Vishnu ,the coming Mercury MD from 9/2009 solves your problems including wife.

with best wishes,


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Thanks Sasisekaran and USR for your valuable time spent on me and suggesting remedies for the problems I am facing at the moment.


It's a great honour as for I believe in if somebody spend time in you that means he is giving a part of his life to you.


At the moment, I have been chanting two mantras since last four months regularly including the remedies listed below :-



Vishnu Sahastranam

Hanuman Beez Mantra



Giving water to Peepal tree, Tulsi and Banana tree daily excluding Sundays.

Pouring water on shivling daily (Placed shivling at the small holy place in my home).


I would definetely start chanting suggested mantras on daily basis if required but tell me if these can be chanted on a particular day instead of chanting the four mantras daily as it seems to be very difficult for me to devote so much time daily.

Is it give the same effect chanting a mantra on the same day or chanting the mantra on daily basis.


Best Regards,



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Hello Tushar


You just go through these remedies given by LAL KITAB


1. Abstain from liquor and non-veg.

2. Apply Kesar tilak everyday on your forehead and visit temple.

3. Wear a ring made of stainless steel.

4. Always act by taking advice of somebody before heading for new work.

5. Serve a black cow.

By the way did you marry at the age of 25?

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Namastey Monica ji,

Thank you very much for providing such great remedies.

For the same, please clear the following doubts:-

1. In which Hand / finger, ring has to be worn.

2. Only Black cow need to be feed as sometimes it becomes impossible to get only black colour cow.

I have married at the age of 27 i.e. in Nov 2007 and filed divorce case in Feb 2009.

Thanks for spending time on me.

Best Regards,


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Hi Tushar


You can wear it in any of the finger. Feed any cow but preferably a black one. Always be religious and abstain from non-veg and liquor.

and if possible, throw a new empty earthern pitcher in running water(holy river or canal)

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my name is Azad Chaturvedi. my DOB is 15th August 1982 time 22:30 om and place is JAUNPUR (UP).

since last few years my life has seen lots of ups and downs more downs n less ups. in 2005 i went to UK and had to return back as my younger brother got expired in August 2006. after returning i got married in November 2007. in May 2008 with my two friends i opened a college for the fashion,textile n interior designing.

but after two years of its launching the college is still not giving the desired return. all the income goes in the expense of the college. i am not earning a single rupee from it.

my wife supports me a lot and till now he was taking the care of the house hold expense but now she is pregnant. and i m too much worried as my income earning has not improved.

i am confused whether i should persist with my college or should look for some jobs and get my self financially sound. i am really worried for my future as still i haven't got a stable and life supporting career.

plz help me in this regard.and if possible plz tell me which planets are causing this financial instabilities and what remedies should i take.

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