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Please help me -

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Sorry for confusion. I am new member. I really need your help.


Web yogiji,


Birth date - 19/20 September 1966

Time - 00:20 AM

Place - Ahmedabad (India)


My questions are -


(1) When will I get a good Job ? Opportunities come but last moment some problem.


(2) When will I have my own property ?


(3) I will be successful in job or business ? if business, which kind of business ?


(4) Canada is better for me or India to settle down ?


Please please reply.


Thank you



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Hi Umesh,


I am a learner of the subject and hence, unable to give exact answers to your queries. But nevertheless I wish the following helps:)


1) Moon is debilitated in a dusthana- not good. Though it gets neechbhanga, but I think it still feels weak in a difficult house. You must worship lord Shiva on Mondays- read Shiv Chalisa, chant "Om Namoh Shivaya" as many times as possible.


2) Mars is a highly inauspicious planet for you, weakening moon further by sitting in Moon's house; conjoins Jupiter, lord of 10th house of job and career. Further saturn sitting in the 10H , though lord of 9H of fortune but afflicted by the joint lordship of 8th house as well. Both can be responsible for delays and disappointments. You must read Hanuman chalisa every day sply tuesday and saturdays. Do charities on tuesdays.


In both, the saving grace comes from aspect from exalted Jupiter. Read Vishnu Sahsranama on thursdays to further strengthen Jupiter for improving 10H significations and moon.


I am not an expert but since 4th Lord is exalted in own house, I would think that you must try to settle down near your birth place only.


I wish the learned members would correct me wherever necassary.


Kind regards and best

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Dear Umesh


You must choose Business ,rather than thinking of

going abroad ,your chart indicates working with an organisation

dealing with foriegn country.

You need to strenghten your planets ,your ahead is favourable

if you want to take full benefit of it .


best wishes


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hi umesh Ji


Please wear a Green Emerald, then you may see things changing.


you are passing through Venus maha dasha and jupiter anter dasha, this is a very nice period already started from this month 1st week 2-march-2009 and til 31-10-2011.


you will surely acquire lands and properties, you will get a lot of good name and fame in this period.

there will be lot of opportunity coming your way, please be patience. the good time has JUST began.




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Ok, I will wear Green Emerald. I am very much impressed, still I have lots of questions. Please somebody help me please.


Can I stay in Canada or go back to India ? and what is better for me Job or business ?

I donot have good relationship with my siblings and father. When it will improve ? Can I get any milkat from my dad ?

When I will have my own property ?


Is it true that , I am going through shani dasha also ? Why western astrology says it is for 2.5 years and vedic astrology indicate 7.5 years ?


Thanks and regards,



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