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  1. Hi, I read problems and remedies and very much impressed. Can somebody help me. I am also not getting steady job since two years. birth date - 19/20 Sept. 1966 Birth time - 12:20 AM Place - Ahmedabada. India Do I have Pitradosh ? or somebody did any black magic or what ? I am not getting success. Regards, Umesh
  2. Respected Webyogiji, I am not going to do business before December as you advise me. But I am not getting job either. I am looking for business e.g.Gas station, Motel, Gold Mine, Iron Plant Thank you, Umesh
  3. Hello amateur, As per you said here is my wife's details. Birth date - 7th april 1966 Birth place - Ahmedabad Birth time - 15:10 (3:10 PM) Thank you, Umesh
  4. Respected Webyogiji, There are so many things for business in my mind. but I like to do business which is good for me as per birth chart. Could you please advise me which type of business good for me ? So, I can imply after december. When vakri shani will move from my sign ? So that I can buy property without any lossses. Thank you, Umesh
  5. Thank you so much for your guidance. One more question left behind that can I go for business or search a job ? When will I have sufficient money ?
  6. Thank you for your reply. Please any senior can help me also.
  7. Hello All, Please somebody reply me. I really need some answers. Thanks
  8. Hi Guruji, Birth date - 19/20 September 1966 Time - 00:20 AM Place - Ahmedabad (India) I inspired to ask you one question by reading Haritha's thread. I am also struggling to get a job since almost two years. Opportunities came and dropped last moments. It is so frustrating now. When will I get a good job ? Some astrologers suggest me to do pitrudosh vidhi. Can you suggest me some remedies or mantra, please ? Regards, Umesh
  9. Web yogiji, Birth date - 19/20 September 1966 Time - 00:20 AM Place - Ahmedabad (India) My questions are - (1) When will I get a good Job ? Opportunities came but last moment some problem. (2) When will I have my own property ? (3) I will be successful in job or business ? if business, which kind of business ? (4) Canada is better for me or India to settle down ? (5) When my relationship with siblings and father will improve. Will I get any share from property "milkat" from my father Please please reply. Thank you Umesh
  10. Hello All, Please somebody give suggetions regarding my problems ? Thanks you, Umesh
  11. Hi, Ok, I will wear Green Emerald. I am very much impressed, still I have lots of questions. Please somebody help me please. Can I stay in Canada or go back to India ? and what is better for me Job or business ? I donot have good relationship with my siblings and father. When it will improve ? Can I get any milkat from my dad ? When I will have my own property ? Is it true that , I am going through shani dasha also ? Why western astrology says it is for 2.5 years and vedic astrology indicate 7.5 years ? Thanks and regards, Umesh
  12. Hi, Thank you very much for your reply. But I am in Canada and my question is can I go back india or stay here ? What can I do to strenghthen my planets (remedies) ? and when will favourable period will start ? Please tell me. Thank you, Umesh
  13. Hi, Thank you very much for your guidance. Anybody else also please advise into it. Umesh
  14. Hello All, Please somebody help me please please
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