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  1. Dear Friend, Actualy, by listening to such astrologers, the person will die with tension only, no need the prediction to come true. Yaar think practicaly, if that astro was so accurate, would he be sitting there haan? Please dont think something which never gonna happen. Lets use the brain by thinking or talking about ideas, future plans, how to make money, which act will make our family happy. there are so many things to do, lets spend our time on these good things.. Take care Riaz
  2. Dear Friend, Please remember this: Ruby and red coral goes to ring finger Yellowsapphire goes to index finger diamond, catseye, Gomed(hesonite) and blues sapphire - middle finger Emerald and pearl goes to small finger. Thanks Riaz
  3. Dear Srini bro, You should wear Ruby and Pearl through out life. Gemstone weight : 3 karrats. Ruby sunday sunrise, right hand ring finger. Moti monday sunrise, right hand small finger. Thanks Riaz
  4. Bro Bro, Are you wearing something else along with emarald ? are you still wearing Ruby and redcoral? combination of these two or three gems will create unwanted problems. just wear Diamond and Emerald, the stone shouldnt have any crack mark or web or red inclusions. Please dont wear Emerald with Ruby or emerald with red coral. combination can be disaster. Diamond and Emerald only for you friend. Take care Riaz
  5. Hey please you dont have to be sorry, and for what reason? you can ask 100 question if you want to, but ultimately you will confuse yourself more. thats what i meant.. you may please take seniors views. take care
  6. you were confused and thats why you have started this thread again. if you want you can wear, if you dont want you dont wear it. If any person pay money and get prediction or remedies, those paid remedies will be more true and powerful than the free responses, because they have paid money.
  7. Dear Srini Bro, I can realy feel and understand how the work pressure are like. I am working abroad, my mummy is still hunting for girl, if my marriage settles before november then we shall defenetly meet up and will do cheers . Have a nice day brother Riaz
  8. Mars md, is not a good period. Thanks Riaz
  9. Dear Sandhu Ji, Realy makes lot of sense and so true. Great examples Thanks Have a nice day
  10. Dear Srini bro, 7th house is related to partnership buisness. 11th house is the main house which shows Income through buisness. many rich and good buisness man have active 11th house and strong jupiter. your buisness is related to your moon, and if you are doing your buisness in partnership no probs, as the 7th lord sat is very well placed in the 2nd and exalted and friend of moon, but in the enemy house. no much effects. as the venus the lord of 11th is also very well placed. I think you have a good eye to judge by yourself srini bro. I just gave my views. Thanks Riaz
  11. Dear Srini Brother Whats happening. You are right, Sun is in exchange and very well placed. In regards to buisness, 11th lord Venus is very well placed and placed in the 10th from your moon. (very important for buisness- Labha , and good in placement) And jupiter aspecting the 10th from your ascendant which is also very good. Moon in the house of wealth 2nd house. moon is a watery planet, deals with water or anything related to sea world. Moon is very well placed in the friend house also. if you do your buisness in partnership also no problems. You may please start this buisness. Even my friends here from ananthpur, even they are planing to start water buisness, (water tanks) something like that. i think in AP water buisness is realy good. I think, your chart is realy good for buisness. Thanks Have a nice day
  12. Dear RishiVatsyan Ji What ever your solution is, but i realy respect your wholehearted endless help for people. Have a Great Day Sir Riaz
  13. Boss, So many seniors replied you, still you arent satisfied.. again and again you are posting the same thing... And Dhruva is a good Palmist, you can show your palm to him. USR Ji told that he will reply you with the remedies right... Please follow that, i hope things will be fine. Do the Kaal Sarpa remedies also Thanks Riaz
  14. Dear Friend, Lets seniors predict in regards to future prospects.. Moon and Saturn in the 7th house, this will make > attraction or physical relationship with in the family member(opposite sex). If the moon is very weak, then the person is attracted to the same sex (gender). Thanks Riaz
  15. Brother, This is not True that after wearing ridraksha bad habits will go by itself.. but the person who wears rudraksha needs to follow a very clean life. or else Rudraksha will give negative effects.. the negative effects of rudraksha is more than gemstones. Usualy rudraksha has no bad effects like gemstones and always give positive effects of planets, but if you wear rudraksha while drinking, eating non veg or sex, then it will start giving negative effects. this will create water in the bones, i have practically seen two of my friends.. suffered with same very same problem. Thanks Riaz
  16. Bro, Go to Temple and do Navgrah pooja, and also you can do at home. But will be more good if you go to Temple and do Navgraha Pooja. Take care My friend Riaz
  17. Its better not to wear Rudraksha, because we will do some or the other mistakes, or drink or might eat non veg food. Rudraksha wearing, one need to follow many things. twice you have to take bath, you shouldnt have sex while wearing rudraksha, and sometimes we may think or use bad words. and many more things brother.. Its better you wear only Yellowsapphire. Thanks Riaz
  18. Brother, even i am from hyd, you go to Lipakshi in Minarva Complex, beside swapna lok complex.. its a State GOVT items, and all the things will be original there especially Rudrakshas.. Dont buy Rudraksha from jewellery bazar MG Road, they will surely cheat you. Remember Lipakshi Minarva Complex Take care. Riaz
  19. Dear Bro, One more thing i would like to tell you, you have many great yogas in your chart.. not to worry about anything in regards to Wealth and Fame... it will surely come to you.. just wait for some more time and see.. You have a good chart Thanks Nice day
  20. previously you got response in regards to father..... jupiter and saturn are placed in the 10th house not 9th house.. so father relation are shown by the SUn and 9th house not the 10th house take care
  21. Yes you should wear only pukhraj and nothing else.. will give you financial succes and Fame. there will be no harm if your wear pukhraj are you wearing anything else, in the neck or any tabiz? thanks Have a nice day
  22. Dear Friend, 9th house shows father and the SUN.. 10th house dont tell about father. In regards to your gemstone query.. You should not wear Green Tourmaline.. You have very good yogas in your chart, many dhana and raj yoga. exchange of 10 and 3rd. Including Vasumati yoga. Please do not wear any gemstone.. please do not get attracted to any women with in the family, respect them. Venus and sun are together in the same house, it is malefic Yoga, there will be some or the other tension in the married life. Tourmaline will create problems. Thanks Have a nice day
  23. Dear Friend, is it Orrisa kanpur or UP kanpur? Thanks Riaz
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