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More than one spouse,Second Marriage,Divorce

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Dear Sasikaran Ji,


I would really appreciate if you could throw some light on the relationships specially about Marriage life of the person . If the person has the following in the Birth Chart


DOB 19th May, 1979 and time of Birth 13:34 New Delhi (horoscope Attached)

Married to 14 Sep 1982 and time of Birth 17:30 New Delhi


Boys Horoscope

House no 1 : SAT and Rahu ( Leo Lagna)

House No 7 Moon Ketu (aquarius sign)

House No 9: Ven Mercury and Mars


Girls Horoscope:

House No 1 : Aquarius Lagna

House No 7 : Ven and Sun ( Leo Sign)


Thanks and Regards

Abhinav Gaind- Horoscope.PDF

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Hello Sasisekaran ji,


I am born on 2nd Dec 1975 , at 12.55PM (14° 28' 0" N / 78° 49' 0" E ). I got married on 27th April 2008. Ever since we got married me and my spouse have had the arguments, fights almost every day. For the first 6months we have long distance relationship ( in USA , we both were working in different cities) and later I went back to India because I was physically abused and my spouse felt no responsibility in the relationship.


I quit my job in 2009,June to join my spouse, couldn't do join because of the differences regarding the financial terms. After elders intervention and lots of discussion I joined my spouse in June 2010 ( by putting down the big job offers in India).Ever since we were together we hardly had any peace. I was brutally beaten up and then my spouse makes it with emotional meltdown stuff. I couldn't take it any further I have to give up, I left the house with very little money to go to my friends house . Right now staying at my friends house in New York, as I am stuck with no money don't know where to go . I am unable to get back to my homeland as I don't have any savings to support myself.

Right now I am searching for a direction and for a job in India and in USA.

1).I need help ,when would I get my job and where do I need to put my energies

2). I know my spouse is mentally disturbed and very kind at heart , but I cant take the shame any more, I need help to take the decision on my marriage

(My spouse birth details 6th Nov 1979 , 8.30AM , Chennai, India).


Help on the astrological front is highly appreciated


Thank You so much!!


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