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  1. Dear Sasikaran Ji, I would really appreciate if you could throw some light on the relationships specially about Marriage life of the person . If the person has the following in the Birth Chart DOB 19th May, 1979 and time of Birth 13:34 New Delhi (horoscope Attached) Married to 14 Sep 1982 and time of Birth 17:30 New Delhi Boys Horoscope House no 1 : SAT and Rahu ( Leo Lagna) House No 7 Moon Ketu (aquarius sign) House No 9: Ven Mercury and Mars Girls Horoscope: House No 1 : Aquarius Lagna House No 7 : Ven and Sun ( Leo Sign) Thanks and Regards Abhinav Gaind- Horoscope.PDF
  2. Also which are the favorable planets in the horoscope...?
  3. Dear Dhruv, Thank you for your time and reply. Shaani is vargottam in the navansh still will it give bad results ? what results should i expect in the shaani Dasha ? Moon is outside the axis, but does that make it ankshik Kaalsarpyog ? Also moon is just outside by a few degrees, will the horoscope still have similar effects as it is only one planet and a planet that moves really fast. Thanks and Regards Abhinav Gaind Rome, Italy
  4. Hi, I am Abhinav Gaind and mY DOB is 19th May 1979 , 13:34 New Delhi. I have consulted over 200 astrologers during the past 7-8 years and taken a short astrology course - basics only. Yet am unable to comprehend my horoscope. I have till date come across probably 2 good clarovaints as most of the astrologers tell me things in opposite direction such as either saturn is really good or saturn is really bad ( due to the fact it is in 1st house but in Rashi of Leo(5), being a vargottam. Whether the horoscope has Kaalsarpyog or not ? etc etc 1st House : Saturn and Rahu 2nd House: 3rd House: 4th House: 5th House; 6h House: 7th House: Moon Ketu 8th House: 9th House : Mercury, Venus and Mars 10th house : Sun 11th House: 12th House Jupiter Any Further querries can be directed to Abhinav_gaind@hotmail.com Looking forward for your responses and replies. Abhinav Gaind- Horoscope.PDF
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