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More than one spouse,Second Marriage,Divorce

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Om gurubhyo namah




dear coolgimmy,


i write below what i have understood.


aruda lagna shows how one is looked at. al in navamsa shows the perceived dharmic content of the person to the world. eighth speaks about the longevity of that person's dharmic outlook to the world. it speaks about the change also since is shows transformation. It can show the fall in

the dharmic status of the person. it can used for timing the fall of dharma.


third to ul, speaks about the efforts, initiative and drive one takes to maintain the ul.


all these can be understood better with a known case study.


may mother bless all





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Namaste Shashikaranji,


I read some rules by Shri.P.V.Rao in this site about Navamsha and about AL and UL. There he mentioned about UL and 3rdhouse from UL as longevity of UL. As explained by you above AL is how the world judges u dharmically, but I didnt get the meaning of UL in Navamsha. Is it how the world persceives ones spouse dharmically? 3rd from UL is for efforts put by UL(spouse)to mantain relation or AL to mantain the relation? ? We can analyse this things from the charts mentioned on this thread if that could be convenient to you.





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Om gurubhyo namah




dear coolgimmy,


generally aruda lagna is seen as some thing 'mounted on' which enables

others to see it. it is also given the meaning of perception.


but the confusion occurs, when such AL is used for timing death. many

times what is seen outside is true inside too. this always confuses me.


ul shows the marriage as such. like all other bhavas are analysed, ul is

also analysed. planets placed in second or seventh to ul can break or

bring in disappointments in relationships. this is applied both in rasi and

navamsa. navamsa is given importance since it is considered as

dharmamsa also. likewise third from ul shows the efforts. third house

is the secondary house of longevity since it is eighth to eight.


analysing these principles in the charts given in this thread is not possible

since we do not have the nativities of the charts themselves.

any such attempt will be futile.


may mother bless all





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Om gurubhyo namah




dear sharmg


pl let us not assume that every one has learnt everything at one single go.

it is not possible. subjects like astrology which deals with human mind,

behaviour are tough nut to crack. unwinding the knot of the almighty

is not all that easy though many may claim to have mastered the subject.

many of us are in the learing process. just like doctors learn through

anatomy, we practitioners of astrology have to analyse charts of many.


thanks for your info. i will place what little i have understood.


seventh house, its lord , venus , thithi, upapada lagna and a few are atleast

to be analysed to understand the quality of married life or relationships.


seventh lord jupiter is your bhadaka for your kanya lagna. can a planet

responsible for relationships (seventh house ) become a trouble giver ?

moreover it is neecha sitting in the house of thithi ( fifth house is house

of thithi under panchanga principle). many will consider a bhadaka, becoming

weak better. for such a condition , the bhadaka should be placed in 12th and

certainly not in the house of thithi. thithi shows relationships.


look ! in what thithi you were born.. it is trayodasi. jupiter is its lord.

the thithi lord placed in thithi house ( fifth ) is good but it is bhadaka.

moreover jupiter is placed along with mandhi .. at 8 deg 46 min .. very

close to jupiter which is 8 deg 51 min..


jupiter has been passed over by rahu.. in other words rahu has put its

prints over jupiter.


those things are for the seventh house. the seventh house is aspected

by saturn ( sixth lord , a malefic ) and sun, the twelfth lord.


venus is placed in its own house. but the seventh house is sixth from it.


the atma karaka mercury and the dara karaka moon are placed in 2/12.


can you please provide the date of marriage, its progress and the timing of

its break ?


may mother bless all





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Namaste Shashikaranji,


I also do not understand why AL is used for timing death when during death the body is destroyed and not the soul. In shoola dasha analysis also AL is considered as a reference for troubles. But the threads of this site pertaining to divorce or separation I have seen some things to some extent common and that is:

1.Mars aspecting 7th or 8th house rashi.

2.AL/UL in 2/12 relation in rashi

3. Atmakaraka and Darakaraka are bitter enemies or in 2/12 relations in Navamsha.


I have here one of my colleagues chart and who is having relationship troubles. Her DOB is 16,OCT 1,1983, 13.00PM, Vadodara. If the Navamsha is seen, then one of the above rules applies here as well the seventh lord is affllicted in Navamsha. Even the 2nd and 7th from UL has maleific aspects.


I strongly feel she is going to marry a colleague at work place. Could u please analyse and give your analysis on the overall picture of her married life. She is not married as yet.





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Om gurubhyo namah




dear coolgimmy,


what i meant about AL is about the 'perception' part of it. many times

the perception is true.


arudha is sareera. the karaka for al is moon. moon is prana. saturn blocks

prana. that is why AL is used in timing health problems including death.


in an earlier message you asked about eighth from AL and third from ul.

is it based on the colleague's chart that you recently posted in the last

message ?


mars placed in the seventh to ul in rasi and rahu/mars associating with

venus in navamsa are some negatives of this chart. if the birth time is

increased by 2 min 11 secs , the saptamsa lagna moves to gemini. it

shows little trouble in the area of children. ketu becomes placed in the

fifth and the fifth lord moving to sixth along with sixth lord mars showing

abortions. pl do not frighten the lady.


al/ul placement in 2/12 shows the rejection of one by the other but

it need not be the only factor for divorce. ofcourse you know this.


sixth lord's association with seventh/lord can also show marriage related



let us see what shri.sharmg has to say about his marriage, who has

posted his details in this thread.


may mother bless all





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Namaste Shashikaranji,


This colleague of mine is very friendly with me and is not married yet. She is more interested in love marriage rather than an arranged one but faced problems twice. Her main concern is about getting married. In one of the post in a different website, I found that if UL and its lord are in 6/8relation in a chart than the interested person would not be able to marry of his/her choice even if he likes the person for some or the other reason.





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Namaste Shashikaranji,


Do we see the placement of A7 and UL in rashi chart or navamsha chart? In Mr.Sharma's chart if one looks at the Navamsha there are some defects in addition to the rashi factors that you outlined.


In rashi the Mars in 8th house can also be one of the factor, but in Navamsha the reasons cud be:


1.Mars and Rahu aspecting 2nd from UL. Rahu in 1/7axis in Navamsha.


2. The second house from UL is A6. I managed to read from one article of Shri. P.V.Rao on Navamsha where in he mentioned that if A6 or 3rd,5th or 9th from A6 are in 2nd,7th and 11th from UL one has to be careful regarding the relations.

3. AL and Venus(significator of spouse) having 6/8relationship in Navamsha.


4. UL in the same house with A6 in the rashi chart.


Please send your comments on the above, but whatever leads to divorce cases is a combined effect of rashi and navamsha charts and if one is good and other is bad then the result is a mixed effect, but the couples still carry on.





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Urgent matter of life and death

Dear Sir,

Pl give me an advice on following data,

NAME:Vijay Singh Tanwar

TIME OF BIRTH : 10:52pm

DATE OF BIRTH : 14 Jan 1983


SEX : Male

Your current status : single

Educational background:BA final Year

Major events ( Good and Bad ) of your life which you remember Dear Sir, I am very tense about my life. I am 25 year old and still stuck on BA final year.I work so hard then also come last in my class.I have always been a loser in my life.But my father's business is going satisfactory.Could you please tell me what should I do after BA job or some kind of business.My father is worried about my marriage but before that I want to become successful,Is it possible?Could you please tell me what my career will be in future.Would I always be loser in my life or I would get rich in future?

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Hi dear all,

pls suggest me about my marrige


my birthdate is-7th january 1982

place-udaipur rajasthan



my lagna/asecndent is kanya

shani-mangal is in lagna

budh-shuktra® is in makar(5th house)

surya-ketu are in 4th house

guru in 2nd house

moon in ninth house

rahu is in 10th house


i guess there will be divorce at all.however m unmarried rite now

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Vijeet Dhupia,


If you can change your attitude , certainly the marriage will prevail.

Saturn and Mars sitting together in Lagna and the nodes Rahu/ketu in kendra to the seventh house are causing problems related to your intelligence. Moreover , Saturn is the ruler of your soul. Its placement in Lagna is totally unwelcome. Mars / Saturn combination is a dreaded one. If at all the marriage breaks, it could be because of you. Pl do not view my writing as bad, but I would like to forewarn you. By the way, why are you thinking about divorce ? How long have you been married ?

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Dear sasikiran ji

Dear sasikiran ji

sorry i hav entered my wrong birth year in earlier quote.


i am born on 09-09-1977 at 6 AM in Vizag and my husband on 14-11-1975 at 7:25 PM in Machilipatnam , presently we r facing problems in marriage life. when wil these problmes will be cleared?can u suggest some remedies



<!-- / message -->

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Hi everyone,

i born in kanya lagna

saturn-mars in lagna.

surya-ketu in 4th house

venus-mercury in 5th house.

moon in ninth

rahu in tenth

jupiter in 2nd


i suffered from black magic since last 7 years.so my body has beccome weak.pls suggest me how can i improve my health.

current mahadasha is rahu.

but rahu is exalted in my kundali then why i suffer this type of problems.

all of ur answers will be appreciated,pls help me,thnx in advance.

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hello all

my friend Dob :10 aug 1975 tob : 7:35 am pob : jaipur (raj)

she has been divorced and got married again and now is separated from her husband since last 2.5 yrs

please tell will she be able to lead a happy life.

will she become self dependent or her family will support her.


her first marrige was in april 2001 and second in feb 2005.

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Dear Learned members. pls help my friend. His details are as below -


Friend's details - DOB-16/06/1980, TOB - 02.37 PM, POB- Miraj (Latitude: 16° 49' 60 N, Longitude: 74° 37' 60 E).


His wife's details are - 09/08/1986 , 7.20 PM, Ahmdbad, Gujarat(23.02N, 72.37E)


His marriage happened on 23rdmarch 2008, but has failed miserably, wife no longer staying with him now for the past 4 months, my friend & his parents are living in fear, as his wife & her parents may falsely employ the existing draconian marital laws which are biased to great extent in the favour of women.......


kindly let us know what lies in future for them-


1. Is there a break-up in their husband-wife relationship.......?


2. Does my friend have a second marriage yoga........?


3. My friend's advocate has suggested him to file for a divorce petition by 15th November, how long will the case go......according to astro-analysis........?


4. What advise you would give to my friend to file for divorce or NO....?


5. How long u foresee this problem in my friends life.......he & his parents are becoming more worried day by day & fear for a false legal action, which is prominent these days.....since laws r biased towards women.....when he will be free out of this problem of this relation.......??


6. what special prayers/ kriyas, you would advise my friend.....to come out of this relation safely without any shelling out of money.?


Group, kindly help me by analysing on my friends astro-details & giving your valuable guidance, i cant see his declining health & m worried for his future, also his parents r under tension........hence guide plese...



Please reply point-wise........on tamade123@gmail.com

awaiting ur guidance....

high regards,

thank U





thank U

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