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  1. hey astroseeker, i accept that marrige will be prevailed but will it fruitfull or not pls reply,n if there is no chance of fruitfulness then what are the measures/remedies to get happy married life on the basis of my platenary condition.Many Thnx !!
  2. dear sesikaran ji, Pranam. I born in kanya lagna. saturn/mars in lagna jupiter in 2nd sun-ketu in 4th venus-mercury in 5th moon in 9th rahu in 10th. my navamansh lagna is also kanya.and lagna-lord mercury is in 7th house(i.e. in min rashi). i suffered from severe weakness since last 7 yrs. so i want to know about my marrige life will it be successfull? Pls reply.Thanx in advance.
  3. hey astroseeker, becoz i m suffered from weakness.how can i get rid from it according to my planets?pls reply,thnx in advance
  4. Hi everyone, i born in kanya lagna saturn-mars in lagna. surya-ketu in 4th house venus-mercury in 5th house. moon in ninth rahu in tenth jupiter in 2nd i suffered from black magic since last 7 years.so my body has beccome weak.pls suggest me how can i improve my health. current mahadasha is rahu. but rahu is exalted in my kundali then why i suffer this type of problems. all of ur answers will be appreciated,pls help me,thnx in advance.
  5. hi astroseeker, thnx for reply.bcoz my body is extremely weak,it shivers.Is my marrige will fruitful.
  6. Hi dear all, pls suggest me about my marrige my birthdate is-7th january 1982 place-udaipur rajasthan time-1:10 my lagna/asecndent is kanya shani-mangal is in lagna budh-shuktra® is in makar(5th house) surya-ketu are in 4th house guru in 2nd house moon in ninth house rahu is in 10th house i guess there will be divorce at all.however m unmarried rite now Thanks in advance.
  7. hello all, I saw in several kundaliies ,if navmansh lord is in enemies house of navmansh lord or if its in 6-8-12 house of navmansh kundali,the marrige will not be fruitful.Am Icorrect or other things are laso important to watch over this matter?
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