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Bandster Hell on the horizon

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Um, I think I'm starting to get the idea of what " Bandster Hell " is

going to be.

I started full liquids today and hoped that I'd feel full fairly

quickly as I did at the beginning with just water. But, so far,

nope. :o( I've not eaten much and haven't been hungry but still...

For lunch, I had a cup of homemade veggie soup with little goodies

and lots of broth, blended to a creamy texture. It was a full 8

ounces and it went down without a hitch. Since I hadn't had any

protein to speak of yet today, after lunch, I mixed up a protein

drink using 16 ounces of water. So far, I've gotten about 12 ounces

of it down and still haven't experienced a lasting full feeling.

True, it's all still mostly liquid and it's been over an hour since I

started eating lunch, but still, it doesn't seem right that I should

be able to consume this much. :o(

Oh well...the good thing is that I'm being able to conform to a more

normal meal standard now. Rather than " eating " (sipping on things)

all day, I'm going hours between meals. That Taco Bell taco still

has my phone number and keep calling me tho'. ;o)

in AR

DOB 1/28/08


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