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Urgent help needed!!its a matter of life and death!!

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hI EMPEROR I am Rashi from US ,Hope u doing fine ...Just a quick question u have posted some sequence of 6 mantras on other thread...an

1) u mentioned some number b4 six mantras (as 08-ShivaThandavaStotram) does that mean that they r to b recited 8 times

2)additionaly i have a strong devotional back ground and have had some up and downs in life which every one faces in life .....can i also chant this series i have tried once today..i just want things should set at right place in life and certainly no bad for anyone.

3)These mantras get u relief from any problem and how they make u powerful??

4) Can u mail me the 6 files though i have searched on net but some of them i m unable to download (wrks only online as devi kavach and shiv tandav storam)

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Hello Ronin,Thanks for your concern.. i cant reply to private message as i havent posted enough ....but can add u on .....i can talk there if you are comfortable...send me yr id on private window i can add if u ok with it..(i am assuming u understand the time diff. i m online at new york time and may b till 12 mid night).also let me know yr online timings (IST)

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Hi Appolonius


I read through the whole thread (yes all 9 pages) because I sympathize with your condition even though I am not able to help you in any way.


I have had experiences with bhoots myself and I used to be haunted by them (I do not know how strong they were) but I was successful in removing them (I have my own way which I do not wish to tell in public). A lot of good people have helped you and I am glad to hear that your condition is improving :)


Even though your condition is improving, it should have been completely gone by now. I was particularly amazed when you said that the voices stopped for 2 days but then continued again. If you were successful in subduing the demons for 2 days then you should have been completely rid of them by now. Did you by any chance stop doing the mantras that you were doing?? Because that is the only way that I know that the attacks would continue again.


Let me tell you a few things from my own experience. Ghosts and spirits tell lies 99% of the time. So if they say that the demon has special boons from Lord Shiva, most probably it is NOT true. They do that just in order to make you weak in mind -- to decrease your confidence in yourself so that you will not be able to fight back. I personally think that if a demon had such a boon, then he would not waste time haunting people and would be off to bigger things where he could gain more.


A lot of people have given you a lot of good advice but my suggestion would be to stick with just one thing that works for you and not try to do everything that everyone suggests. Think of it in this way. Gods are similar to human beings in the respect that they have their own rules and their own personalities. If you are in trouble and go to 10 people to ask for help, chances are that all the 10 people would be displeased with you because you wouldn't be following any one of their advices correctly. But on the other hand if you go to just one person for help and follow his/her advice very carefully then that person will be pleased with you and will help you to the fullest. So I think it is the same with Gods also.


And lastly I think that it is hilarious that any ghost/spirit/demon whatever is stronger than Lord Shiva, Kaali mata, Hanuman ji etc. All of the Gods have unimaginable power and it is really laughable that any demon would think itself to be more powerful than the Gods. If the demons were that powerful, they would have killed you already. But you are still alive. This means that they CANNOT kill you unless you yourself do it. Always remember this fact.


Do tell me if you stopped doing the mantras, or did them carelessly when you got relief because that seems the only logical explanation why the attacks started again after it stopped.



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Simple things for protection for those suffering from black magic and evil possession..

Perform Pratyangara Devi Homa, Sudarshana Homa, andd/or Sarabeshwara Homa. All 3 of these destroy evil from within and black magic effects.

Find a REPUTABLE Nadi reader who is NOT a fake and perform all the remedies.

In the meantime, chant the Sarabewara Mantra

Om Kem Kam Phat

Pranakrahasi Pranakrahasi

Hoom Phat

Shatru Samharanaya

Sharaba Saluvaya


Hoom Phat Swaha


Find the Maha Sudarshanaya mantra that is long, as well as the Pratyangara power mantras. These are the most HIGHLY protective mantras I have found to destroy many kinds of negativity and create protection when most mantras and prayers do not protect from evil magic specifically.


Also, immerse yourself in salt baths/buckets daily..chant the Gayatri mantra while immersed in the water...when you rinse it, imagine all your problems going down the drain. This will prolong your life and keep the evil from killing you, if you are in a serious case.


Keep a white candle always burning near you at home. Beware of fire.


If these mantras, remedies, and things people wrote do not solve all your evil your problems, then you need the help of a healer to go to the spirit world and undo what was done.


Evil possession is NOT the same as black magic. Evil possession is what comes when black magic has been going on for a long time and the mind has weakened, or when it has been intentionally sent.


See Black Magic Rescue for more information.

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I was really waiting to hear from you. It's really hard to find the person who has done the black magic on you. For example: Lets say if somebody did black magic on a broom and left it in middle of the road and accidently you crossed over it.. how can you go look for that person. Sometimes it might not be intentionally done on you. Have you contacted an expert who can actually remove black magic. I am sure you can find people in your own town. It's good that you're doing the prayers and its helping you..but for complete cure you have to find a baba who can help you. May be I don't completely understand your problem...but I have been to Mehindipur Balaji and seen several cases treated in the temple. Do you have family members at home? Any other temple ..you can talk to the pandit ji and see if he can refer you to someone. You have been suffering for long now. You have to take a step ahead.. How long can you continue living like that. You have to find an expert to remove the black magic.


Please do not waste your time or energy in trying to figure out WHO did it. For all you know, this could be coming from an ancestor curse. It may be coming from your brother's wife...it just does not matter. This is happening to you as a result of your krama. Therefore, your main focus should be to try to alleviate your karma in as many ways as possible.

This is done as you know best through mantras...I suggest aloud chanting for these issues, since the sound vibration can distract the mind from being overtaken with negative thoughts.


Please do not think of who did it..it is not important. The only reason it may be important to know is so that you may cut them out of your life. But most people are concerned with knowing so that they can hold revengeful thoughts.


Your suggestion to ask them to stop the magic is a TERRIBLE IDEA. Anyone who is practicing evil magic is most likely already possessed by evil, or they would not think of doing such things to begin with. If they find out that you know of it, and are trying to heal it, most likely they will lash out at you WORSE and you will suffer more than you are now. DO NOT CONFRONT WHO DID It. Please, for yoru safetly..listen to me.

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One last advice before I go,


Like someone said earlier, do what works best. What works better in mantras for one person, may not work for another.


With that said, I strongly suggest you stick to mantras that contain the words something similar to DESTROY negativity...or ELIMINATE SPELLS AND MAGIC AND EVIL.


Mantras without these words, will not have a good effect on you, ior will have no effect, if you are suffering evil magic. It will only in fact, give the evil more power. If you are possessed, the energies are already feeding off you..so when you recite, first they get pissed, then they suck the good energy out of you that you recite with which in turn actually gives them more power. How awful a state it is.


This is not to say you should stop chanting..you should not. But find those mantras that are the most destructive forces and contain words like destroying evil spells and negative influences. The destructive Gods and Goddesses have the power to eliminate such demons. The Sarabeshwara mantra from above is very powerful and is said to be a nuclear warhead to destroy negativity.


Again, if you are not fortunate to find mantras or slokas that work, then you could go chanting on for years and years and STILL not be cured. DO NOT DO IT...for the longer it goes on, the worse and more close to death you get.


If that happens, you absolutely need someone who is able to travel to the astral realm, and protect you and undo what was done. They MUST be skilled in demonology and they MUST be skilled in magic....BEWARE..there are many magicians/tantricks who will hurt you further...you have to find a WHITE magician, who does ONLY good magic. If they have any place in dark arts, then RUN THE OTHER WAY. I have heard there are even many tantrics who claim to help, but suck all your money instead. So you must be very cautious of WHO you go to for help. But not TOO cautions..because the evil WILL keep you away from those people who can actually help you. If you get seriously attacked after coming into contact with a potential healer, then chances are THAT PERSON IS GOOD FOR YOU. When you are under the influence of evil, the evil will attack you when something good comes near.


Blessings to all of you...

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Someone told me about the powers of Pratyangira Devi

Sarathanugrah: Maa Pratyangira Devi


and Pratyangira

Tantra and Tantric Deities: Pratyangira


But seems there is some strict protocols to be followed, may be some experts can shed more light.


Dont try any antipsychotics on your own, if you are taking them only take them upon prescription by a doctor.

A combination therapy of devotion, sadhana and psychiatry will definitely help.

Thinking to end your life is like submitting yourself to these Daemons, imagine if they can put your body and mind to this stress, how much they can do to your soul if you submit to them.


Fight it out! you will win.

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I am not sure of the exact problems you are having, but make sure you believe that there is always a solution and your freedom will be yours.

Some steps to overcome this are:

1. Try to use a mirror pointed towards each other, kept at either side just behind the door of your house. The scientific or spiritual reason behind this is when the spirit sees one of the mirror it, must be forced to see its beck side which will make it realise from where it came and will return to the creator itself leaving behind all the intentions and desires. And if the spirit is very bad, it will be afraid of its own past. Some godly people have good past, and that is why we can see white lights around them from their back head and spine.

2. Faith is always powerful, it does help you. Pray early in the morning.

3. Take more Ghee and wake up early in the morning (3 to 6 is very important).

4. Meditate by feeling the heart beat pulse through out your body. By conciously practising this all the bodily diseases induced by the spirits can be cured. And once the body is clean, the whole spiritual system can be cleansed. And also watch your breadth, make sure it is always calm and under control immaterial of the situation. the imbalance in breadth is the most vulnerable point.

4. Keep salt around the place where you sleep. A small cup with salt and few pieces of thermocoal in it will work and also a lot of copper turnings, that are used for the transformers. The reason is that all the spirits are basically, a combination of sound, electric and magentic potential. This salt is a very good conductor of electricity, the copper wires absorb magnetic field and convert to electric equivalents and transmit it to the ground, thermocoal has air bubbles inside which acts like double walls or a very good insulator. Totally, this will ground all the negative vibrations of the spirits. Cover the cup finally with plastic sheet, as the air may get contaminated and can cause dryness to skin. place as many number of cups as you wish around the place where you sleep.

5. Finally but the most important thing, be positive and the main aim of you should be "PEACE" and not revenge against the spirits or the person who used it against you. Because, if there is no desire, PEACE happens automatically and the spirits exit just because they have do not have peace. Pray for the spirits, so that they rest peacefully permanently. As long as we get angry on anything, it actually gets registered in our subconcious mind deeply and you unconciously emphasize (really calling them) that the spirits exists and they are aginst you and it is those things that actually strenghtens them. Only if PEACE is the final goal, all good things happen.

Remember, One cannot keep the sword back safely without getting hurt themselves, once it is used.

Let there be PEACE.

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I am having a similar problem. I am possessed by a spirit in my body that constantly speaks in my head all day and night tormenting me with insults and infuriating me making me want to kill myself as well. It has also made me unable to have sex and is doing a lot more things as well. It might be kshudhram or some other possession. I am sure that it is a supernatural force. Have you tried turning to Jesus and trying to get an exorcism? I plan to try this if the problem continues for too long.

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If by God grace your problem is solved, than ok, but if not belive me, you just visit BABA MOHAN RAM TEMPLE, near gurgaon, in harayana. you can search on net regarding Kali Kholi wale Baba or BABA MOHAN RAM. he is the god and all these supernatural powers are under him. if he bless you believe me my friend you will be re leaved from your problem in minutes.

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Guest Gurumurthy


Aum, svasti na indro vriddha-shravaah, svasti nah poosha vishva-vedaah, svasti nastaarkshyo aristha-nemih, svasti no brihaspatir-dadhaatu


Say this mantra 4 times and do this for 7 or 9 or 11 times a day. Is will destroy the spiritis.


Hello sir, I am Gurumurthy from India. We have been experiencing black Magic for the past 30 Years. My mom is a person of dharma, she always does pooja, visits temples but she has a had a horrible life. She visited many astrologers(close to 200), they have all said that severe black magic has been done to her by her own blood. My mother is not with husband(my father), we have always struggled to come up in life, there are obstacles for us everywhere. My elder brother got killed due to wrong medicine administered by doctor. I have felt suicidal tendencies since I was in 5th grade but I somehow overcame that. We strongly believe that we have god's protection but the black magic is still there. We often see things at our house. We want to get rid of it. I am not able to have upanyanam (now am 22). It seems doing upanyanam for me will get rid of all evil spirits away from me. What can I do sir?? Please guide me. We are trying to get rid of black magic through dharma. It seems the person who did black magic is a very powerful person and also that the evil spirit has grown in power since it has been in my house for many years. Some suggest us to shift our house and do protection and sell the old house. What can I do sir? Please advice...

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