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    so now we can post in forums?
  2. Thank you jndas for making available this forum for so many years... It is the best on vaishnava,sanatan dharma ... that you can find on the net...I will miss it ....and i will miss so many of you ... who are a part of my internet family... by the way i am the same as '---' love always ---
  3. your grandfather is correct when he says that one must be initiated to chant most mantras .. however all mantras have bijas ... and there are some mantras about which it is written in the scriptures that they can be chanted without initiation......these mantras usually belong to somya form of devi ,devatas ... many ending in namah...... you seem to think that all vedic mantrs are harmless .. when the fact is that many vedic mantras can be harmful and if simply chanted may be ineffective ..... vedic mantras have external application(to bring changes in the world ,enviroment) ..and they are needed to be chanted out loudly ,properly along with either a yagna(invoking dieties in fire ) or tarpana (invoking dieties in water)..without which they may prove to be ineffective ..... vedic mantras work on th e principle of science of sounds and therefore require proper clearly recitatian..usually by many people along with sacrifices of real objects .....there are many divinities which live in the astral plane who cant be seen by us but who can benifit from the offerings made in the fire by taking its smell....therefore many fragrant things are sacrified including food.these divinities having become satisfied then help the humans in their works. then there are stotras and dohas(tulsi ramayana) ..... these work on the principle of bhakti and the promises made by the rishi in the phal shruti....they work not because a person chanting it is an expert and controls the diety ...but rather the rishi controls the diety and the stotra works because of rishis promises ..... in todays world when many people are unfit to do vedic yagnas or do tantric sadhanas and become successful in controlling dieties ....stotras are the easy but EFFECTIVE way out because it is your bhakti and rishis shakti at work .........
  4. yes it is for the above mentioned purposes,literally it means getting rid of your monetary debts ... but it also means getting rid of your karmic debts ... so whether monetary or karmic ..this stotra will help you both monetarily as well as spiritually. and here's the phal shruti and its translation Ya idam padathe nithyam, runa mochana samgnakam, Anruni jayathe sathyo, danam seegramavapnuyath., 9 He who reads daily this prayer for getting rid of debts, Would surely become debtless and would soon earn lot of money. so whether by getting a job or helping you in business this stotra will help you earn 'a lot of money'.....I know of one person who got quick success others are free to share their experiences for the common good of all ..... the proof as the say is in the pudding.........
  5. dear friends ... by gods grace a tried and tested solution is being presented .... The Solution chant the Runa vimochan nrusimha stotra daily 32 or minimum 11 times ... it is a short stotra. you can find the video here and the full text and translation here http://www.celextel.org/stotrasvishnu/nrusimhastotram.html i know a case of a person who was jobless for more than 6 months who got a job within 5 days ..... the person chanted 32 times on the first day 1 time on the second and 11 times everyday afterwards ...... the video says that it should be chanted atleast once everyday to prevent debts ....but those who are jobless should do more to get quicker results .....
  6. i normally recommend people who have such problems to go to sarangpur in gujarat...it is famous for kasthabhanjan dev hanuman mandir..... the place is 3.5 hours by road from amdavad.. once you reach amdavad train station you can take a rickshaw to the bus station and enquire about the state buses which go to sarangpur ....or just enquire at the railway station ..people will guide you .... it is a very famous temple ..... the reason i recommend this place is because i have been there and have seen people getting cured .... for more information click on the Usename: --- to the left of this post and you will see the option 'view all other posts of ---'... click on that and you will see all of my other posts ...i have given more detail about the temple and how to get there in my previous posts to appolonis ....under the thread ' Urgent it s matter of life and death ' generally i dont recommend people to try something by themselves as this irritates the spirit ..and it is likely to haress your friend more ...in fact this may happen even after taking the mantra from the temple ...your problems and haresment may temporarily increase ...this is just the spirits way of forcing you to stop your sadhana.....but you should continue in good faith ..as long as the pujari at the temple has recommended..... if your problems are more and you cant immediately tarvel then you should take a sankalp ..a vow to go to sarangpur and pray to hanumanji to help you and do the following ..hanuman chaleesa and bajrang baan with oil lamp and dhoop/agarbatti if the spirirt harasses your friend do narsimha kavach ...from . you can download it from you tube using many applications like real player hear it once or as many time to get the pronounciation right and then read it a smuch as you like ... if you do it 9 or 11 times then it will help a lot ... thy these and let know ......
  7. i dont have to know the tantric to know that he is fake ...becaus e i know enough about tantra to know that this tantric is fake .... and i have already exposed the tantric above ... many of the mantra he chants are vedic and harmless.... the only tantrric mantra he uses is the bagalamukhi mantra which is wrong and i already gave the link for the right bagalamukhi mantra ... as far as Sanal Edamaruku is concerned .. i am presuming that he is a communist because he is from kerela the bastian of communism and athiesm...... there is as much irony in being a rationalist and an athiest ..as there is in being a rationalist and a believer .....as both are blind believers of the 2 extremes ..god and no god.... a true rationalist will be open to both possibilities...as there is enough chaos in the world to not believe in god and there is enough pattern in the world to believe in one..... so in my opinion a true rationalist...cant be a believer or an athiest .....a true rationalist has to be open minded ....and therefore i dont accept Sanal Edamaruku to be a rationalist just because he is a president of some rationalist organisation...i dont accept it because i think for myself and not believe what the media feeds me... i encourage everyone to do the same ...consider the facts and derive your own conclusions......... cheers....
  8. and heres the final part http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kol01I-Ll2s&feature=related in this part the fake tantric supposedly uses the baglamukhi mantra which in reality is a stambhan mantra.......to paralyze the enemies ...and depending on how it is applied it can be directed either inwards toward internal enemies ....thoughts ..to paralyse the thoughts and bring about thoughtlessness or turiya state... or outwards towards an external enemy (real person)... the bagalamukhi mantra is certainly not a maran mantra besides...the tantric doesnt even use the right bagalamukhi mantra....compare it with the original bagalamukhi mantra here please note that there is a minor error in the pronounciation in this mantra as well ....but it is closer to the original than the one use by the fake tantric....... in any case ...the tantric,india tv and Sanal Edamaruku are all frauds and should be tried as such .......
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7MtG7qOj9E&feature=related watch this ...further proof that the tantric is fake ...... he uses the following mantras to kill 1 maha mryutunjaya mantra 2 guru brahma guru vishnu 3 ya devi sarva bhuteshu ..(devi sukta ..vedic 4 mangalam bhagwan vishnu ..etc .. non of the mantras he uses are tantric ..... i mean this show really disgusts me ...someone should sue these people ....its a shame i dont have the time ......
  10. you are told that he is a rationalist and you believe that he is ......blind faith is not good.......even in a supposed rationalist some facts... this guy is from kerela the bastion of communism.... all of his criticism on his website is against hinduism and christianity.........nothing at all about irrational beliefs and practices of any other religion........... now as far as the specific stunt on india tv ... lingalingalinga........kilikilikili..................are made of up ..... linga..and the 2nd part rhymes with.....KILL............. subconsciously giving the impression that it is a hindu mantra intented to do harm..... this i find the most offensive about the show ....its ridicule of hinduism .....because there is no mantra like lingalingalinga..... the above supposed mantra doesnt have any maran bijas....is not invoking any devi/devata...... then there is even more pathetic attempt by the fake tantric to use a real knife ....pressure on the victims head ...etc..........all these things are not needed in a real prayog ......in a real maran prayog a tantric can kill the victim from far away ...and there is no need of any knife .........this fake tantric and the people at india tv are just doing these things to make it all look dramatic....... and make fools of ordinary gullible people... as far as the claims of a rational mind no easily being affected by prayogs is concerned .......only those who have suffered know what a prayog can do .....most human minds are too feeble to withstand a prayog.......this Sanal Edamaruku survived because no real prayog was done on him..... again as far as difficulty of a maran prayog is concerned there little difference between one prayog and another .....mainly the mantras and articles used are different .... but the most difficult part of any prayog is to gain the siddhi of adevi or a devata ...which is very difficult ..once that is done .. the prayogs are relatively simple ...... most humans cant withstand prayogs which makes use of a devi or a devata..... the lower grade tantrics make use of lower dieties like yakshas,chetaks ,ghosts ,bhoot ,pisachs ...of these ...only those humans who have gained soem siddhi ....say for example he does a kavach daily ...three times a day ....or if he is wearing a proper kavach as an amulet ....then he may be protected ....but in these days people hardly do sadhana three times aday ....and there are very pew people who know how to make proper kavachs as an amulet ...... so most people are succeptable to even minor prayogs ....simple going to a temple now and then wont help .......daily sadhana is required or a strong guru ....
  11. This was nothing but a pathetic stunt to ridicule hindus by the anti hindu media ..... tantra is a science and an inseperable part of all major religions .....yes ..all religions including christianity judaism and islam.... its just that the followers of abharamic religions dont know the significance behind their rituals .. as far as eastern religions are concerned they all have very elaborate rituals and specific use of material for attaining a certain objective... what kind of a tantric uses a mantra like lingalingalinga....???? obviously this show was an insult to hindus by the communist controlled anti hindu media .... tantra is real including abacharic rites and if someone wants proof ......i would suggest to find a mantra to kill and try it themselves ..... yeah i know many would be horrified at such a suggestion ...but then tantrics are no fools ..y would they take on bad karma and kill someone just for demonstration purpose?.... will the law forgive person just because someone was killed on a tv show?.. besides what about natures law ....why would a tantrik take on bad karma.... and yeah anyone who finds a mantra to kill and tries it will himself suffer for the following reasons.. the diety invoked will be angry whne he/she is not properly invoked/welcomed/asked to leave/ there will be other powerful tantrics who on knowing that a competitor had found a proper method will try to harm him... thats the reason guru is so important for protection... infact a large portion of the ritual is about protection third simply chanting doesnt do a thing ... ..the mantra has to be directed towards a person....to be killed and there is a procedure for it ... ... forget about using mantras to kill.......anyone for who wants to test tantra..i would suggest them to pick up any random mantra of a ugra (fierce) devi/devata and start chanting the mantra..for a few days ...and see for themselves how messed up their lives become....... try it ..you wouldnt know what fire is until you have played with it....
  12. can you elaborate .....and give a few more details....as to exactly how and what sadhana you did ..and what fruit you received ... by the way the english translation of this tantra as posted by dhruvbhura is inacurate in its translation of the number of times a mantra needs to be chanted ...... for example if the translation says chant 10,000 times .. read it as chant 1,00,000... etc
  13. please check similar threads for more information ....
  14. http://uk.news./22/20081014/tod-uk-boxing-klitschko-nappies-1a5e080.html Talk about urine therepy... Breaking News Klitschko soothes fists with son's wet nappies 2 hours 4 mins ago <cite class="auth"> </cite> Print Story Vitali Klitschko used his son's wet nappies to keep his fists from swelling up after winning his WBC heavyweight title bout against Nigeria's Samuel Peter, the Ukrainian told a German newspaper on Tuesday. Skip related content Related photos / videos Ukraine's Klitschko celebrates Enlarge photo Klitschko said he wrapped them around his hands and it helped him recover. "Baby wee is good because it's pure, doesn't contain toxins and doesn't smell," the 37-year old boxer told Bild after he won back the WBC title on Saturday. "I wrap nappies filled with my three-year-old son Max's wee around my fists," he said, adding he got the idea from his grandmother. "The nappies hold the liquid and the swelling stays down." Klitschko said Peter should try the nappy trick as well. (Reporting by Josie Cox, editing by Alan Baldwin)
  15. been a fan of both for a long time .....sorry to hear this .... hope he found srila prabhupada waiting with a smile in the new world.... Hare krishna
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