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  1. hello thank you for the reply. im from south africa. in dire need of spiritual help. my problem started when i met myhusband. it started about 9 months ago before my wedding which was last year in november. i fell ill thinking it was the flu or fatigue. as time went by my mum and i became ill, then we both started to experience terribe things at night. we see dear spirits in our room like accident people no heads, black shadows, sometime i even saw fog. the experience was a nigtmare. then my legs became spotted, my mum and i both just fall of to sleep any time. yet when we want to sleep we cant. also in the mean time we found dolls made pig fat with needles in them, snake, and letters say we must die and i must not get married. i did get married thou, after my wedding i became more ill. drained out, financially wiped out and it get worste. my husbands ex motherlaw did this as my husband is a widower. its for vengance we consulted with an old amma here in s.a. she said this woman has a guru in india who does black magic. he gave her somehting to wear to protect her were no one can harm her. they both mediate at the same time everyday to give her power. she also had somehting made and also brought alot of medicines (blak magic) here to s.a. by the way she bought our maid off, she was doping us with filth. now the problem is she is also working with african medicines. my mum and i tried everthing to get better. this amma is too old to come to my business place and remove things that they burried. i need help how do i get to know exaclty what was done in India and here??? how or were can i find someone realible to help me reverse what was done. im going bankcrupt in a matter of 3 months. this is killing me. hope you can help kind regards uj
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