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  1. hi, can this curcumin cure cancer, lung cancer? pls advise thanks chong
  2. hi, one of mine friend also as lung cancer stage 4. pls give me the details too thanks nechong@
  3. hi, i want to know is blood donation really good for our body? will it caused any harm or negativity to our body ? thanks chong
  4. hi jack, o coz i have drank milk before, but i drink it cold, never warm.
  5. hi hatha, so shuld i chant the first one " sheeereeem heereem sheereem or the second one Bheejaaksharams? i want improve mine wealth income, any other good suggestions from you? thanks chong
  6. i remember now !! i met one girl online long time ago...i like her and i feel she has a good feeling about me too but we didn't meet each other . and the relationship end when i knew she married a guy from taiwan.. i send her a birthday gift which i make it myself, this is the first time i send gift to a girl.
  7. never have arelationship before like a girl before but she married to another guy before i tried to chase her
  8. hi sir, can u see for me? thanks october 31-1973, malaysia, 10:53am male, new york waiter single, the eldest son in family, have 4 siblings ,no sister when will i meet mine gf/wife for marriage? what kind of business i can do? thanks chong
  9. hi, has anyone know what is this? thanks chong
  10. NAME : ng eng chong DOB : 31-10-1973 TIME: 10:53 am location: penang, malaysia GENDER : MALE thanks
  11. hi, i saw that somebody mentioned that drink luke warm milk before sleep will enhance good healthy, i have bought a bottle of milk from store, but the milk is cold. so what should i do now? can i still drink this cold milk before sleep or make it warm with microwave? thanks chong
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