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  1. "Shiva is Shiva-tattva. He has that unique position. He's not a demigod like the other demigods; they are Jiva-tattva. Sada-shiva is also Visnu-tattva and Shiva is an expansion of him, yes? So Shiva is very special, like yoghurt. Milk & Yoghurt are the same yet different." Beautiful ......!!
  2. Jai shree krishna!! i wanna tk smething can u pls send me yr mail id.
  3. Can i just chant baglamukhi mantra instead going for the sadhana???
  4. I am so impressed Druv Bhura ji u r not only an intelligent person but a good human too......Thanks for being on this blog..........
  5. Hi Ronin...but do u agree the dharmmarg is the best ? i mean sadhana via right ppl is better..as ultimately evil doesnt stay for long...
  6. I guess ronin we guys shudnt argue everyone have there own opinion.BDW did u read my reply to yr private message...
  7. Hi Druva I guessed Asharam Bapu is same person on whom the allegations on women (harassment) vashikaran has been proved ample of times...(no smoke without fire)...check video online about this ...site doesnt allow me to post video. there are so many videos defending asharamji...But why so many females claiming only after one guru......(Sorry to hurt b4 hand if u r his devotee)
  8. Hello Ronin,Thanks for your concern.. i cant reply to private message as i havent posted enough ....but can add u on .....i can talk there if you are comfortable...send me yr id on private window i can add if u ok with it..(i am assuming u understand the time diff. i m online at new york time and may b till 12 mid night).also let me know yr online timings (IST)
  9. hI EMPEROR I am Rashi from US ,Hope u doing fine ...Just a quick question u have posted some sequence of 6 mantras on other thread...an 1) u mentioned some number b4 six mantras (as 08-ShivaThandavaStotram) does that mean that they r to b recited 8 times 2)additionaly i have a strong devotional back ground and have had some up and downs in life which every one faces in life .....can i also chant this series i have tried once today..i just want things should set at right place in life and certainly no bad for anyone. 3)These mantras get u relief from any problem and how they make u powerful?? 4) Can u mail me the 6 files though i have searched on net but some of them i m unable to download (wrks only online as devi kavach and shiv tandav storam)
  10. I M 5'4 wat is the remedy u told but i m 26..can i do it as well
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