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how do you attain siddhis?

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“Dear brother, you must be aware that these things are obstacles

<nobr>to Devotion for Lord Krsna. So if you want to take the Holy Name of</nobr>

<nobr>the Lord, take the association of the pure and saintly true devotee,</nobr>

<nobr>and cast out from your heart all desires for exploitation {karma},</nobr>

<nobr>liberation {jnana} </nobr>and mystic powers {siddhis}."

Translation of Bengali poem by Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda-dev Maharaj

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Dear Redsox, In no way are we trying to put you down from attaining siddhis but it is a very sensistive subject. As it is the mind is not pure in kaliyug and I would not want to see you hurt on the spiritual platform. Though since you asked meditation, pranayam and the help of a bona fida guru are the only ways but remember that Ravana was a medicant and had attained various siddhis and powers from Lord Shiv and Lord Bhrama and you probably know what happened to him. When you want siddhis for material benefits it may lead to ahakankar ultimately destroying you. In addition, if you are trying to use siddhis for spiritual elevation then chant the Lord's name, he will make you the most powerful person but keep your ego in check as well. We do not know you personally but this is shere concern of history and even our own personal inabilities.May you gain success in whatever you chooseJai Shri Krishna

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