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Ayurveda vs Homeopathy

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Yesterday, i attended a exhibition on Homeopathy. Homeopathy system of medicine, i learnt, is based on extracting juices of plants to prepare medicines. I queried them on the difference between Homeopathy and Ayurveda, they told that Homeopathy prepares just one medicine from one plant wheras Ayurveda mixes the extracts of various plants to prepare a medicine....


Could anyone shed more light on this and the pros and cons....

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i honestly think that both ayurveda and homeopathy is a lifestyle change.



This system is based on the workings of the energy mediums in your body. The treatment process includes everything from plant/animal extracts and some minerals as well. This being said homeopathy is very strict in that it may be antidoted with caffeine, menthol and even mint. This medicine actually works off the four humours of the body (or so thats what it is called) and it focuses primarily on gentle, easy to use medicine. The plus point of this that the medicine is purely based on enhancing your bodies natural defenses and therefore there usually isn't side effects of the treatments liek in traditional allopathic medicine. If it doesn't work just stop.



(excuse my bias) but it is literally the Science of Life and this is what this medicine accomplishes. Ayurveda uses food and the correct combinations of the food to cure. In addition there is the sciences of yoga, pranayam, system cleansing, mental stability and a total lifestyle change. Those who choose to take the ayurveda route ( and those doing so correctly) will change there way of living. The concept includes "junk in, junk out" so it really concentrates on your entire being


Whats better or worse, both have there place in medicine but homeopathy is easier to learn for home treatment but ayurveda is something that should be taken from an experienced person.


I hope this helps, both systems are marvelous and really prooves the healing power of the mind and body and prooves the connection of nature with self.


Jai Shri Krishna

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The Saar of Ayurveda and Homeopathy is different and thre is no compare of Ayurveda and Homeopathy.. ayurveda works for SYstem who come those disorder arives and other hand homeopathy works on symtoms. so thre is lot of difernce in system and symptoms..

Ayurveda belives in functioning and the main mantra of Ayurveda is

Hita Hitam sukham dukhtasya hita hitam..!

its says life is not to save from disorder or life is to be prevention for coming disorder and in ayurveda ur diet every things come.. yoga . sidhi. asan.. so no compare of ayurveda and Homeopathy and Allopathy


vaidya adwait tripathi

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I wish to clarify 2 points:

1. homeopathy is no bluff. anyone who has had his own ailments cured with homeopathy will vouch that homeopathy is a science. Besides homeopathy is a deep acting system of medicine - even suitable for psychiatric patients. That even small children, infants, animals etc get cured with homeopathy is sufficient proof that it is not bluff or PLACEBO.

2. Homeopathy is not something that can be simply learnt at home - as someone has posted here. (I mean, it is not like some of the other alternative medicine systems such as Flower Essences etc.) Homeopathy can get quite complex - I for one have been reading up quite a bit on homeopathy and trying it out myself for the past few years - and feel that it needs tremendous experience to successfully treat chronic problems with homeopathy. You need lots of exposure to the clinical setting before you can be a good homeopath. Simply reading books sitting at home will not do. Besides only homeopathy identifies the deeper issues of Suppression, Palliation etc and cures the patient fully, wherever possible. I must admit that there are only very few homeopaths on this globe who genuinely follow this science currently, but more and more people are getting interested in homeopathy considering the immense rush in homeopathy forums on the internet and requests for online treatment on these forums.


Another more important thing is, a person can go on taking Ayurvedic medicines such as chyavan prash without consulting a vaidya and get benefit out of it. It is generally free from any side effects - and hence is safe to take on continuous basis. But homeopathy differs drastically at this point - you need an experienced hand to decide the remedy - and the remedy cannot be repeated for too long like Ayurvedic medicine - sometimes a single dose will suffice - there are definite rules as laid out by Samuel Hahnemann. I have had my own experiences in both Ayurveda and Homeopathy dealing with my chronic asthma and a number of other ailments. I write from experience.


I hope this finds everyone in the prime of health.


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I beg to differ with Vaidyaji's statement that homeopathy is treating the symptoms and ayurveda the system. It is allopathy which is symptom based - in that it merely treats (suppresses) the symptoms (effect) of the disease and ignores the cause of the disease. It fights against germs, worms, bacteria and viruses - whereas holistic systems like Homeopathy work to improve the natural immune system of the body to render it strong enough to fight these on its own.


Homeopathy always treats the PATIENT and never the DISEASE. Even for a particular disease, the peculiar symptoms of the PATIENT are what are taken note of and they decide the prescription. Homeopathy never treats based on the name of the disease - in fact the name of the disease is not relevant to a homeopath. It is the symptoms of the patient (rather, what exactly the patient feels) that are all important in homeopathy. Prescription is made on the basis of Peculiar, Queer, Rare and Strange symptoms that are observed in the patient after excluding commonly observed symptoms. So patient A gets some medicine A for asthma whereas Patient B gets different medicine say B for asthma, depending on their peculiar symptoms. In homeopathy, mental symptoms are extremely important. Therefore, two people with same disease will get different remedies based on their symptoms and their very nature. That way homeopathy is the most individualized system - wherein the person is treated as a person and very personalized treatment is offered. In fact this is the most personalized medical system available so far.


I may add here that homeopathy works on the principle of "Like Cures Like" or ushNam ushNena shaanti. A medicine that can cause a particular set of symptoms when taken by a healthy person can cure the patient if same set of symptoms appear in him during his illness. It is therefore imperative for the homeopath to understand the patient in his totality very closely to choose the right remedy for him.


I did read Prabhupada's quotes regarding Homeopathy in the Folio. He calls it a bluff using the same logic the allopaths use to call it a bluff.


Again, as Prabhupada mentioned, anything has to be understood by its results - phalena pariciyate - this applies to homeopathy too - and the proof of the pudding is certainly in the eating.

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Homeopathy is crazy. They claim they can cure everything in a short amount of time. I was about to die and the best homeopath in Kolkata gave me homeopathy saying it would cure me in 2 weeks. I took the medicine for one month and it didn't help. I had to go against their instructions and have surgery. It was the surgery that helped, homeopathy did not.


I believe homeopathy can perhaps cure chronic problems (although I have been taking it for years with no improvement in my asthma) but it is rediculous to say that they can cure emergency situations.

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The one that is better is the one that works for you.


One of my professors put it this way (paraphrased): "If you read the textbooks, it looks like we have a cure for everything--every condition has its appropriate treatment. But the truth is that some patients will not respond no matter what you do. If that happens, maybe they should try a different doctor or kind of medicine--and maybe nothing will work."


Try one. If it doesn't cure what ails you, try the other, or another, and so on .

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i believe and i have studied a lot of text on both ayuerveda anad Homeopathy. Ayuerveda uses medicines after complete purification where as no purification is done in system of Homeopathy. Apart from approach towards patient there is a alot of difference in these two sciences . IN fact ayuerveda has an edge over Homeopathy the reason being Ayurveda involves cleaning of system and overcoming the ROOT of disease .Al this is not there in Homeopathy. THough there is a similarity between medicines of Ayureveda and homeopathy But the purification methods of medicine in ayureveda and neutraliziong them makes Ayurveda a far more comprhencive and superior eg . Ayurveda uses mercury as a medicine Homeopathy also uses mercury . the name of medicine si M,ercurcurius . But A yurveda first mixes mercury with sulphur and makes it safe .Then it grinds ist with adrak ka ras and nimbu ka aras a for several days . Then the compound is heated on a aparticular temptrature. then the medicine is used .Thus this merdicine is not only free from side effects it does nmot react also with any other medicine.That also makes ayuerveda more costlier. So there are many exapmles where poasions like arsenic are uused without purity. But in Ayuerveda Arsenic used is very safe.

Drjaideep waidya

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