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  1. i believe and i have studied a lot of text on both ayuerveda anad Homeopathy. Ayuerveda uses medicines after complete purification where as no purification is done in system of Homeopathy. Apart from approach towards patient there is a alot of difference in these two sciences . IN fact ayuerveda has an edge over Homeopathy the reason being Ayurveda involves cleaning of system and overcoming the ROOT of disease .Al this is not there in Homeopathy. THough there is a similarity between medicines of Ayureveda and homeopathy But the purification methods of medicine in ayureveda and neutraliziong them makes Ayurveda a far more comprhencive and superior eg . Ayurveda uses mercury as a medicine Homeopathy also uses mercury . the name of medicine si M,ercurcurius . But A yurveda first mixes mercury with sulphur and makes it safe .Then it grinds ist with adrak ka ras and nimbu ka aras a for several days . Then the compound is heated on a aparticular temptrature. then the medicine is used .Thus this merdicine is not only free from side effects it does nmot react also with any other medicine.That also makes ayuerveda more costlier. So there are many exapmles where poasions like arsenic are uused without purity. But in Ayuerveda Arsenic used is very safe. Drjaideep waidya
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