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  1. I can't find the quote but I remember distincly listening to one of Prabhupada's lectures where he called homeophaty a bluff. I hope that helps.
  2. Dear Kulapavana prabhu ,Hare Krishna Sure I did feel something.I agree that for the most part it was my fault and choice to get involved with that man.Sure I had that gnawing feeling in me that was telling me to get the hell out of this nightmare.My conditioning,the way I was raised,the fact that I am sentimental Balkan boy,lack of intelligence,fact that I grew up in dysfunctional family,that I liked the crowd around Prithu,that I had confidence in his words (it takes time to see that they were just that),that I was 18yo and hardly spoke English,that I was running away from suffering in this world and landed into a trap,the fact that I didn't take time to read Prabhupada's books,even the fact that I was not the best material for braminical training ,the fact that all the people that I was surrounded by didn't give me a chance to express doubts about Prithu (it is a highest form of heresy within ISKCON to question action of ones Gurudev as you know,resulting in whatnot....)So, cumulative effect of all this is why I let myslef be fulled for so long and underlying reason being my bad karma. Let me ask you now:"shall someone like him not only go unpunished,but continue to disseminate his ignorance forever on the account of the fact that he was SP disciple at one point?I say "was" for the reason that I understand discipleship to be to related to a discipline one follows,where is discipline in habitual masturbation and whose discipline is it, Hugh Hefner's perhaps,not Prabhupada's for sure. Also why is it that besides paedophiles (that go unreported to the police and we know what happens as a result) we don't report the people that steal millions and blackmail the entire movement for so many years?Is that not a crime?Are we beyond the law in that department as well?How is it that one pretentious guy in saffron stealing millions goes unpunished while the other goes to jail for stealing pack of crisps from supermarket?Is there a difference except for the colour of their clothes?If there is some special clause that absolves guru's from theft?I doubt it. than what affords them to arrogantly continue repeating the same offences and get our worship as a reward?My mind is brewing with questions like that.If it is ok to steal in ISKCON, will I be allowed to walk in and steal Satsvarupa's G.'s monthly allowance and get away with it,or say for instance steal the salary of our many salaried brahmanas i and be forgiven?If not ,why not?Why not be merciful to me I have family to feed and guru's are just single men with a lot more appetite and lot less need for stealing than me.Even one of the greatest thieves of all time,Alexander the Great had more sense to absolve the petty thief of his due punishment when he was asked how is it that he can get away with such a huge crime such as stealing the whole kingdoms. Surely if our illuminated spiritual teachers get the mercy I should too,since that is what their logic implies.You do something bad and you get mercy.Otherwise let us report them to the local police and have them dealt with as Prabhupada suggested they deal with the repeat offender that happened to be his disciple at the time. Just imagine for the moment Prithu das and Satsvarupa dasa G. in the prison, same cell,on the same bunk bed for 10-20 years,planing and developing ISCKON prison preaching programs if they are so eager to preach,or just hanging out dealing dope.Upon release they come back to the temple and clean toilets together for the rest of their days as an atonement for all the crimes they committed. In the meanwhile temples are packed with their former(I hate that term,it insults my meagre intelligence) disciples all encouraged by the fact that the atmosphere is clean of sin and corruption and they can practice in peace.Thousands of original SP books distributed daily(not hundreds of thousands of dollars misspent daily) gurukulas full to the brink (paedophiles all in the institution,or prison, castrated,happily chanting and meditating on whatever they wish, just not our children please).Every offender swiftly punished and devotees living in harmony and peace without fear with Prabhupada, rightful owner of all ISKCON property in the centre.Only people fearing are the ones with the ulterior motives.Only people shunned upon are ones that transgress the rules of their ashrama (like divorce,illicit sex,vomit eating etc.)BTW I was always wandering what is there to learn from somebody that chooses eat his own vomit,I suppose how to eat more of it. I know it is a long shot but well worth going for.And all it would take is to get a group of devotees to sue for embezzlement ,stealing,mental torture,abuse of all sorts, and press on.Few devotees in every country on every continent.When it all ends 95 % of the gurus would be in prison and 95% of their former disciples would stay and serve within the movement instead in exile like now.95 % of Prabhupada's disciples would return from exile.If you think about it,say for every guru in prison 50 disciples stays on average and serves and say about 10 goes into exile to wait to assist their bellowed gurus in toilet cleaning upon their return.That would make our movement 50 times stronger off the bat,book distribution would go thru the roof,and people would wait in line to join bramachari ashram.Ladies would be happy,men strong and children protected. World would be full of young preachers and entire planet would reverberate with sounds of maha mantra.There would be no meat eating,devotees would be presidents,prime ministers etc.And all that for putting 100-200 or so proven loose criminals,sexual perverts behind bars right now.Thereby establishing precedent for all megalomaniacs and company men to fear. I know that my "grand plan" has a lot of serious flaws but it definitely beats that the plan that GBC has for continuation of of Prabhupada's legacy. My mini rant is over for today. your aspiring servant in the better world Enver Ajanovic and nobody's former disciple again
  3. Dear Suchandra prabhu Please accept my humble obeisances.All glories to Srila Prabhupada. Thank you for your encouragement and empathy that you are kindly extending.I and countless others really need it.That is why I am voicing my wievs in hope that someone will hear and avoid calamity that comes with serving the undeserving person.I am finding it hard to hold back and consent to nonsense I am seeing by being silent.Enough is enough.This guy (Prithu das) is a common criminal and it is time to start treating him as such.How else do you call someone who swindles someone's money,time and good faith, not once ,not twice but thousands of times to hundreds (if not thousands) of people?And all that in the name of Krishna.I sincerely think that public flogging is in place.I wouldn't mind doing it myself(and who knows,if I get a chance).Such punishment is much closer to the vedic model prescribed for such type of offence .Way closer than foolishly forgiving one man at the cost of thousands devotee's faith,money and valuable time.Not to speak of the fact that the very dedicated devotees will now either never return to resume their service but may spend their time actively preaching against Iskcon.Anybody that knows anything about business and marketing will know how damaging unhappy customer can be for ant business .As a proof that most people will never give up on Prabhupada, but only on thieves in the garb of Vaishnava,, we see that ISKCON is not getting sued as much as it could be ,if all the people wronged by these fakers get up on arms. I think that reason behind it is that devotees know that they would be causing Krishna's laxmi to be misspent and that certainly can't be said for GBC that are willing to spend millions of Prabhupada's money to delay their impending doom. Prithu is certainly nor regretting his past actions.There are reasons why I am convinced of that.Here are some: 1.First and foremost.Upon asking him several months ago if he would ever consider taking the same responsibility again,he confidently exclaimed:"Sure,if someone asks me for guidance and shelter I will surely offer it."How bizarre is that? If he had an inkling of how painful that would be for all the people that he mislead for so long and how damaging for the movement ,I bet it would never cross his sick mind. Instead he confidently marches on toward the abyss ,encouraged by all his godbrothers equally inclined.In the process countless others will pay the price. 2.Ask any one of his ex subjects about how arrogant that man is.He still plays with people's emotions(just ask devotees in Berlin).Here is an excerpt form our very recent exchange that will best illustrate my point : > Even just yesterday I received a letter from my > Godbrother HariSauri Prabhu > who was a close associate of srila Prabhupada and > who would as such > understand Srila Prabhupada's mind better than you > and most of us. > He writes: > "Preaching is our life. And you are one of the best. > There is no > better way to attract the attention of Srila > Prabhupada and Krsna. That was > one of the confidential items that Srila Prabhupada > taught us, that > preaching is better than bhajan. Hope you had a > wonderful Janmastami and > Vyasapuja, as we did here in Mayapur. > Your humble servant, Hari-sauri dasa As you can see guy is in complete illusion and is being goaded by someone (HS) that obviously has no slightest clue what it entails to be a disciple of a faker and chase your tail for more than a decade. He goes on: > Lastly, whatever u give to krishna, is always given > and is between you and > krishna, even if it were mismanaged. > You ask for scriptural support. > Well krishna Himself Krishna says: "In this endevour > there is not loss or > dimunition. Do you notice the patronizing tone here,do you notice how he is well used to infantilization of his cult members.So much so that he is spewing some real bull and hoping it sticks.Unfortunately for him every sane person will understand that Krishna meant here that there is no loss or diminution,provided you render service to Krishna and not to the fake, arrogant ,unrepentant thief.What is the benefit of serving God thru Sai Baba or Maharishi if they don't offer your service to Krishna? Same goes for the fake masqueraders like Prithu that happens to use the service rendered by followers for his own sense gratification. Now what follows is a real gem.Abuse will never stop unless I kick him in the face one day or sue ISCKON .He is not repentant,has no remorse and clearly shows his arrogance: > So my service to ISKCON is going on, and I don't > know if you can say this > about yourself. My answer : "Your arrogance doesn't surprise me.But since you ask, I have family to manage (something I just can't say you are willing to do,also just had 4 people visit to take prasadam,hear from SP books,we worship Gaur Nitay and tulasi devi.The only thing that is missing is manipulating "guru" telling me how I should follow something he can't do himself.Sitting on high seat in my house and telling me that complimenting ladies on their figure or hairstyle is proper conduct.How demanding that I stop cooking or else you will leave because you are fasting and unable to control your urge.I had 2 kids to feed that day.Lack of culture and arrogance doesn't even make you a nice guest." God bless ISCKON if such creeps are allowed to "preach" for much longer. ys enver
  4. Here is some "aparadha" that I want to share with you all: Ode To A Fake Guru, Prithu Das BY: ENVER AJANOVICH Jan 25, USA (SUN) — An open letter to Prithu das. Just recently I had tried to communicate my grief and trauma to some people I know. They all told me that I am too negative about the things that I have experienced as a subject in Prithu's spiritual regime. I presume you all know who I am talking about but if you don't, he is a German man initiated by Srila Prabhupada, still active and "preaching" in ISKCON despite being divorced, having attempted the misappropriation of ISCKON property, and not being able to follow the principles. Just to name a few. I want to make my expression more understandable to people who find the philosophy expounded in the movie named "The Secret", and other new age literature, more appropriate than what Srila Prabhupada had to say on this matter. I often find it hard to finish the sentence (due to being interrupted) when I am addressing these points in conversations. So, here I am trying hard to give it all a more positive spin (everything is either positive or negative these days… whatever happened to realistic, honest, etc.?) I agree, I was too negative. Dear former Guru Maharaja, You are truly an inspiration. You never gave up on the guru business. This is the only thing you know and you stick to it until the day you die. Your determination to help others spiritually advance is most admirable, never mind the fact that you were not able to follow the principles since 1980, as you have admitted yourself. Never mind the fact that you abandoned responsibilities to your family long ago, in favour of self-abuse. Many that you have given shelter to did the same to honor you. I suppose there is still some space for making the divorce rate in ISKCON increase by setting a good example, and that is where your expertise comes in handy. Never mind that Krishna prevented you from cashing in your chips when selling the property in Vrindavan… property that you had your former disciples collect for, instead of preaching or distributing Srila Prabhupada's books. Being gored by a cow in Vrindavan was no deterrent. There is still some money to be made from ISKCON and you are determined to prove it to us all. Short motivational speech (sometimes referred to as SB class), right after your early morning self-abuse, and money is freely given by all illuminated and inspired souls that never found out who you really are. After all, you can't get too intimate with all of us. As the famous saying goes: "A sucker is born every minute... and two (fake gurus in ISKCON) to take 'em." I really admire your fatherly affection that you expressed to all the young boys that you liked to receive the massages from. I respect your undying loyalty to your pedophile disciple, Nitai Chandra das, that you protected since 1992 and who went on to molest more than 50 children as a homage to you. He still lives to honor the tradition. I suppose the "Zero tolerance petition" that you started is meant to absolve you of reactions that are due. I am most grateful for all the intimate "katha" about each and every one of your godbrothers that you so deeply despise. It was my staple philosophical diet for years. Why make others starved by retiring or changing your profession? It surely makes for a more united, stronger society full of brotherly love. Why leave others to run ISKCON into the ground if you can help accelerate it. Vyasasan is the pedestal you were born for. Some people opt for koolaid laced with cyanide as a means to salvation, but you have offered a much better alternative. We offered you our food while you masturbated behind closed doors for years, and thus by eating the leftovers we were imbibing all the wonderful transcendental qualities you kept hidden from us. Qualities essential to true spiritual progress. All glories to your purity. You have never read or put emphasis on reading Srila Prabhupada's books or chanting japa regularly. For your disciples that had struggled with rounds, you mercifully extended leniency in that regard and allowed them to chant when they felt like doing it, as long as they were good collectors. As a substitute, you would illuminate us with your pep talks while keeping us busy selling paintings in Taiwan, sleeping in sleazy love motels, eating bhoga in Buddhist restaurants to make sure there was enough money for a big house for you and to support your renounced lifestyle. One can only wish for a better bramachari training. Who needs a preaching when there is so much money lying around waiting for a young bramachari to earn for his Guruji. You claim that your godborther, Hari Sauri prabhu, says that you are the best in preaching and I concur. Due to elevation because of close association of Srila Prabhupada, he must have much clearer vision than me. No doubt when it comes to preaching vilely against your godbrothers and making new cult followers that you can extract money from, for the decadent lifestyle you aspire for, you truly have no match. Preaching the glories of apple computers, juicers, trampolines, enema kits, old age prevention and life extension, you are the best so why not aspire for the best? Who wouldn't agree. You always graciously take time to encourage and bless us, all of your former disciples. Even after experiencing so much inconvenience for taking on our bad karma. Midlife crises is surely what all the bonafide gurus went thru as a consequence of their compassion to their disciples. I just can't find a sloka to confirm that right now. You assure us that there is no loss in dedicating time, money and energy to someone who just had a little life long problem like addiction to self-abuse, but is back on track now, ready for more support. Shastras must abound with examples of stalwart bonafide gurus like you. I just haven't found any yet. You mercifully accept all the laxmi, even nowadays, assuring your dedicated followers that it will be used in Krishna's service. Be it for the purchase of a brand new Apple computer, trip to Thailand for colonic irrigation vacation, expensive dental implants or a pack of goji berries that have the indispensable, alkalizing properties much needed for developing pure love of God. Never mind that most of your former disciples left the movement, divorced their wives and gave up on practice of Krsna consciousness. After all, there are new people that compulsorily must accept guidance of experts like you, as per GBC directive. Why not take advantage of that market niche? After all, many of your godbrothers, erotic novel writters, thieves, etc., got reinstated, so why not you? I was glad to be privy to you reveling that ambition of yours recently. Upon examining your history fully, everyone should come to the conclusion that you are the man for the job of a guru. I most admire your strategic thinking in that regard. Just as you taught me, I am staying away from all the corrupt characters in ISKCON and spending most of my time waiting for you to be reinstated in full glory so that I can render service to you: our only worthwhile living saint. I assure you I am well trained and all the time spent listening your critical dissection of your godbrother's characters has not been in vain. I have given you a decade of my life and don't mind you taking the time off to examine your options before you are ready to take over the world again. I am having some doubts, but I will disregard them in favour of positive thinking, as you have always preached. I still reminisce about the day when I flew all the way across the world to have your darshan and got to watch so many amusing video clips that you took days to collect from the Internet. I especially liked your collection of paraphernalia about the "Lord of the Rings" that you so proudly showed us. Your spirit of sharing truly touched the hearts of all of the people present. Now I fully understand the import of Bible verse that said we must be like children to enter the kingdom of God (Matthew 18:2-4). I was too young to fully understand your true nature when I first meet you. Now I know. The tests that you put me trough to purify me and test my faith, I will never forget. My favorite one was when you told me to start looking for another guru because according to you, I have not given you enough money lately. You cited the example of Bhakti Caru Maharaja, who had an epiphany (probably while sitting in the Jacuzzi) and decided to tax his disciples regularly lest they loose the privilege of being his disciples. You embraced the idea and decided to implement it on your disciples. My wife and I were a little shocked and traumatized by your sudden revelation, and scraped together whatever laxmi we had and gave it to you then. Only later did I understand that it was a divine test, when you wrote to acknowledge the receipt of 2,000 euro just a month prior to that. I understood that no matter what my material situation, I shall always keep up to date with donations to you, otherwise I will not make it back to Godhead. Albeit traumatic, I'll bet it was for my and my family's ultimate benefit. I could go on forever because your qualities are truly limitless, but I need to go to and make some money now to be able to afford my salvation. While waiting for your second coming, I beg to remain your eternal servant.
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