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Kali Temples In Trinidad

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pujarie five o

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O.K. i was re reading the posts i wrote and was thinking about Kali maa temples in trinidad here is a few i could remember:

pasea temple: head pujarie lalo

next pasea temple: head motoo wife

pasea new temple: head popo?

caroni temple: head pujarin; mala

aranguez temple: head; vidya

bon air arouca temple: head; beta uncle

omera Rd. temple: head; micheal

carapo temple: head ?????

joyce road: head; krishna angad

market street, Chaguanas: head; munesh

highway temple, carlsen field: head; rajesh

brickfield,waterloo: head; ????

eastern main road and pentecostal road tunapuna temple: head;????

Gasparillo temple: head; steve

forrest park temple: head; Larry

golconda temple: head; bobby

diamondvale temple: head; brian

point fortin temple: head; ????

guyacara temple: head; ????

caura hills temple: head; carol


how many more do you all know please write lets see how many we have in the country. i have started:

and also does anyone know any other forums like this one which i could visit thanks

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pasea temple: head pujarie lalo: sac. tem.

next pasea temple: head motoo wife: sac. tem

pasea new temple: head popo?: sac. tem

caroni temple: head pujarin; mala: sada

aranguez temple: head; vidya: sada

bon air arouca temple: head; beta uncle: sac. tem

omera Rd. temple: head; micheal: sada

carapo temple: head ?????: sada

joyce road: head; krishna angad: sada

market street, Chaguanas: head; munesh: sac.tem

highway temple, carlsen field: head; rajesh: sada

brickfield,waterloo: head; ???? sada

eastern main road and pentecostal road tunapuna temple: head;???? sada

Gasparillo temple: head; steve: sada

forrest park temple: head; Larry pujarie not sure he does for himself but temple sada

golconda temple: head; bobby sac tem

diamondvale temple: head; brian sada

point fortin temple: head; ????sada

guyacara temple: head; ????sada

caura hills temple: head carol : sac tem

cedarhill: head????both

moruga: head pamela sada

6th company: head???? sada

locero: head???? unknown

penal mohase road: head???? sada

esmeralda village; head ravi unknown

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hey JMD that will be no problem. to every temple we have opened to the public we will visit. when you are ready and you come we will link and the beautiful country we have you will explore.



it have two temples in mahess rd in penal one does do sadha and one does do scarifice.


roosilack i dont think i spelt that correct sadha


two in tunapuna i think


one in katwaroo trace penal

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Hello pujari,

Iam new to this room and am frm london.I hev read lots frm u here in this forum.Am sure noboby will give so much INFO as u do.Am very impresse wiz ur help.Now its may b silly question but I rather ask u.what is jurail and how does she get in life.I have a jurail in my house wondering , she is so filthy wiz lots of dirt wiz her,she never want to leave my house no matter what I do to get rid of her.I hav use mantra from indrajal book.this jurail bloke everything I do and make my life hell. I would love to have some personel advice from u pujari jee.many thnx in advance

my email is satking36@.co.uk









thompson road palmiste i hear there is two on this road
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hey triniboy that is true once when black ram was alive it use to be a fully functional temple but now i guess because of all the responsibilities they just have their yearly pooja.

but not to sound rude what i meant was temples that have an every week service and they who arte sada and sacrifice.

sata 36 you can contact me at pujariefiveo@hotmail.com and we will be able to comunicate further

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hey ppls long time no see but on a different beat rite now however i remembered i was on this forum as well lol. how ever to answer your question i hope i did not take to long but the temple in caroni is rite by the bridge. if you are proceeding south look on the left the woman there raises a red satin flag. but no scene rite now i am monitoring a page check it out http://srikaliammankovel.hi5.com

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i have not visited this temple in Pasea, but have been going to the other one (operated by Lalo) for some time now,and sad to say that its also a money making thing there too. I cant say that they have CLEANLINESS at the top of the list for it lacks big time there. i have tried to help in cleaning as iv seen many do the same, but i guess when the old ones get tired of the lack of upkeep, there would always be the new ones who are blind to it to take over, so the job gets done anyway.....but thats the circle of life!


How can the house of God be kept in such a filthy manner? Do you actually think they are happy there? Who cares right? Once they manifest upon a devotee and give help, and bring in a good dutchna to the head pujari, thats all is needed right?


People, dont get me wrong..........im not bashing any person here for its a team effort, but damn, there is a head and if the head doesnt give a rats backside, what? how u think its going to go down when there is a group of people picking up the slack? It will be that they want to throw out the head right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so what to do? Dress up pretty preety and go give flowers and malas and what have you....money will be best, and turn a blind eye to the outward love that is not shown to the "murtis" for all they are are to heal the sick and help the distressed....nothing else ent?

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I feel terrible after reading your post and as such had to reply. This was the very first Kali Mandir in Trinidad and I can assure you that the main focus of this temple is to assist with spiritual enlightenment and healing. However I will be the first to admit that there may have been some issues with cleanliness and providing proper facilities to its members, which is currently being addressed. Within the next few months, there will be brand new facilities to accomodate all attendees of the weekly Sunday service.

This has all been due to a recent change in leadership, as the Sunday service and daily upkeeping of the temple is now done by a new head pujaree Premchan. In addition to this he performs all pujas at no cost to each and everyone, AS IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN. There is no reason for anyone to have paid to worship our divine mother. The atmosphere itself feels even more spiritual and enlightened, the mandir was also recently granted by the Divine Mother, the ability to peform both baalidan and sadha pujas under the same roof. This alone takes a tremendous amount of meditation, spiritual focus, honesty and dedication to achieve. I assure you that the Divine Mother is happy and pleased with the positive changes and has proven this by showing the presence of various supreme forms of sadha devis and devtas now manifesting themselves in the Mandir. I can tell that this temple will once again rise to higher heights and once again become a focal point of Shakti worship in Trinidad.

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i been there but i wont say its to make money... but i would say its not too much focused on helpin people.. I think its focused on helping their own people and into usin other people


Hi Amanda,


Thanks for sharing that comment, but can you also nbe a little more specific as to why you felt that help was only given to " their own people" and what gave the impression that the temple was "into using other people". I'm sorry that is the impression you have of the temple and it would help us in making a positive change if you cna provide some more details, since the ultimate goal is to ensure that each and every devotee that walks through the gates fo the temple is helped to the fullest, without discrimitation to anyone.



walk with skanda

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