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  1. They may not be the same God, but they are ALL certainly from male-dominated oppressive power structures that emply monotheism as an agent of social control.
  2. For those who say nothing material can lead to spiritual growth then all those who make japa should put down their beads, all that worship murthis should get rid of their idols, all people who meditate will no longer have a place to sit, no more aarti lamps, no more any instrument of worship, and just abandon the body while you are at it too since it's material and "not real". Those who claim that all is an illusion is entering into a self-contradiction. If all things material are not "real" then there is no way to even have the conversation on what reality is or not. And to say that anything material is somehow less than some supposed lofty state of transcendence negates life and existence in and of itself as though it is not as worthy as some place fathomed by the human mind, that if it even exists, is only known by most because they read about it or heard it somewhere. Patriarchal hegemonies and most male-dominated political and religious power structures have systematically and repeatedly stamped out, destroyed, assimilated, converted, and demonized tribal and clan based styles of living and that were often matriarchal, focused on female divinities and mother goddesses, and valued the Earth as a source of life, seeing all existence as a beautiful cyclic blissful place and respected the fertility and the cycle of life. These cultures often used many substances provided by the Earth to connect with their deities, to solve conflicts, to recognize a coming of age, to commune with gods and more. Male dominated societies with male-dominated religions that had male gods as a monotheistic supreme being have introduced a body hating, earth hating, woman hating, intoxicant barring, and existence denying social state that has made all the conditions favorable for rampant decline in mental stability, destruction of the Earth, oppression, violence, dissent, and every social ill imaginable. The body and the Earth may have much more to reveal than can even be dreamed. To deny the body and the earth and call them materialistic and less than is to deny life itself.
  3. You are wise. Yesterday I read more than half of the Tripura Rahasya and it confirmed many things I had found as "truth" in my own searching. I realize the practices are not available, but my Guru is a Samrat of Tantra, and I without a doubt know that he probably knows them. I would love to speak with you more. I will send ways to communicate with me online to you privately.
  4. I don't believe it's lime the fruit but lime as slaked lime or calcium hydroxide. Slaked lime mixed with tumeric, water and heat creats the brilliant vermillion red kumkuma. Though there are some sources which say to add citric acid... But I don't know about mixing citric acid with calcium hydroxide because it reacts very violently to acids.
  5. People who must be in sects, and seperate themselves with humanity always find fault in others whether it be a man, a woman, a god or Goddess if it does not fit the qualifications and standards of their sect. However people who transcend all that get the divine blessing as seeing all things as emanations of the supreme. And every path as valid. Not saying this is just Vaishnavas who do this, other sects do it as well. In fact there are not many people who are not guilty of trying to find fault in other paths, peoples, tribes, creeds, classes, castes, sects. Etc. But you know, if it was not meant to be in existence in the universe, it wouldn't be. Even the Asuras, who are said to be "demons" (but are just actually power seeking deities) have their place. They too are emanations of the divine! If you can see even a "demon" or whatever you want to call it as an emanation of the divine then you KNOW that God is taking you places.
  6. Compared to the millions of animals killed and tortured everyday in western civilization for food every day, this is very light indeed. Listen sweet child of God, we are in the Kali Yuga. Surely you know this? There are unspeakable horrors everywhere you turn in the world today. Seek refuge in whatever form of God you believe in, and turn you rage inwards to your own personal shortcomings of God. Burn away all your own shortcomings so you can get liberation and not have to come back to this place!
  7. Well unfortunatley when people decide to see themselves seperate through caste, creed, class, gender, sects, religions, nationalities, languages, lineages, etc. Then what you get is strife. People will quarrel over petty differences, when in reality we are all god's children. No matter who you are, who you worship, what color you are, what gender you are, etc. We are all the divine embodiment of souls... And if people realized the truth they would see their selves, and god in everyone and everything else. However, we don't live in the Golden age anymore ;-) </was>
  8. I do not see anything as REALLY distinct. It is only distinct through the play of Maya. But when you see reality you will see all things in existence as one.
  9. The water that everyone drinks is full of fish and other animals, including all manner of dead things before it reaches your lips. And even if you are drinking pure cow milk, are you not drinking her blood which has been changed through chemical processes? You should try cultivating purity of the mind. All of things in creating is pure, if you have evil and impurity of the mind then you will see certain people, items, activities and aspects of creation as evil. When you have purity of the mind you transcend all that. Then you see all things are there for a reason, that all people exist for a reason, every event happens for a reason, etc. Just a thought.
  10. Hi, My local temple holds a Rahu Kala Puja to Goddess Shakti every Sunday. I have a basic idea of what it is, and what it does, but I wanted to know more about it. What is involved, what I should wear, what I should expect, things I should and should not do. I do not go to many temples or do many pujas with others, call me a hermit... But that is just my nature. But I have been drawn to go and perform this Puja. So can someone please educate me on this Puja some more? Thanks!
  11. With all the people here on this board, it is a shame only 25 people have signed the petition for Maa Ganga. When I hear that people defile her body with garbage, sewage, chemicals and other vile things it brings tears to my eyes. Would anyone go into a temple or to a shrine and put these foul things on any murthy of God/dess? No I don't think so! I think it is just as equally wrong to put foul things into the body of Maa Ganga. She has a living presence here on Earth and humans who know full well that she is sacred has polluted her presence and ruined it for future generations. Even though I know that this is a product of Kali Yuga, it is still a shame, and it still makes me cry. Our Earth is a sacred nurturing mother, and look how we have fouled her? Look at how we dump chemicals into her veins, and throw garbage on her body. Would anyone do this to their own home or mother? No! Then why do this to our Earth Maa and Maa Ganga? Shame on anyone who does these things.
  12. Let us look at the image of Hari Hara...
  13. God may have many forms such as Maa, Shiva, Krishna, Vishnu, etc. But ALL forms are emanations of one divine soul... So why should we see ANYTHING as seperate. The divine soul in fact has no name, gender, forms until it manifests through Shakti. So why argue about this god being seperate from that god, and that this path is higher than that path. That is all futile arguments. All have god as a divine spark within them, and through that personal spark they can go back to the source. Shiva is God's destructive personality as Vishnu is the personality the preserves... But in the end, they are all indeed one in the same. Seeing everything as seperate will also keep YOU seperate from God, and it is also the reason why people must see themselves as distinct from each other through paths, creeds, classes, castes, genders, etc. Yes we all have minor differences but we are all gods children. And all emanations of God are infact all connected to one divine source. I choose to worship that as Maha Devi Mata, but does that make me any different from someone who worships Shiva or someone who worships Krishna? Only by the name we are calling out in our prayers in the images we choose to see as the form of our beloved.
  14. Why are you posting this hundreds of times? It is not necessary and it is annoying. Moderators?
  15. Oh and about the nakedness thing, I think it also has this esoteric meaning: Before Maa removes Maya for you to show you the truth (i.e. the outer garments) you *must* become her child. She will not show the truth to those who do not sit in her lap like an innocent child and depend on her and call her as Maa for all that they need. Only when you have become innocent like a child and treat the Mahadevi as Mata, then and only then can she reveal all the secrets and splendor of the universe!
  16. I love these stories. The first one about her changing them into children and suckling them especially brings tears to my eyes, everyone including the great Trimurti is children in the lap of Maa!
  17. Ey Pujarie, If I ever come to Trinidad will you show me around?
  18. Hey Pujarie. Listen I have been getting your messages but I have to make a couple more posts before I can reply! But yes your answer helped me out. I want to talk more of that subject with you. I was online the other day too when you messaged me but not at my desk ;-) Anyway I just thought i'd be able to get your attention here at a post about our beloved Maa Kali ;-) May all the blessings of Maa shower upon you and yours, always! May she always keep you and your loved ones in her most beautiful lap! Love and Light from you Sister (Since we share the same mother!)
  19. Hahaha yeah, you know they wont drink any because they know they are poison sellers. The pharmaceutical industry in America is out of control, just like the goverment.
  20. I personally agree with this person. I see a LOT of Christian messages and Jesus talk on here... And while I accept the divinity of Christ and think it's a valid path, it's not the path I come here to discuss. I come here to discuss Sanatan Dharma, Tantra, Shakti Sadhana, etc. I accept all things in all of the world to be honest, it all has a place. However I just think that there's a LOT of Christian stuff going on. And I am new here, so it may not matter much what I say... However I don't come here to discuss Christ, or catholicism or anything like that. I have Mother Mary hanging right next to my Mother Kali... But the point is, there are some people on here, though I wont mention names who seem to think that Jesus must be accepted, and other instances where irrelevant comments have been made that include Jesus and Mary where someone may be talking about something completely different. I dont' want to get into too much detail with this because I really hate to complain... But for a Sanatan Dharma, and Indian based spirituality forum there's a LOT of Jesus talk going on here. I came to my path because I was frankly tired of the Christian one. I do not like preachy people, whether it is Krishna or Christ being preached as the absolute way, truth and light for all people and that all other paths are wrong. Not saying this is happening here per se, but there's is definatley some preachy preachy secretarian stuff going on. And of course it's welcome to go on, and like I said I am brand new here, I always have the option of leaving if I dont like anything. But I do like this place, and it's not enough to make me leave. It doesen't bother me so much because I just ignore it. And like I said I accept all paths as equal... But it just seems very out of place to be preaching Christ here. I mean there's a whole post about Jesus being the REASON for the SEASON. As an American surrounded by preachy Christians, this is really not what I come on here to read. This person is right, this board has some serious Christian undertones for a board based on the Dharma, Sadhanas, and other such things. I have a pretty good feeling that this post is going to be extremely misunderstood, so I am ready for that. Now I will say in defense of it, it's beautiful that our path is accepting enough to allow other paths be discussed here, and on this hand I am almost glad to see it. So really my position is neutral. I just wanted to say that this person is not totally off base with what they are saying, and of course I have a tendency to ramble, so HERE WE ARE.
  21. I agree with most of what you are saying. I am not one who believes in the mortification of the body and abstinence from all sensory pleasures if you have a draw to them. Obviously of course, if you are doing certain Sadhanas, absitenence from various things may be necessary... But if you feel the urge to have sex, then I believe that is your Karmic urge and you should follow it so you can rid yourself of that Karma. Sex is a natural part of human existence. If people wish to be celibate that is fine! But it's certainly not necessary to obtain the grace of god/dess. Some people it may be necessary for them, and in that case if that is what your guru says to do, or what your IshtaDeva/IshtaDevi requires then by all means do it. The only thing I don't agree with is that Tantra has sex at it's core. Tantra is a very complex spiritual science that uses astrology, ayurveda, mantra, yantra, sadhana and other various methods to obtain divine bliss, higher states of conciousness, the perfection of oneself, the path to self-realization, and to become a Siddha. There is within one form of Tantra the Pancha-Tattva Ritual that makes use of the five taboos that are meat, fish, parched grain, wine/alcohol, and illicit sex. This ritual is a very powerful pooja that is either done mentally/symbollically or literally. Through this ritual one overcomes social conditioning and taboos that restrict you from your higher nature. Tantra has some Aghora aspects (non-terrifying) where you embrace darkness and taboos so you have no distinctions of dark and light, good and evil, etc. Which are all in essence a form of social conditioning. It also helps break Maya delusion. Maya however is not the physical realm in essence, it is the conditioning of the human mind that makes one see everything as seperate from themselves, and seperate from God. So it is not really sex at the core of Tantra, however one large aim of Tantra is ecstatic divine bliss, in which the Tantrika experiences the cosmic orgasmic bliss from the union of Shiva and Shakti. But do not mistake this for outward sexual feeling, of course. Tantra for whatever reason, because Westerners are obsessed with the material aspect of things and lustful sexual addictions have perverted this ancient science into "sacred sex" or a purely sexual science in which all sorts of ridiculous rituals are undertaken such as using a peacock feather to raise the kundalini (LMAO). Also in the East Tantra has been looked down upon and shunned as black magic because the power that Tantrikas accquire is very real. In Tantra you become the object of adoration... And because they do taboo things which is misunderstood and feared, even though it has a very real and powerful purpose, people demonize them as black magicians and witches. Neither of these views are true... And it's a shame because Tantra can really help a lot of people realize their divine nature, and practicioners of Tantra by coming a vessel for the divine can help people in a very real way. Becuase of the radical methods used in Tantra it is ESPECIALLY useful in this Kali Yuga where the ignorance and darkness is so thick. Tantra is like a two edged sword that can be very dangerous in the wrong hands but in the right hands it slices through the darkness and error like nothing you have ever seen. And it fills people up with divine, white healing power to help change the world. It's such a shame that it's so misunderstood, but also in a way people who have notions of "Black magic" and "evil" in their head, they have no business practicing Tantra which is extremely non-dualistic at it's very core. I hope this has cleared up some of the misconceptions you may have about Tantra. It really angers me when I see people saying that Tantra is sex. Neo-Tantra in the West is at BEST the Kama Sutra being sold like a prostitute, at it's worst, it's self-delusional and dangerous.
  22. My outer form is that of a Gopi, however my true form is a fierce Yogini attendant of Kali Maa. I like to play about with people, with outer appearances, with words, dance, etc. just like my Maa's Lila of Maya ;-)
  23. Thanks, I am glad that you guys all have a sense of humor and can egage in play and fun with me in seriousness. I realize what you are saying about the old school and such, it does not really bother me, I just see it as a mode of thought from a particular age. AS far as my knowledge, the majority of it dawned on me like a light through worshipping Maa. I sit in her lap every day, and anything I need, she gives. Whenever I wish to know something I ask her and she tells me. We play about, and talk, and she teaches me throughout the day... Comforting me in my times of frustration, and suckling me to her breast like a wee child in times that I am in need of spiritual nourishment. All the things she has taught me has been most liberating... It amazes me everyday the things I learn from her. It makes me weep with bliss and joy to even think about it, I love my maa so much. But I dare not say I am any great spiritual aspirant by any means because of this. My Maa is solely responsible for it all. She is the one with the knowledge not me! And as far as Goloka is concerned, I do not have any desire for any heavens or such incarnations in the heavenly realms. It is my wish that if she is so ever graceful enough to give me the knowledge and shakti to help others, then I will stay guiding those who she has chosen for me to help. I desire no heavenly rewards, or heavenly births... For once you lose merit you have to incarnate again! It's still a form of Samsara to be born in the heavenly regions, so when I am through with being born in various realms I wish only to merge with Maa. So this is why I do not follow practices that reward one with "heaven", however of course if Maa says that I must incarnate there then I shall...
  24. Hahaha, you know that I am mostly playing and teasing with you dearest.
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