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  1. hi all, Im fairly new to this forum and im trying to get info on Kali Ma worship and the Devis like Ganga ma and Kateri ma and Bhiro baba and Munish Prem and Di baba. These are the murtis there are in a temple i have visited time and time again, but i am unable to get any indept info. I'd likw to know what sort of offerings these devi and devatars prefer because i see people giving different things as full offerrings. Im really confused and id appreciate it very much if someone who is educated in this can help me. Thanks
  2. this is really a nice one. playing with words!
  3. ha ha, Lotus flower..................aint lotus a flower? Oruganti, u wicked!
  4. i have not visited this temple in Pasea, but have been going to the other one (operated by Lalo) for some time now,and sad to say that its also a money making thing there too. I cant say that they have CLEANLINESS at the top of the list for it lacks big time there. i have tried to help in cleaning as iv seen many do the same, but i guess when the old ones get tired of the lack of upkeep, there would always be the new ones who are blind to it to take over, so the job gets done anyway.....but thats the circle of life! How can the house of God be kept in such a filthy manner? Do you actually think they are happy there? Who cares right? Once they manifest upon a devotee and give help, and bring in a good dutchna to the head pujari, thats all is needed right? People, dont get me wrong..........im not bashing any person here for its a team effort, but damn, there is a head and if the head doesnt give a rats backside, what? how u think its going to go down when there is a group of people picking up the slack? It will be that they want to throw out the head right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so what to do? Dress up pretty preety and go give flowers and malas and what have you....money will be best, and turn a blind eye to the outward love that is not shown to the "murtis" for all they are are to heal the sick and help the distressed....nothing else ent?
  5. bambi


    i am also in a similar situation. My husband says that our life has gotten worst since we started worshipping Kali ma and now im in a situation where i am stopped from going temple. I have cried and cried on Sunday mornings ..............its not the same at the altar at home..........its just not the same! But i pray and do my havan and i get dreams..............ma has not forsaken me............she understands and she always will. Nothing lasts forever except the Love from our divine mother!
  6. Hello all, I have been worshipping Ma for over 10 years. The thing is, i do it from my heart without knowing the rules in Kali Ma worship. I have tried to get info from the head pujari at that temple, and that was the most impossible! I understand that love is the end all and be all of worship and there is only one God, just different manifestations (just as a mother is a cook , a cleaner, a wife, an employee and so on). Can someone please shed some light on Ma Kateri. I've read the threads about her, but its like its not enough. I need to know more about her. Can someone PLEASE shed some light for me. Also, why is it that at some temples the members wear yellow and at other temples, members wear white? And under what condition is a waistband to be used? Bambi:confused:
  7. hi everyone, I'm new to the forum......first post ! Please, whatever we are going thru in this life, we should never ever look at suicide as an option. At present, i am going thru a very tough period in my marriage and i am holding on. Read inspirational books and get knowledge that would help in understanding yourself and the situation and pray to God that the other party's eyes open. I'm not replying to anyone, I just want to say this to anyone who needs to hear this right now. We are all human and we need to be supportive to eachother.
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