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Praying For Sacinandana Swami

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Although we might consider that great devotees are always connected with Krishna's powerhouse and thus receive sufficient strength to perform this heavy task of saving the conditioned souls, still we see that sometimes Vaishnavas are struggling with bad health.:pray:


News about Sacinandana Swami


Dear Devotees and Dear Friends,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

This is a difficult letter for me to write. I need your understanding and support.

After a lot of praying, thinking, and consulting, I have decided to take nine months out of my busy schedule (beginning May 10) and dedicate this time exclusively to my necessary, full recovery.

Let me explain. After successful surgery on January 16, I suffered a severe infection and inflammation that almost pushed me over the edge. Yes, there were times when I seriously thought it would be the end of my service in this body. What I experienced was simply the result of exploiting every ounce of my mental and physical strength for many years. There was often little or no rest. When the surgery was performed, it was like taking down the wallpaper in an old building and discovering that behind it were rotted wood, leaking pipes, insects crawling here and there, and so forth. Some of you will say, "We predicted as much."

My critical health situation is nothing unique. Several of my godbrothers are in similar or even worse situations. Some have died early deaths, whereas others battle chronic illness. The bitter result of my physically unbalanced life has emerged.

Fortunately, my case is not that serious. Many doctors and health consultants who examined me say that at this stage almost complete healing is possible. However, I must take the time and the medications, do the exercises, follow the diet, and so on that are necessary to accomplish this recovery.

After I surrendered to the idea of investing time in my recovery, I did all I could, expecting that I would be fully fit to resume my service by the beginning of April. But I had to learn that becoming healthy is among the many things in life that one cannot influence at will. No matter what I tried, I had only 40 percent of my old energy.

I am still constantly exhausted and have pain in different areas of my body, accompanied by "weak nerves" and other unmistakable warning signs. These symptoms forced me to think very deeply about how to deal with the situation. To be honest, I hesitated making a decision, but whenever I visited a new doctor, consulted another godbrother, or spoke with friends, they all advised me similarly: "You have to invest more time! It's now or never. If you miss this chance, you will quickly burn the candle of your life at both ends."

Let me tell you what my hesitations were and share the answers I found. I believe that in this way I can also answer some of your questions.

What about my service to Srila Prabhupada, Krishna, and the Vaishnavas?

For what I would like to offer to Srila Prabhupada, the kind Lord, and all the Vaishnavas, I must be reasonably healthy. At this point, I feel that preparing myself for full-time service is also service—indirect service. There are many letters that Srila Prabhupada wrote to disciples in which he encouraged them to view taking care of their health as service to Krishna and the mission.

How will I serve all those wonderful Vaishnavas to whom I feel deeply connected?

This was a tough question since everyone likes to be in contact with those they love. Here is my answer:

a. From time to time I will communicate through my Saranagati website, http://www.saranagati.net, where I will write my realizations and share the spiritual treasures found on my "journey."

b. There are many, many lectures in which I have poured whatever I have to give. They are available through my tape ministry at http://www.saranagati-publishin<wbr>g.net. There are also several books that can be found on the website.

Some Questions for Sacinandana Swami

Question: Will it be possible to contact you during your recovery? And if so, how?

Answer: I sincerely ask you to let me take a holiday from e-mails, phone calls, and visits because in my present situation they take a lot of time, concentration, and strength. This time will pass quickly, "like the exhaling breath of a bison into the cold winter air."

Question: Ok, we understand, but will you be working on other things during this time of physical recovery?

Answer: I will try to serve the Lord by increasing my spiritual practice of chanting the Holy Names and absorbing my mind with His glorious qualities and pastimes. I'll work on a new project—the development of a unique program for spreading Krishna consciousness in a relevant and attractive way. And a new book will come out. I might be able to give a few lectures close to the place I will be staying that can be recorded and made available either on videotape or as an audio recording through the Internet. I'll write at http://www.saranagati.net.

Question: Will Sacinandana Swami participate in any summer camps, preaching events, etcetera?

Answer: I have cancelled my participation in all events except two: the Nrsimha Festival at Simhacalam in Germany from April 28 to May 5 and the Serbian summer camp from June 22 to 30. (For information about the Serbian summer camp, please contact Madhva Muni Prabhu: madhva@Eunet.yu.) That means I will not be in Germany, Croatia, or Switzerland for the summer camps and other scheduled visits.

So in conclusion, I urgently ask you to learn to communicate with Sacinandana Swami through spiritual communication—no letters, no phone calls, and no visits. Please let us meet in the heart, which is the best place for communication anyway.

If you were to meet me now, you would see a very happy Sacinandana Swami. No, I do not have the energy I once had, and yes, I require a lot of health care, but I understand that it is the incredible mercy of Lord Krishna that brings me to the next step in my life's journey. Progressing on this most fascinating journey will never stop. It is the greatest adventure of the human being.

Deep inside my heart I also feel the calling of Srila Prabhupada and Krishna. I just know that a glorious mission is waiting for me after recuperation, and I am meditating daily about it in order to become qualified.

Not long ago a devotee told me about a special type of eagle that is confronted with a unique choice when it turns forty years of age. Either it dies or it undergoes a transformation and continues its life. Not all eagles take advantage, but some fly to the Rocky Mountains and change. For each eagle, that means trimming its claws, which have grown too long. It also has to shorten its beak and to pull out its feathers, which have also gotten too long. Only once this painful process has been completed can the eagle continue to live—for another thirty years or so. Eagles that do not fly to the Rocky Mountains for this important transformation stand no chance. Only those who make the necessary "corrections" escape the grave. I feel that this example describes my situation very appropriately. I have to go into retreat now and afterward lead a more balanced life. I believe that when I come out of the "Rocky Mountains," I will be able to serve you much better, and I sincerely request your full support in this necessary but difficult decision.

Wishing you all the best and lots of spiritual strength and don't forget to check the Saranagati website from time to time for letters from your "hermit swami."

Yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada,

Sacinandana Swami

P.S. Here is a nice quote from Srila Prabhupada:

"There is a little spot, fire. Fan it. The process of fanning [is required]. But if the fanning is stopped, then the small spot of fire also will be extinguished. It will have no effect, because the small fire cannot do anything. It must become a blazing fire. . . . If you say: 'Now that small fire is sufficient,' that will not act sufficiently. A small fire has the potential, but that potential should be brought out [fully]."

Devotee: "That is the devotional practice?"

Srila Prabhupada: "Yes."

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Lectures, Bhajans

Sacinandana Swami and Bhurijana Prabhu


Govardhana Retreat

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"Dear devotees and friends,

Reading and hearing are the most easiest form of association. It opens the door to new dimensions in Krishna Consciousness, since it is imbued with special potency to awaken our dormant love for Krishna. Hearing from a devotee attracts Krishna in our heart! <table align="center" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="208"> <tbody><tr> <td align="left" valign="top">




</td> </tr> </tbody></table> Inspired by Sacinandana Swami, our publications strive to enhance your spiritual growth."


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CD-01_05-e -> Vyasa puja 2005

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CD-2007_01-e - Gaura Purnima Zagreb

CD-2007_02-e - Experience of the Spiritual Journey

CD-2007_03-e - Nrsimha Caturdasi

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If the swami doesn't plan to run away like Harikesa, what need is there to write this letter in the first place?


I am curious about the "retirement package" the swami has taken for the services he offered to ISKCON. :)


"Sacinandana Swami runs away" would be a better title to this letter. Remember, Satsvarupa also "retired".

Agreed, but meanwhile I learned to adapt my vocabulary as such to not make any of the forum members feel offended. Again thanks for your concerned inquiry - it is adequate.



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If the swami doesn't plan to run away like Harikesa, what need is there to write this letter in the first place?


I am curious about the "retirement package" the swami has taken for the services he offered to ISKCON. :)


"Sacinandana Swami runs away" would be a better title to this letter. Remember, Satsvarupa also "retired".


Do you know Sacinandana S. personally that you speak such harsh words about him? I have known him for close to 30 years and altough I am a true fault-finder I can not find fault with Sacinandana Swami. He is one of the sweetest devotees I have met in my life.

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Do you know Sacinandana S. personally that you speak such harsh words about him? I have known him for close to 30 years and altough I am a true fault-finder I can not find fault with Sacinandana Swami. He is one of the sweetest devotees I have met in my life.


I do not know Sacinandana Swami personally but I have listened to some of his lectures and find them to be very inspiring. He comes across with a very sweet disposition and sincerity. I enjoy hearing him.


I see nothing his letter to indicate anything other than he has health problems that need to be taken care. What would any of the rest of us do in the same situation? It is as Sacinandana Swami mentions, we must take care of these bodies to serve Krishna.

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I see nothing his letter to indicate anything other than he has health problems that need to be taken care.


Years of sankirtan, years of sleeping in a cold van even during harsh winter months, years cold showers often outdoors, years of travelling and preaching in all kinds of nasty and remote countries, can wear out your body real quick.


It is terribly unfair to lump all devotees of any stature in our movement into one "suspect" category. Granted, there was - and there still is - a lot of abuse of power, but lets be fair and avoid disrespecting some truly wonderful Vaishnavas out there - YES, they do exist.

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It reminds me of the story related by Sripad Janardan Maharaja in the video posted on a recent thread here where he speaks of how we sometimes have to back up a bit and then take a run to jump over a big ditch.


Good luck, Sacinandana Swami. Recharge and keep running.

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So I know this is the Swami I am thinking of:


I have questions that I would like to have answered regarding HH Sacinananda Swami.


What is his karmi name? All the other ISKCON swamis karmi names can be found. What is his?


Also, please explain his relationship with Prithu das Adhikari?

I actually can't figure what it is of importance to know the karmi name of an ISKCON swami in good standing - in this case HH Sacinandana Swami (Thorsten Pettersson)? Prithu and him joined almost the same time in the same temple and started to translate Bhagavad-gita and Teachings of Lord Caitanya. Prithu somehow always had the role of the eldest child in the family but this could also be the quite big difference of age. HH Sacinandana Swami joined at the age of 16 , Prithu was 28.

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Do you know Sacinandana S. personally that you speak such harsh words about him? I have known him for close to 30 years and altough I am a true fault-finder I can not find fault with Sacinandana Swami. He is one of the sweetest devotees I have met in my life.


Even after such close association and even after seeing 50 such fall downs including the one's of Suhotra, Satsvarupa, Harikesa, etc. you are still not able to figure out a saint from the swindlers.


Compare the letters that each one of them wrote before finally letting the devotee world know they are no more gurus or sannyasis. This letter from Sacinandana Swami is no different.


By the way, why should the letter that was written before May 10 of 2007 be published in December 2007? It will never ring any bell in the minds of the fanatic followers of such fake gurus and swamis!

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Even after such close association and even after seeing 50 such fall downs including the one's of Suhotra, Satsvarupa, Harikesa, etc. you are still not able to figure out a saint from the swindlers.



That I can figure out quite easily. I never fell for the Iskcon guru fairy tales new bhaktas are brainwashed with. But I can appreciate many years of hard service devotees like Sacinandana Swami gave to the movement.


Do you think the credit for such good service goes away when someone falls victim to maya? If so, then you dont know the basic teachings of Bhagavad-gita. What happens to Sacinandana Swami next is irrelevant to me. He has already earned my deep respect. You should study the idea of repect because you seem to have a problem grasping it.


Did Sacinandana Maharaja swindle you out of something? Lets hear your story... If he did not - it would be wise for you to refrain from such slanderous remarks.


This irresponsible criticizing attitude among so many of Prabhupada's followers gives Gaudiya Vaishnavism a very bad name. Pretending to only care about "purity" they merely express their own malicious and petty nature. Every two-bit puss filled neophyte feels like they have a right to spit on every Vaishnava that seems "different" or "suspicious" to them. It is truly disgusting.

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...neophyte feels like they have a right to ... on every Vaishnava that seems "different" or "suspicious" to them. It is truly disgusting.


What you have said is absolutely right, but please don't be too harsh with your language. This is my humble request...

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Well, I also find the knee-jerk responses rather tiresome. Just because someone has a position in ISKCON, he's automatically awful, motivated by personal ambition? Gimme a break. Look, I've been around ISKCON for 38 years, and I've seen plenty of devotees who don't live up to the aspirations Srila Prabhupada has for them. (Count me among them.) However, to assert that everyone who has attained some apparent success in preaching must be materially ambitious just shows a lack of careful thought. And the assumption that none of those who have dedicated decades of their lives to serving the sankirtan movement has made any real spiritual progress just shows a lack of regard for Srila Prabhupada. This is just so old . . .

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  • 4 months later...

Looks like the Swami is recovered and making preaching tours.

While his yatra is struggling to pay back a million debt, good idea to hold seminars about keeping your inner peace.




Swami Talks Inner Peace at NYU


By Kate Ray for Washington Square News (New York University) on 1 May 2008



Image: Gaurahari Dasa


Sacinandana Swami visited the Kimmel Center while in New York this week.


<!--paging_filter-->Sacinandana Swami is here to teach us nothing that we do not already know.

The German Hare Krishna monk is a kind of celebrity within the International Society for Krishna Consciousness community. He spoke at the Kimmel Center last Monday night and at a Village Hare Krishna temple last Tuesday as part of his month-long visit to the United States.

Sacinandana Swami teaches and writes prolifically on the movement and has translated the Bhagavid-gita into German. He was initiated into the movement in 1971 by its founder, Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, according to his website.

Tuesday's lecture, titled "The Mind - Our Fiercest Enemy or Best Friend," focused on the individual's relationship to the mind and ways that that relationship could be improved.

"For he who has not conquered the mind, the mind is always talking to him, like a roommate who is never quiet. It is very difficult to tell him to shut up," Sacinandana Swami began, seated cross-legged before rows and rows of listeners.

He spoke about the spiritual pilgrimages that we must all pursue and about how to form healthy relationships with our own minds. He described his own pilgrimage to the top of Mount Kailash in Tibet and explained how everyone could pursue pilgrimages without leaving home simply by opening themselves up to new ideas.

"In a way, all of us human beings should be on pilgrimages," he said. "In your ordinary life, leave behind your old space, tables covered with junk mail, unwholesome relationships and accept a new space in your life that has new practices."

But he said that he isn't trying to teach us anything that we couldn't know by ourselves.

"I believe that people sometimes need a little impetus to remember what they have forgotten," he said. "I feel myself to be something like a midwife. A midwife doesn't create a child but helps the mother to see what is already inside of her. I believe monks should be midwives," he added with a chuckle.

"A simple definition of craziness is to keep on doing the same old things every day and to expect a new result," he said.

Ironically, the Rolling Stones were what got him into the Hare Krishna back in the '70s.

"One day, I remember it was in television. I was a fan of the Rolling Stones. One of the members, the guitarist, had died from an overdose of drugs," he said. "I cried tears - my model had died. After this, an exciting new group, the Radha Krishna Temple, came on and sang the Hare Krishna mantra. I immediately felt deep solace."

A 16-year-old boy at the time, Sacinandana Swami set off to introduce himself to the Hare Krishna community in Germany and began the life of learning, teaching and traveling that he continues to this day.

"I don't know that his talk was so much helpful as his person, his demeanor. ... He has a very loving nature, very humorous," said CAS sophomore David Corner, who attended Tuesday's lecture.

Sacinandana Swami will be giving lectures this week and the beginning of the next at The Sanctuary at 25 First Ave. He will deliver the second part of his lecture next Tuesday at 7 p.m.

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