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  1. Krishna is blue because He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and can be whatever color He wants to be.
  2. Kuladri? Really. Looks like new. Wasn't he initiated in the early 70's? I am quite surprised that he would be selling his initiation letter from Prabhupada.
  3. Very nice. I was trying to explain this to someone via email the other day and they had a hard time understanding. Did you make this film? I did not even think of doing this!
  4. The devotee that is selling this letter is a disciple of Kirtanananda. I wonder if that is who original had this letter.
  5. Marisa Tomei is a very good actress who starred in many movies, including one called "Just a Kiss". Little known movie but I consider to be one of her best.
  6. Yeh, sorry about that. I think my brain misfunctioned for a few minutes.
  7. LOL!!!! In your first post it looked like you are saying you joined because your username looks good! I got confused. I understand now. Sroll down this page http://www.krishna.com/ to find out about the simultaneously broadcast on Krishna.com
  8. you joined because lotusflower108 looks good? I don't understand. Anyway the Japa Room is simultaneously broadcast at Krishna.Com in a video room on Saturdays.
  9. Feeding the animals the prasadam is not throwing it away.
  10. Besides the fees and other ways that ebay operates; another thing started to disturb me about ebay. Isn't it a form of gambling?
  11. p.s. I sold on ebay for years. I gave it up due to the fee changes and feedback changes.
  12. No everything is not free. You can list the first time for free and then if the items sells you are charged according to the selling price. Plus paypal does charge a fee. If you want to try to sell items that did not sell the first time around then you are charged a fee for listing. ebay is not going to give away their services for free. If you were lucky enough to sell everything the first time around - that is to your benefit but even then you are charged a fee based on the sale price.
  13. Basically the only one making money is ebay. There are so many sellers selling the same products that the sellers are dropping their prices. Buyers can do well tho. The fees ebay tacks on add up rapidly and then you have to figure in the fees for paypal and other payment methods. Also, it is if a buyer complains you are out of luck and have to refund the money to them. I sold on ebay for years and did quite well. But like many sellers, I quit due to all the fee changes, feedback changes and the lack of respect for the seller. The last time I put books on to sell, I made a whopping $5 and ended up owing ebay $15. Too much competition and too high on the ebay fees. Buyers are getting wise to the fact that sellers can not give negative or neutral feedback to them and many take unfair advantage of that.
  14. What does it mean Spiritually. Obama has won the U.S. election in a big landslide!! Probably nothing! He is a politician, a meat eater and pro choice. don't expect big spiritual changes.
  15. In Srimad Bhagavatam we are told: The six children killed by Kamsa had formerly been sons of Marici, but because of having been cursed by a brähmana, they were obliged to take birth as grandsons of Hiranyakasipu. Kamsa had taken birth as Kälanemi, and now he was obliged to kill his own sons. This was a mystery. As soon as the sons of Devaki were killed, they would return to their original place.
  16. Perhaps just simple respect as our parents and elders is in order.
  17. Translate out to "I wish he had sugar-coated the truth."
  18. Please give us the main words of title without the .com or www. or http.
  19. I was not clear in my question. I was asking if it was if the BBT had published this edition. It is not clear on this.
  20. Who published this edition that is carried by Krishna Culture? http://www.krishnaculture.com/Merchant5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=KC&Product_Code=JDK&Category_Code=
  21. Please give us update. All is well, right? Have the deities been brought back?
  22. It was not New Vrndavan but the Mayapur temple. Here is the link to the youtube video. I knew I recognized the temple and some of the devotees.
  23. Are these pics from the re-enactment of Lord Vamanas pastimes? It seems I recognize these from somewhere and keep thinking it was at New Vrndavana. Many of the people in the pics appear to be westerners.
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