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Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God

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My birthday gift this year, last Monday was the following treasure which I would like to share with the Fellowship.


Concluding the small book "Poetry of a Saint" which comprises the 5th collection of sermons of Srila Sridhara Maharaja Goswami we find:


[...] Our aspiration should be for such a life. We can sincerely foster the idea to feel attraction to a life of such a plane where everything is of a musical character. This is the land of Vrndavan. This is the land where God is eternally engaged in a sweet play of love with all surrendered souls. Vrndavan is so friendly, so sweet, so near to us, and such a “well-wisher” of ours. We are quite at home there – sweet, sweet home. In our innate and innermost existence we are members of that plane.



Now we have come out, and we have scattered our consciousness all over the surface. Cover, cover, cover – there are so many layers but they are all dry things. And the substance is within. Eliminating this bodily cover, the mental cover, the egoistic cover –
I may enter into the land of Vrndavan – the land of love. Vrndavan resides within me
, and there I can find my friends everywhere. They are my friends and relatives, and they will give me an all-too-pleasing experience – ecstasy.



Sri Chaitanya came with this news for us
. “Oh, you are a child of that soil; why do you suffer here, my children, my boys? Why do you suffer? You are a child of that soil, and you are suffering so much, coming in the desert? Your home is so resourceful, so sweet and you are running in the desert? What is this? Come! Leave this poisonous charm, this suicidal charm.



“This so-called charm, maya-charm, misunderstanding charm – this is suicidal. Leave this apparent charm! This is poisonous – like a witch. The witch has charmed you here and made you spellbound. Come along with Me! I shall take you to your home which is so very sweet!”



This should be the course of our life, our cherished goal. Srimad Bhagavatam tells us this. Home, sweet, sweet home. You are a child of that soil. <B>In one word, that is the goal. Why is that the highest goal? That is your home!</b> This one word, ‘home’, should be sufficient to attract you.



You are wandering here in a foreign land, but there is your home. You will get home comfort there, and you will not be able to deny that. So, back to God, back to home, back to Godhead.


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There ya go, nother mahaksa gem. Thanx gHari, made me seek the kingdom of god at:




For your birthday, I give you my new motto, which will be made into a book as soon as these fingers to type. The theme is as follows




If the crocodile invites to take you for lunch

make sure you leave your heart in the tree.

Stay tuned, the kingdom is the basis, and the website above is the research vehicle for the project. hare krsna, ys, mahaksadasa




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