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Ruined by black magic!

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There is nothing that Nrsmhadeva can't cure.


Rakhe Krsna Mare Kaun?

Maray Krsna Rakhe Kaun?:smash:


If Lord Krsna/Krishna wants to protect me who can kill/hurt me???


If Lord Krsna/Krishna wants to punish me (for being a rascal) who can protect me???


A tantric's curse can never harm you if I you are protected by Lord Krsna/Narsimha Dev.


Even if you do get hurt by the curse so what??? This body is temporary and is dying every minute.


The body ultimately belongs to the Lord and you are just leasing it so the person trying to harm your body will be punished most severly.:smash:


Surrender yourself to the mercy of the Lord and he will protect you have no fear of tantric or his curse!!!!


Hare Krsna/Krishna


Jay Sirla Prabhupada

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It seems you have no idea why these bad things are happening to you. Pointing at others and blaming others for your problems, shows that there is a big problem with yourself.

Too often people point the finger at an invisible evil-doer or "magician" but could you point out this awful person in the street? Would you point to the right person?


People have to deal with so many awful things in this age. Not just you. The things you've described are being suffered by almost everyone. How many people have lost their parents? How many people suffer from chronic pain and/or suffering of some type? Can we all just easily blame it on someone else who has cursed us? Do these tantrics have so much time in their day to curse everyone?


Lastly, what can we do about it? Nothing.


God/The Lord is the only presence that can do anything about our problems.

But the Lord will also help those who help themselves. If you are having health problems...address them. God did not grant you a working brain to waste it. Read up on your health problems, get as healthy as you can by your own means.

Help your mother as much as you can. It takes a true effort to cause a bad tide to turn.


This age may be tough, but there is so much knowledge out there to help us. We simply need to bother tapping into it.


Ignorance is truly one of our biggest enemies...and allowing ourselves to succumb to evil is an outward sign of such ignorance.

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I didn't read all the answer, so sorry it it has already been posted, but i think you should recite daily Nrsimha Kavaca of Pralad Maharaja and contact Syamasundara the Jyotish astrologer, he can give you a remedial measure, maybe a fire Yajna, that will free you. He's very good.


All the best !

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