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  1. If a more puranic explanation were to given, it would go something like this: This is the age of kali and it would only make sense that atheism is on the rise. Unfortunately, it is considered stylish to be atheistic. And remember, this is only the first leg of Kaliyuga....! In the second leg, it is said that humanity will disappear alongwith Dharma.....! So the rest is for you to judge!!
  2. You are extremely confused. The gandharva vivaha and other categories were especially instituted for people of certain mindsets. Gandharva Vivaha usually used to take place between people purely for physical sex. But it was still considered a taboo back then, since the practitioners of such marriages are subjected to the cycle of continous birth and deaths according to our Smritis. Unlike other religions, sex was never a taboo, but certain injunctions were placed by the Sanatana Dharma on it. This caused the rise of tantra, which incorporated those things into rituals......! In any case, the final onus even today lies on you..! One could lead a promiscous and lustful life or choose a life of brahmacharya....! It depends totally on an individual...This personal freedom existed then and it still exists now.....! So I dont understand why this thread was even opened....!
  3. It is said in our scriptures that one has to choose a place which is clean and pious. Moreover the person performing the Sadhana should also be clean and bathed before starting the namasmarana....! If the above conditions exist as mentioned by you, the mind will not focus, at least not in the initial stages of the sadhana...! Hence one should not perform sadhana in such an environment. Choose a serene area/temple/bottom of a tree (specificially banyan) in your area and do your sadhana there.....!
  4. It depends a lot on your mental inclination...! You should choose a deity that fits your inclination,...! The simplest is Om Namah Shivaya..! For Krishna/Vishnu it could be Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya...! As mentioned above, its best if you do Smaran of your family deity...!
  5. For all twice-born (brahmins), this mantra is the correct one with slight variations..! Other castes can chant the name of Rama, Krishna or Shiva as the following may be!
  6. A lot of online portals boast of the availability of 14 mukhi rudrakshas. Not many people can vouch for their authenticity and hence it may not be a very good idea to buy the same online! Secondly, people say that there is no procedure involved before and after wearing the Rudraksha. that is also not true. The following steps should be followed 1. Go and buy a 14 mukhi rudraksha in person, preferably accompanied by someone who knows Rudrakshas. 2. Before wearing it, the Rudraksha must be purified and there are various vidhis which should be done by a priest or a tantrik including abhishek with the Rudra Mantra 3. On a suitable day, incense has to be shown to the Rudraksha and one can then wear it. 4. On wearing it one should take care not to indulge in vices such as eating meat of any kind, alcohol etc, since it is said that the same Rudraksha that is usually beneficial turns Ugra thus causing harm to the person wearing it Note that these have been taken from the Shiva and the Linga Purana. So these are points that are ascribed by these Puranas as well. - A practising tantik
  7. well sadman! what you are experiencing could be black magic, but it could also be the remnants of leftover karmas from previous births! Black magic is entirely possible...! There are spells in tantra that can cause havoc similar to what you have described. Do go to a good psychic, but only after making sure that he will not cheat you! Ask the fellow to split the cost of the ritual in a 50:50 manner. And do chant the name of Krishna..! If possible chant the Hanuman Chalisa since this is a powerful tool for removal of any spells...!
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