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Sinus trouble

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Interesting thoughts on sinus.


I have had sinus trouble since I moved back to New Jersey. My Chinese

medicine book tells me that dampened immune function can lead to

sinusitis. I have cured myself of symptoms by taking herbal medication

to improve the immune function.


Kartar Kaur

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Sinus irrigation is an option. Put a 1 teaspoon of salt in 1 quart of water and bring it to a boil. Allow it to cool almost to room temperature. Tilt your head forward, down, and to one side. Pour the water slowly in one nostril and allow it to come out the other after passing through your sinuses. One nostril is usually more congested than the other; pour the water into the more congested side so it doesn't back up and run down your throat. There are all sorts of descriptions of the process on the web under the name sinus irrigation and on yoga web sites it is a purification technique called neti.


In general I find drinking a lot of water and avoiding junk food helps as well.

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the best remdies in AYurveda for sinus is ..

1 compound mix with those drugs..

Lakhmi vilas ras

kaf kuthar ras

tankan bhasam

shryang bhsam

tribhuvan kirti ras

abhrak bhsama


1-2 dose mix with honey..



a) Drakhasava --- 3 tea spoon asava and 3 tea spoon water mix together take twice a day after lunch and dinner

b-- Vaska sava ---- 3 tea spoon asava and 3 tea spoon water mix together take twice a day after lunch and dinner


3-- step of course--

Sadbindu (oil) tail..

2-3 drop oil in both the nose before sleeping

this is best diagnose and i m sure no one suggest better medicine in AYurveda what i had recomend it.. any kind of sinosities it will end from root.. in 2 months corses.. medicine name and details mentioned and how to take is also mention thre.. and still any doubt u can mail me or call me.. any time

vaidya Adwait tripathi

Arogya sadnam

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