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  1. I have tried to decipher the horoscope and have found out that it is true that you will make a fortune, and your marraige will sort itself out. you should concentrate on loving your husband and reading the holy book. I wish you Good Luck, HW
  2. youtube.com/watch?v=IbA-_8jLZUU&feature=related - this is disgusting that people can derive pleasure from watching the pain and suffering of an animal that has done nothing to them. it sickens me. please show your support
  3. Thiest is correct when he says this, most allopathic physicians, do not belive in hypnosis but it is worth a try. I will also pray for you. peace
  4. this is disgusting, and i hope the offender gets justice dished out to him
  5. well spotted theist, he must have meant woman!!!
  6. Caps Lock

    Sinus trouble

    my love goes to you, and i hope it floods into your soul. may your sinuses be cured i will pray for you
  7. you need to focus on your job, do not worry about your peers, you will be rewarded for your hard work and dedication. much love brother
  8. you are never alone, the gods will always go with you! much love
  9. you are likely Sneha, if you trust in your self and truly love your husband may the Gods go with you. much hope and love
  10. i will pray for you as hard as i can, your problem is my problem
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