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  1. thank you, my friend. i have had a dry skin conditions for years now, prays have not worked but now your soothing advice comforts me. thank you, kind one.
  2. i shall pray hard for your, my friend, and wish you a speedy recovery and fulfilling life. believe in yourself and in the gods and anything is possible...
  3. do not worry about menial issues such as this, things will work out well, i believe, do not be dishearted. i shall pray hard for you, my brother, and i hope that the gods steer you well through the many obstacles on the path of life. stay strong in heart, and i hope that the right path will become apparent.
  4. mekhlab, do not be dihearted by the lack of interest in this thread, you should should not lose heart. put faith in the gods and in yourself, and i belive that things will work out well for you. i shall pray for you tonight, my child, good luck!
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